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  1. So I went to the liquor store yesterday just for the experience. They wanted $1.15 for a single bottled water. Okay, I thought. Then I saw they were charging $26 for a case of bottled water. Hmmm. There was no hoarding of bottled water going on there. So I was forced to concede that my $26 would be far better spent on a bottle of Old Grandad 114 than on a case of water. A successful outing it was.
  2. Reminds me of that Outer Limits episode where Shatner played an astronaut that came back from a visit to Venus. It was Project Vulcan if I recall.
  3. Something about "Ol' KrAzY's got the compound bow hummin' again down at the corner" has just gotta warm up your neighborhood.
  4. Yay! New puppies! Australian Shepherd sisters. Mini version.
  5. We have an incoming arrival expected soon. Pics shirley will follow.
  6. Just go with the Valparaiso is for Dummies angle. Nothing more needed.
  7. Heh. I just throw feed and clean stalls. WwSkilz loves 'em and manages 'em. DoSkilz trains 'em and rides 'em. And Eventing is Crazy! Those people are certifiably insane, IMHO. (But it is cool to watch. We were planning to go watch the 3-Day the weekend before the Kentucky Derby, but cancelled, of course.)
  8. I think it's more a measure for the restaurants to generate revenue from their regular sources while dine-in is closed.
  9. Hopefully . . . we'll know more in about seven years.
  10. Warmblood. Gonna be big. Probably about 17 hands, my guess.
  11. Some anti-germ agents (bourbon) Some healthy proteins (beer) Some exercise (about 1/2 of a gravel bike)
  12. The name Corona was ruled out. Guinness it is.
  13. I forgot why we have New Math. Was Old Math broken?
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