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  1. Maybe he was looking for food for his hogs.
  2. Oh "Chiclets", I thought you said piglets.
  3. I will continue wearing masks as I have been even though I am vaccinated. When everybody stops, I will stop. I was going to get Elon's Neuralink implant but I heard Gertrude, the test subject, went off her diet of people parts. I think I'll wait until they work all the bugs out.
  4. I saw the headlines. Scientists are all atwitter drawing conclusions. I read one where a scientist concluded that the cats were only pretending to like boxes so they could get a federal grant or additional stimulus checks.
  5. I see a skunk, peacock, and pileated woodpecker. Is that it?
  6. It's a scientific thing, based on statistics. Kind of hard to understand.
  7. Does it say if Lance poops in his shorts? It could be his secret weapon.
  8. So when we talk computer mouse, is the plural form mouses or mice? Titmouse? Same question only with a little giggle.
  9. What's on your mind?
  10. Does a hooker count?
  11. I am busy. Just two days ago somebody gave me a Samsung S21 they find down by the lake. The protective cover was full of water. I can't get it to take a charge. I tried to get the phone apart but I'm afraid I might damage it too much.
  12. And the extended stay facility?
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