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  1. pedalphile

    An update on Tommy.

    Plus, need to know the state of the poo, good stool, or runny sheot - like he said, Pics would help.
  2. pedalphile

    Go ahead and just admit it. No shame

    No, it’s all lost on me I’m afraid.
  3. pedalphile

    A REAL To 10 List!

    I made him smile
  4. pedalphile

    A REAL To 10 List!

    It's allus just been toothpaste to us.
  5. pedalphile

    Cycling question, sorry

    Fair play, in that sitch, I'd go with something stronger than electrical, what about duct?
  6. pedalphile


    "schnitzengruben" brilliant, thanks.
  7. pedalphile


    It's not Wienerschnitzel, but what is it the sherrif can only eat 14 of in Blazing Saddles?
  8. pedalphile


    I like those quads, but usually I'm forced to buy 2 doubles.
  9. pedalphile

    Cycling question, sorry

    Use the electrical tape if you wish to keep mending those flats, otherwise buy a rim tape, they're cheap.
  10. pedalphile

    Quote of the Day: Lucius Annaeus Seneca

    Jung was very common, much commoner than being olde, and bullying was rife, of both olde and jung.
  11. pedalphile

    Quote of the Day: Lucius Annaeus Seneca

  12. pedalphile

    Quote of the Day: Walter Savage Landor

    Of course not: no American has ever been heard to say Ed in Burrow, the Scottish capital, for example, or Burr Ming HAM, the city of a thousand trades, and my POB.
  13. pedalphile

    Quote of the Day: Walter Savage Landor

    Warwick, England. That's pronounced worrick FYI I don't want to sit here thinking of yous with war wick going through your heads.
  14. pedalphile

    Having serial with no milk this morning!

    I've used fruit juice before now when out of the usual soy stuff I use, it was tolerable. Ralph, First World Problem was missing in your title.
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