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  1. That's okay. It's the way it's supposed to be.
  2. I wonder if anyone will ever be remembered and noted as a prolific Twitter writer.
  3. I saw it a few years ago. Sneaky Soviets just can't quit.
  4. Hm, bodies are buried. What's next?
  5. Are we talking cheese cake or devil's food cake? Or both?
  6. I got "stroyp".
  7. I think that we can all agree that Kzoo and jsharr are at fault and deserve our recrimination.
  8. It's comforting that they are managing that. Some places don't have a handle on their programs. I haven't checked locally but it appears our state is working hard to get it right. @ 64, I'll be waiting for a while.
  9. Coincidence or conspiracy? Enquiring minds want to know and demonstrate.
  10. donkpow

    Sore but OK.

    I would worry about my neck. Seems like that is what always gets hurt here.
  11. That guy's got a head?! Who knew? I thought he was the headless cyclist.
  12. The advice in this situation is do not click on any links in the e-mail. Then go and enter your account as you normally would. Inquire as needed.
  13. donkpow


    I hate when that happens.
  14. I could tell you if you know the handshake.
  15. Going to the grocery store, pulling the trailer, about five miles away. My back was "out" and I could barely walk. Sweated bullets the whole way but didn't puke.
  16. I think they dredged them until there was nothing left.
  17. Okay, why didn't he say that?
  18. Now what in the wide, wide world of bullshit is that supposed to mean?
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