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  1. SuzieQ


    I live in Poughkeepsie - sadly most of my clients are not really hippies
  2. SuzieQ


    Love it but don’t have it that often cos I’m a poor hippie ?
  3. I think China cabinets complicate life
  4. I’m content not living with another human
  5. Your kitchen is Faaannccyy! My budget is not $40 000 for sure! @Petite, mine is also a galley kitchen, but a decent size. The ceiling has to come down, and walls as well. Yes, sink in front on window - not going with a dishwasher so the sink is important - one large sink. Now I'm trying to decide on colors, painted, which I wanted is 15% more than stained. I could go with a dark stain - almost dark brown/grey and light counters - so hard to decide. Recessed lighting is what I will change to for sure - I'm keeping the appliance I have because they work - will have to get a microwave/hood
  6. I'm planning a new kitchen and want to make sure I get what I need for my budget - there is so much to consider and I'm overwhelmed!
  7. No I don't like cold stuff, unless it's wine or beer. I'm a Vata
  8. Took the Nixter on a 5 mile hike in the woods! Bliss!
  9. I use the tofu spice mix from https://itdoesnttastelikechicken.com/tofu-bolognese/ this recipe for tofu square - so yummy! Also roasted broccoli and organic baby yellow potatoes
  10. I’m not a fan of leather for obvious reasons -but I do love that blue! I say step out of your normal comfort zone - the blue is happy!
  11. ? $40!! Can’t be! ? good thinking Aire - maybe tackle ceiling and lighting first
  12. The cabinets are old and bad! I painted them when I moved in - they were puke brown yellow, I painted them grey and white - they really have to be replaced - everything does - even the ceiling which is plaster texture on crack
  13. I interviewed a contractor today - but I'm still clueless when it comes to pricing. I'm thinking I need to go cabinet and counter shopping and see how much that costs. What percentage do you think labor should be? @BR46 I wish I could do this myself!!
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