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  1. pedalphile

    This is Neat

    Doublewood HaHa.
  2. pedalphile

    Is it a bad way to be?

    You were, but fortunately the forum saw the funny side of it.
  3. pedalphile

    I miss the good old days of the record player

    I do not: I stuck with vinyl all through.
  4. pedalphile

    Our friend Destination

    Yes congrats, but talking names from the past, anyone have any word on Elevation?
  5. pedalphile

    41 years ago today

    Congrats mate, and how spiffing you look in that uniform.
  6. pedalphile

    Mango munching...

    The Haitian mango may be the best of the 3 you've eaten but the best outright by far is the Indian sort, official.
  7. pedalphile

    The rest of the story

    Thanks for the story, thanks a lot. Also, glad for you that the grub was decent.
  8. pedalphile

    Did you ever make a U-turn on the interstate?

    HaHa Maxx, nice one the Judge, I like it when scents prevails. Oh and btw, our Motorways don't have these gaps in the central reservation that you talk of, so this type of thing cannot happen here.
  9. pedalphile

    Email notification of login

    I only get that when I log in on a new device, or log into a usual device here at work but which has had software updates itself.
  10. pedalphile

    Glitches when writing

    Also, before doing anything else, Save is your friend.
  11. pedalphile

    Well, that hurt!

    Ouch. I shall be making my annual pilgimage out to the dales soon for the wild orchid displays.
  12. pedalphile

    Hashtag roughingit

    It is a monster.
  13. pedalphile

    Green Beans, etc. Canned or Frozen?

    So wrong. Canned beer is horrid. Bottled only for me. There is also one veggie I like canned, which is spinach. I like it for one use only, making curry, for which it's cooked to death and annhilated condition works perfectly. (Edit to add: oh I forgot canned toms, I like and use those, too.)
  14. pedalphile

    Do you add salt

    Salt: the original and best flavour enhancer.
  15. pedalphile

    Do you add salt

    Yes. It's the right thing to do. We call it porridge though.