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  1. I can’t believe it’s been 8 years. @Randomguy @Chris...
  2. What do you know about parachute pants?

    They are 2 Legit.
  3. Ive got 1200 square feet, with very little storage space. I would like a little bigger house. Maybe 2000. I also need less stuff.
  4. curling is on

    I watched some of it. Once I start I get sucked in.
  5. Will you survive when the grid goes down?

    Probably not long. I don’t have the room to stockpile anything. I have a Creek and some chickens, so I’d be good for a little while, but not long.
  6. Apples

    Honey crisp
  7. How you chicks can make yourselves irresistible next Halloween...

    I dressed in a bacon suit one year. Irresistible.
  8. Crash & Burn

    After I washed the dirt off
  9. Crash & Burn

    Saturday was our big Fall Fest mountain bike festival. It rained a lot in Friday, and usually they are big on “don’t ride wet trails” around here, but with the festival, it was on. It was craziness. I was all over the place sliding around. Finally I hit a good dry downhill section and let loose. Well, I guess it wasn’t that dry. My bike slid out from under me and I went flying over the bars. My worst crash yet. Nothing is broken, just lots of bruises and a sore body. God mountain biking is fun.
  10. iPhone X

    I have a 6s Plus that I have a month left on the “financing” thing Verizon is doing now. I almost walked out with a new 8, but just couldn’t justify it. My phone is in pristine condition, and the only real reason I wanted it was for the updated camera.
  11. This week is dragging.

    It was a wig 😁
  12. This week is dragging.

    Omg it’s only Wednesday 😭
  13. Speaking of Amazons and Hate

    I liked it. 😳