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  1. I will tell your little friends about the summer you spent with us your junior year in high school.
  2. Sam didn't share the fries so no steak biscuit for him.
  3. @airinpie, where are you? I miss you, so does Cheese.
  4. Cheese is right as usual. I believe he is unquestionably the greatest forumite in Cafe history.
  5. Bob, I use mine to fly around Lake Havasu during Memorial Day weekend for security purposes.
  6. Suggested Guidelines for new members of the SWF: 1. All new members should be on an automatic 6 month probation. a. New members coming from BF should be on 12 month probation. b. New members coming from LF should be on 24 month probation. 1. LF transferring at this late juncture would not be able to justify their poor choices and cannot be trusted. 2. Probation should mean a limit on the daily allowed posts. (10 maximum) a. Posts should be monitored before allowed to go live. 2 hour delay 3. New members should only be accepted if referred to the forum as in Google mail.
  7. @Tim Burr, you do realize the sacrifice I made for you, yes? It was a close call.
  8. Needed to update. 2 weeks in and I give them a F now. All new tennis shoes feel like an improvement if you've overextended the life of your old pair. Mine were overextended by 2 years. So I got pain by the 3rd walk. Never had that happen before. Haven't been able to do my long walk since I got sick.... Noticed when I take Edgar for his midnight mile my feet hurt. Noticed after I cut grass my feet hurt. Finally dawned on me why. The shoes have almost zero cushion support. The new shoes are the equivalent of my 2 year old worn out NBs which is very poor. It's like walking in slippers, but they are billed as walking shoes. Hard for me to explain how it took me so long to realize this other than to say I have always loved New Balance and they have always been great shoes in the past. I plan on buying some orthopedic insoles and use them for working around the house, etc. Terrible. My feet hurt so bad after doing very little walking today it reminded me of the original review and my completely incorrect first impression.
  9. Do you people have any concept of the gumption it takes to parody @smudge?
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