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  1. Maybe he was looking for food for his hogs.
  2. Oh "Chiclets", I thought you said piglets.
  3. I will continue wearing masks as I have been even though I am vaccinated. When everybody stops, I will stop. I was going to get Elon's Neuralink implant but I heard Gertrude, the test subject, went off her diet of people parts. I think I'll wait until they work all the bugs out.
  4. I saw the headlines. Scientists are all atwitter drawing conclusions. I read one where a scientist concluded that the cats were only pretending to like boxes so they could get a federal grant or additional stimulus checks.
  5. I see a skunk, peacock, and pileated woodpecker. Is that it?
  6. It's a scientific thing, based on statistics. Kind of hard to understand.
  7. Does it say if Lance poops in his shorts? It could be his secret weapon.
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