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  1. donkpow

    Gravel Cross!

    We don't have gravel roads. It's why I pay taxes. At least most of my taxes.
  2. donkpow

    Damn Kids Dissing Oldsters!

    There in lies the rub. Talk is cheap but cash still pays the bills and nobody is going to invest in a rider that doesn't have draw.
  3. donkpow

    Are you using any of these words and phrases incorrectly?

    Looks mostly like spelling errors even though I am guilty of using the phrase "butt naked" on occasion even though I know the officially sanctified statement of "buck naked".
  4. donkpow

    Injun, chinaman

  5. donkpow

    Not all living rooms are created equal. Bike porn

    Nice rug, er, uh, cardboard box. Is that from a washing machine?
  6. donkpow

    Injun, chinaman

    A half breed Vietnam vet returns home and finds he must fight to protect the freedom of his people, American Indian, from the bigots of society. What is it you don't get, Sen. Goldwater?
  7. donkpow

    the official snow report thread

    This is how I look as I am about to go out and shovel. Determined.
  8. donkpow

    Has everyone seen “Lost”

    I watched "House" for a while. I liked it. The network started shuffling their lineup and I didn't want to follow. I didn't like "House" that much.
  9. donkpow

    Thought provoking

    A woman from my childhood killed a person. It was totally beyond her control as it was weather related (ice on the road). She never drove again by choice.
  10. Eli and his book gave us hope, though.
  11. It has always happened to me. Move along, nothing to see here.
  12. donkpow

    the official snow report thread

    Ours looks about the same as LJ's. It's hard to say with the blowing and drifting.
  13. donkpow

    What is your call ?

  14. donkpow

    Did it taste like you remembered it?

    Cassano's is a local regional pizza place. As a kid, I would kill for one of their subs. I got one as an adult and ghack! Simple pizza sauce, meatballs, and cheese on a white bread bun. It was one of the few places you could sit down and get pitchers of low alcohol beer.
  15. donkpow

    Kinda forget there is an example in real life

    Find something you can ride your bike to and from, maybe.
  16. donkpow

    Does anybody else not watch TV?

    Speaking of tv. I've been watching this new show they got called "Wonder Woman". It's about a model who spins around and puts on skimpy clothes. Then she runs around and sometimes jumps up or down. It's pretty good. I think it's of the suspense genre because you sit there waiting and wondering when the model is going to put on the skimpy clothes.
  17. donkpow


    Golden sunshine.
  18. donkpow

    the official snow report thread

    Not yet, waiting for the temps to drop below freezing.
  19. donkpow

    Does anybody else not watch TV?

    I watch the television. I doubt I watch what the networks want me to since I don't watch serials, series', or sports. Mostly movies are on. Right. I remember when people said watching tv was bad for you. Well, I'm still here and I had enough time to do stuff.
  20. donkpow

    Will Westerns ever make a comeback?

    I doubt it. At least not to the levels of yore. Surprised to see the numbers on documentaries.
  21. donkpow

    Real folk.

    This keeps coming up as a recommended video for me. Now it's on you.
  22. donkpow

    Rowers are kick ass

  23. donkpow

    Could Have Used A Fat Bike Yesterday

    Ice is bad, particularly in the "refreeze". I've gone down several times on that stuff.
  24. donkpow

    Kinda forget there is an example in real life

    "You feel lucky, punk?"