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  1. No, I answered your query re CDs, though if I had meant records, which are an audiophile’s medium of choice, I would be saying the same things about them and the alternatives that followed, of course.
  2. Ja, they’re these things for reproducing musicke with some kind of fidelity, relative to the other things that came later, but that only matters to people with good hearing, like.
  3. I has a fig tree out back, it self set in the wall about 6 feet up, right behind the soil stack, been there about 4 years or so, it is still puny: but I’ve seen these growing out of walls lining our rivers and streams here in Sheffield, and they can get to quite some size, some cut down in riverbank maintenance last year had trunks more than a foot across at the base emerging from the wall. This poo pipe is cast iron and will be broken when this sapling fig reaches its teens, and the sheot will hit not the fan, but the wall above head height, down in the garden, where I mess with my wood, so you see my dilemma, don’t you, similar to the cat in t’adage, I would have the figs, but I would not like the sheot shower.
  4. I do something quite frequently that I call parp, it isn’t car related though <whistle>
  5. I have an original model Musical Fidelity CD player with valve (tube to you chaps) output stage, it still sounds stunning even against way later and more expensive kit. Using a NAD currently though, which has mod cons, like a remote control <lazy boy listener here, folks>
  6. My tuner was a bargain this week at a tenner, but you’ve beaten that
  7. A loud what? Belch following it? If people drink English breakfast tea in the afternoon, I think you’re ok with your stout at luncheon, john
  8. Nice bike and post, the leather toe straps are still available new if you wanted to restore btw.
  9. Nude sunning and swimming at the beach and ocean are great - only done it once at a public site, though, that was in Torquay, South Devon, but times aplenty in secluded and lonely spots, inland lakes and rivers, too, home and abroad, it’s nature’s way.
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  12. Could be out climbing tomorrow, though officially I’m retired from it. Ring Cycle part t first from t ROH Covent Garden will be my evening sorted, Sunday no plans thus beyond watching Lewis win in Mexico to wrap up the F1 title for this season, t last day of the month to a gig in towne that I’m excited about, the Ligeti Quartet, so all good stuff, a couple of live rugger matches on tv, too, that I never mentioned, Ha, quite the list.
  13. My latest kitchen gadget is a simple earthenware pot, the same humans have been making and cooking in for millennia, I seriously doubt it had ever been cooked in before I bought it for 2 quid in a charity shoppe, more the sort of thing they make and sell for room decor, these days, more’s the pity, for upon my wood stove it works beautifully, ameliorating any peaks or troughs in the fluctuating fire, and producing very fine dinners indeed. As in so many other things in life, Thom, it’s more about what you know and experience, than it is about fancy kit and gadgets. YMMV
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