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  1. donkpow

    What's shakin?

    Kzoo was mean to me. He got over it.
  2. Is that French for "face plant"?
  3. donkpow

    Monday plans

    The air show was this last weekend. It's a pretty big deal around here but I am generally not interested. I've seen the flyovers for years of all the attendants heading to the show and day of, I see the show participants as they finish their run and turn. We live something like eight miles (as the crow flies) from the airfield. I used to work in a less populated area on the other side of the airport and I would see many more participants.
  4. donkpow

    Sunday miles

    I took the road bike out for the first time this year. I've been a little busy getting run over and stuff to get out there. Something like 18 miles.
  5. I thought you had pink shoes?
  6. A U-Haul van would be an excellent personal vehickle.
  7. https://vimeo.com/user46876650
  8. So what is the diagnosis from the good people at Home Depot? Cancer?
  9. It's a SEGMENT, dammit!!! Pay attention.
  10. donkpow

    Homestead Rescue

    I've been to West Virginia.
  11. Yeah, you can't miss it. Looks like this. Funny. I was over by the highway today. A lumber yard was hit. All the lumber barns are gone and nothing but slabs remain. It is open for business though. Lumber sits in the weather, briefly, on the slabs. At another location, I saw what looks like a portable AT&T cellular tower. Complete with satellite link-up and portable generator set. I don't know if it is a public or special purpose tower.
  12. You see, this is what I am talking about, threee exclamation points and capitilzation. I'm thinking 'intervention' ...
  13. Are you sure you don't need a sump pump? It should only take about half a day of digging. Maybe more.
  14. Many people's lives are totally disrupted by the damage caused by the recent outbreak of tornadoes around here. Since we were outside the path of a tornado, our home suffered only very minor damage. Rebuilding continues and will continue for many years. Infrastructure repairs also continue. Power poles were downed and trees fell into the lines, dragging them down. I am finding communication systems in the affected areas are still not performing well three weeks after the tornadoes. I am receiving text messages that are a couple of weeks old. The pharmacy's digital system seems to be losing track of prescription associated information. The situation seems odd to me. I just didn't expect consequences like this.
  15. So basically you want to know if I have a "coke nail"?
  16. donkpow

    This is bad

    It looks to me like they have earthquakes up there all day long.
  17. donkpow

    Giant moves

    Are heavily weighted with the factor of time. China hasn't constructed a society where this kind of thing is properly flushed out. We got our Western financial culture primarily from the Europeans.
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