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  1. Man down!
    Man down!

    I was on my way home approaching the last hill on the way. I heard what sounded like an automobile accident behind me. The next thing I know, I am laying on the pavement. I rolled off the street and into a guy's front yard. I laid there until emergency services arrived. The lady said she didn't didn't see me and she was terribly sorry about everything. I was riding legally in my hi-vis vest with a hi-vis helmet cover along with my Cygolite daytime blinky. She just didn't recognize me in her path and ran right into the back of me. Fairly slow speed, like 35 mph.

    I was transported to the trauma center and finally discharged as a patient with no serious injury. No broken bones, no internal injury, no head trauma. Hurts like hell but this too shall pass.






  2. So, what's the "mini-est" van on the market.
    So, what's the "mini-est" van on the market.

    I'm half heartedly looking into this. I see a lot of the Ford Transit vans used as work vehicles locally.


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