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  1. SuzieQ

    Four hrs and counting in the ER

    You are ninth in my thoughts!
  2. I have a super little Indian grocery store close by
  3. SuzieQ

    Home exercise equipment

  4. SuzieQ

    I wish I was a beet

    They are grounded
  5. SuzieQ

    Do you have a storage unit?

    I had to put some plywood down in my attic to store family stuff
  6. SuzieQ

    If a cow doesn't give milk?

    Cows milk is for calves
  7. SuzieQ

    February photos

  8. SuzieQ

    Just started reading this

    He is pretty skinny
  9. SuzieQ

    The bees knees

  10. SuzieQ

    The cool kids' table

    I’ll join you on the floor - better for your body!
  11. SuzieQ

    Just started reading this

    And this
  12. SuzieQ

    Just started reading this

    Now I’m reading this
  13. SuzieQ

    Just started reading this

    Just finished reading this - fascinating!