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  1. pedalphile

    So, what do you do when you get to a meeting first?

    Yes, yes it does: back in the day I was a big cheese for a while in Red Rope, the Socialist Climbing Club, but the committee meetings were interminable, getting out in the hills together was the point for me, but the former would get in the way of the latter too much.
  2. pedalphile

    Skip To The Front Of The Line?

    That thing is hideous, truly hideous, never mind it not being UCI legal, it just needs to never be made and all examples destroyed, simply to prevent further offence to our eyes.
  3. pedalphile

    Meanwhile over at sheep herders place

    Thanks jsharr, that is so cool, like starlings in their murmurations, or fish shoaling.
  4. pedalphile

    Hey Latte and Canada...

    Latte is so much cooler than Late, as a handle, I bet he changes it now
  5. pedalphile


    We say it Allus Wong round here, but it still racist.
  6. pedalphile

    First time

    I’d find 57 tolerable in my bedroom.
  7. pedalphile

    Give peas a chance?

    Mushy and over cooked peas is a thing here, mate, we like em, especially us oop north, we like em with our chips and fisk, or with pie and mash, they even sell em in cans, but home made from dried peas is best of course. Traditionally they’d be cooked in the stock from a bacon hock.
  8. pedalphile

    Someone else's grief

    War and peas is in that RG thread, though, the one about stews.
  9. pedalphile

    Someone else's grief

    T’other un, I think.
  10. pedalphile

    So, What do you do when you get a first meeting?

    Fret not, friend; it’s still worthy of a fine score, when that stupid parody meter wakes up and tunes in
  11. pedalphile

    So, What do you do when you get a first meeting?

    There was a dude in ye olde LF called hissen Threadkiller
  12. pedalphile

    Someone else's grief

    You know what they say, even a blind squirrel sometimes finds a nut, and besides, I read a lot, and remember a little: Leo Tolstoy lent me that one
  13. pedalphile


    I have a neglected lightweight tourer down in the cellar, a Keith Coppell frame in 531, used to be my commuter, apple red as it goes, it is crying out for some TLC such as you’re describing here, my friend, which it is not likely to ever get from me, I fear. When you’re round this way, you could fit that in, right?
  14. pedalphile

    Construction guys on the commute

    Not so much Fake News as it is Fantasy News: please report back when you mow down these constructive miscreants, near misses or would have, could have, doth not news make.
  15. pedalphile

    Someone else's grief

    Every happy person is happy in a similar way but every sad person is sad in their own way.