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  1. Where is my mind?

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Enjoy the food but more importantly, time with the family.
  3. Thanksgiving as perceived by foreigners

    If there's a time to take over it's later today when most people will be in a food coma. By the way, carbs are the main culprits of food comas.
  4. Pies, spies, & MRIs

  5. the bike store called

    Oh hell yes! That's a cross bike so it needs some time in its element to break everything in. Now if that were a CAAD12 or the Evo then no, don't get it dirty. Also, remember it's a tool not a jewel.
  6. Fly Fishing Fatbike

    That's a pretty cool idea. What I like is how they've customized it for such a niche hobby.
  7. Pies, spies, & MRIs

    Are you still being followed by the teenage FBI?
  8. Pies, spies, & MRIs

    Bon chance! Hope everything turns out ok.
  9. the bike store called

    Very nice! Make sure to get it dirty the first ride.
  10. I came back for the holiday

    Max, so what do you think about US troops letting IS fighters through?
  11. Google Charlie Rose, right now!

    I wonder how much more is going to get revealed. It's a shame so many women had to endure this crap while trying to do their jobs.
  12. A Wee Bit Creepy?

    Obviously Go Pro can't take a hint...
  13. I need to take a break for a while.

    Be well Max!
  14. Ya ever have a pet turtle ?

    I had a turtle and a tortoise; they're cool pets. I used to keep some snakes as well.
  15. 11/16 miles & such

    20 on the trainer or as I like to call it "the ride to nowhere"