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    I live in Poughkeepsie - sadly most of my clients are not really hippies
  2. SuzieQ


    Love it but don’t have it that often cos I’m a poor hippie ?
  3. I think China cabinets complicate life
  4. I’m content not living with another human
  5. Your kitchen is Faaannccyy! My budget is not $40 000 for sure! @Petite, mine is also a galley kitchen, but a decent size. The ceiling has to come down, and walls as well. Yes, sink in front on window - not going with a dishwasher so the sink is important - one large sink. Now I'm trying to decide on colors, painted, which I wanted is 15% more than stained. I could go with a dark stain - almost dark brown/grey and light counters - so hard to decide. Recessed lighting is what I will change to for sure - I'm keeping the appliance I have because they work - will have to get a microwave/hood
  6. I'm planning a new kitchen and want to make sure I get what I need for my budget - there is so much to consider and I'm overwhelmed!
  7. No I don't like cold stuff, unless it's wine or beer. I'm a Vata
  8. Took the Nixter on a 5 mile hike in the woods! Bliss!
  9. I use the tofu spice mix from https://itdoesnttastelikechicken.com/tofu-bolognese/ this recipe for tofu square - so yummy! Also roasted broccoli and organic baby yellow potatoes
  10. I’m not a fan of leather for obvious reasons -but I do love that blue! I say step out of your normal comfort zone - the blue is happy!
  11. ? $40!! Can’t be! ? good thinking Aire - maybe tackle ceiling and lighting first
  12. The cabinets are old and bad! I painted them when I moved in - they were puke brown yellow, I painted them grey and white - they really have to be replaced - everything does - even the ceiling which is plaster texture on crack
  13. I interviewed a contractor today - but I'm still clueless when it comes to pricing. I'm thinking I need to go cabinet and counter shopping and see how much that costs. What percentage do you think labor should be? @BR46 I wish I could do this myself!!
  14. I want to redo my kitchen - really everything needs to be replaced from the ceiling to the floor. Where do I begin? Tell me your best and worst experience with this.
  15. I had a yellow one with black racing stripes painted by the Dyson racing team - it didn’t make it fast ?
  16. I’m sick today - ugh feel terrible ? P you can freeze soy milk
  17. Vegetable glycerin really helps me with dry skin on my legs! My skin is now better than it has ever been! I put it on after a shower and try to only shower every other day in the winter
  18. I’ve made pesto with them - really yummy
  19. Woodstock is a short drive north of me - the locals still walk around naked in the mud and the have drum circle every Sunday afternoon in the town square
  20. ? sorry it can be so frustrating when people can’t see clearly
  21. why so angry? I'm a 0 as long as I stay away from any trump news
  22. I'm kinda obsessed with feet! and no, that's not my defect. A lot of my students defects are due to shoes!!! shoes are just generally bad! we evolved to be barefoot. An Ralph you are right about big toe boxes - our shoes should be wider on the toe than the rest of the shoe, our toes should be able to spread and be the widest part of our foot. Follow the foot collective on Instagram or facebook. working with your feet and fix a lot of other issues in your body.
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