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  1. Just for the record, no Hondas were burned in the building of Crusty. However, I did give my Honda CB900C to my nephew to make room in the garage for the Jeep, so technically a Honda was sacrificed for it.
  2. The springs in Crusty are getting a little flat and he could also use some new shocks. You'd think the bastard would build them to last more than 45 years...
  3. UglyBob


    What size frame do you ride? I may have something in my collection you can borrow to fill any gaps in your cycling needs once you get here.
  4. Awesome! Welcome to the neighborhood! Well...not my neighborhood. I'm in the northwest valley. Welcome to central Arizona!
  5. UglyBob

    Pack mule

    I believe both weigh heavy on your manhood...
  6. UglyBob

    Pack mule

    Yeah...I prefer to cheat on that whole pack mule thing.
  7. UglyBob


    Do people actually eat those, or are you making doorstops? Sorry, I was ordered to respond to everything I read.
  8. I'm generally not very responsive...
  9. Pretty much it, but you forgot that the break-up is caused by a misunderstanding...can't forget the misunderstanding. That's the key to the whole thing!
  10. I'll see your cat and raise you a goofy dog. oog!
  11. Their entire movie catalogue has like 10 actors, three locations, and one plot. It ain't too hard to figure it out...
  12. My wife records those and the Hallmark ones as well. Thank doG she watchs them when I'm doing something else. Those things kill brain cells...
  13. UglyBob


    I still have the album on vinyl. I bought it when it came out in 1978. The album was "But Seriously, Folks..." Played the crap out of it!
  14. UglyBob


    You live in hotels. Tear out the walls?
  15. SW needs to add a "Live Stream" function to the forum so we can all watch these kinds of behavior in real time. I feel there is major potential for some great entertainment, considering this crowd.
  16. So, you're coming down to play with us in the sunshine state? Nice! What part of AZ?
  17. Hmm...sounds like someone has plans to take out a big life insurance policy and cash in. If LAJ becomes a "Florida Man" he will probably take himself out sooner than later...
  18. I'm the third generation to wear these boots. My nephew has already told he will be the fourth.
  19. Yeah...I've tested a few helmets to failure in my lifetime. Never broke my neck, but never shattered my skull either. I think they're totally worth it.
  20. Very happy. My father liked to play as much as we did. I think the year I got a helmet for my birthday was more at my mother's insistence.
  21. Yeah, the family doctor was a friend of the family. He insisted on it!
  22. I grew up with a junkyard and a welding shop at my disposal. You do the math...
  23. My favorite is from a few years back. Some guy walked into the bank and did a transaction using his real name and ID. He then walked out and in full view of the security cameras, put on a mask, drew a gun, and went back in to rob the place. The police were waiting for him when he got home...
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