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  1. donkpow's post in That cousin thing... was marked as the answer   
    Here is my family tree in graphic form.

  2. donkpow's post in Only the engineers will get this one was marked as the answer   
    This is serious business, son. Best to not be fooling around like that.

  3. donkpow's post in Meanwhile at the shop BR46 uses was marked as the answer   
    That explains where all the teeth from the sprocket are.
  4. donkpow's post in I'm An ALL CAPS Sort Of Guy! was marked as the answer   
    Ten "HA HA's" is a lot, dude. Maybe even time for a couple of ROFL's.
  5. donkpow's post in I Cause Problems 😌 was marked as the answer   
    As long as you do it well, that's what counts. Oh and be kind. 
  6. donkpow's post in Cycling Mileage Trends? How Are Yours? was marked as the answer   
    I'm not an athletic type. 
  7. donkpow's post in A Comedy Should NEVER Be Over 2 Hours was marked as the answer   
    You're kind of a grumpy person, aren't you?
  8. donkpow's post in However You Pronounce ‘Omicron,’ You’re Probably Saying It Wrong was marked as the answer   
    I'll pronounce it any damn way I want to. That's just how I am.
  9. donkpow's post in Sloop season has started was marked as the answer   
    Well, look. You either know or you don't. Wishy-washy comments don't cut it here, mister.
  10. donkpow's post in I don't understand apple picking was marked as the answer   
    Let me explain something to you. The apple pictured above is what I call a "table apple". It is produced primarily for its size and appearance. The quantity of chemicals applied to the the apple orchard to produce an apple like this is astounding. Apples do not naturally look that. 
  11. donkpow's post in Happy With The Tubeless Set-up, But... was marked as the answer   
    Brake "squeal" is actually a high frequency vibration. Once your rotors get bedded in, you have more stopping power because some of the material from the pads is now imbedded on the rotor and vice versa. So the squeal is an audible high frequency  'grab and release' repeating sequence. It's why your brakes didn't squeal so bad when they were new.
    What to do now? Get over yourself! 
  12. donkpow's post in IPL - India Pale Lager? New To Me was marked as the answer   
    I think I might be starting to feel a little dizzy. Could you tell your cousin to stop rocking the boat?
  13. donkpow's post in Yeah. Maybe. Uh...NO EFFIN WAY! was marked as the answer   
    At least he didn't land on his tail bone. That really hurts.
  14. donkpow's post in A Fun Challenge! was marked as the answer   
    That's right fur balls, we don't pass frivolous legislation in this state. Unless you want us to.
  15. donkpow's post in Gorilla Glue Is 10x Better Than Krazy Glue! was marked as the answer   
    Have you tried Krazy Gorilla glue? It's the bomb. Comes in 55 gallon drums or the easy to carry 5 gallon pails.
  16. donkpow's post in Do you “major in the minors”? was marked as the answer   
  17. donkpow's post in Your doctor is an idiot about nutrition (without proof) was marked as the answer   
    Uh, I'm not really clear on that. We gave him good references for non-political work.
  18. donkpow's post in Speaking of Edward Hopper was marked as the answer   
    Voyeurism is a fun and pleasant pastime.
  19. donkpow's post in A saddle question was marked as the answer   
    That Lynskey saddle may have too high and narrow crown down the middle of it.
  20. donkpow's post in Re: Bad Mitten was marked as the answer   
  21. donkpow's post in Got honked at this morning. <rant> was marked as the answer   
    No doubt. Probably on their way to overthrow the government. 
    Maybe even a smoker. 
  22. donkpow's post in The E-bike Conundrum was marked as the answer   
    Why don't you give it some thought and sort it out for us? Say like by Friday. M-kay?
  23. donkpow's post in So I have reached a double contingency was marked as the answer   
    Ha! Famous last words. Imagine if you will a valve that needs replaced. The copper stub is so short that you can't just cut it off and you are worried that heating it with a torch result in a fire buried within the wall. The toilet supply tube will have to be replaced because the crimp connection has permanently deformed the tube. By the way, the main shutoff valve for the house leaks by and the toilet supply shutoff valve is the lowest spot in the plumbing system of the house. IOW, water will never stop flowing through the valve preventing you from heating the copper pipe sufficiently to flow solder. Should I continue?
  24. donkpow's post in "Solved" threads are counterproductive. was marked as the answer   
    Who wants to address a situation once it is resolved? Oh I understand @jsharr always has to have his say and @Kzoo needs the last word but otherwise ....
  25. donkpow's post in Since when is a legal analyst on tv a politician was marked as the answer   
    I wonder if Chester Cheetah has recovered, yet.

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