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  1. I usually stand in the kitchen...while I cook for my wife...then do the dishes. Sometimes I stand outside...while taking out the trash...or getting the mail.
  2. Yeah, that's the thing about this place. There really is no explanation that anyone would understand.
  3. I know there's a "vowel movement " joke in there somewhere...
  4. Yeah, another one of those "choose the statistics that support your conclusion" studies. Most of these cities would also be on the list of highest cost of living and highest crime rates. Someone's trying to slap a coat of paint on a burning house to make it look better...
  5. You need to do El Tour de Tucson or maybe Tour de Scottsdale.
  6. Holy crap. Has it really been that long?
  7. Yeah, having met Gina, I don't think you could force her to do anything. She'd kick you butt.
  8. Looks like someone gripped their tall-boy a little two hard and pinched the side in...
  9. I was a little slow on the uptake today. Guess I shouldn't...you know...gloat.
  10. So basically you're meeting expectations.
  11. When I start a thread I just assume everyone will ignore it.
  12. I was born in Redlands and lived in Calimesa until I was 15, then we moved to Arizona.
  13. Anyone else wonder why they picked LOSER for father's day? I think there was a bitter ex-wife involved somewhere...
  14. Nailed it in two. Makes up for taking all six tries to get it yesterday.
  15. Yeah, they can very a lot depending on where they're grown and growing conditions. They also very a lot year to year due to climate. I always sample one first before deciding how much to put into whatever I'm making.
  16. Not really sure how I managed to get it in 3 tries when I didn't get any letters in the first 2.
  17. Oh boy, is Einstein going to be really surprised!
  18. No mention of the fuel gauge. She probably just ran out gas.
  19. My insurance company tried to switch me to Praluent, but it didn't work as well for me. My numbers went back up so my doctor fought to get me back on Repatha and I've been fine ever since.
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