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  1. What am I missing in this logic?

    Mark Cuban certainly agrees. It cost him a meager $600,000, but he knows when its better to suck.
  2. Auto Stop Technology..

    Sucks for Cav. I noticed that the peloton gave the leadout car a lot of room after that. Slow speed crashes hurt.
  3. I was kinda Meh about the Olympics

    I want to marry Jessie Diggins in my next life. What a race! What a finish!
  4. Are you a racist? Of course. Take the test.

    I think the test is implicitly biased. Practice at making repeated associations will skew the test results to favor the responses which are made after one gets comfortable with the test methodology. Sort of like Jeopardy contestants get better at anticipating when to hit the button the longer they play, giving winners a built in advantage over new players. I suspect they can skew the results by the timing in which you are to associate blacks faces with negative names and vice versa.
  5. I Feel Binary Is Too Constricting

    My sensitivities are being threatened. I need some Play-Doh.
  6. Well, it had to happen.

    We had three HS boys arrested in the past couple of days for making stupid threats. Another one was 'detained' for his FB posts with an 'assault rifle.' Later he was released as the AR was of the orange tipped Airsoft variety.
  7. Weird Stock Market

    I never go there for breakfast. It's always too crowded.
  8. Fergies anthem

    This. I still think Roseanne was intentionally bad, thinking it would be funny, or something. Sort of like Karaoke night, either be good or be bad, but don't just suck.
  9. Another Heidi Bowl performance from NBC Sports

    I turned on the tv last night and was greeted with the 1st of 2 days of skiiing practice runs. I turned it off before I found out who won the practice.
  10. Group Discount?

    In my hood, the usual outlier is a RAM pickup truck rather than a Chevy or Ford.
  11. Olympic observations

    For the Summer Games, I would nominate the grand sport of equestrian competition. Riders bring their own horses. They probably spend far more than the cost of a skeleton just on the tack. When you start discussing the cost of the horses, it's shrouded in mystery, but syndications are not unusual, and The Boss bought one of the winners several years back for his daughter which supposedly cost well into the 7 figures.
  12. So there was a Valentines Day Massacre.

    Sure. Have fun. http://uscode.house.gov/view.xhtml?req=granuleid:USC-prelim-title18-section922&num=0&edition=prelim 18 USC 922(g)(8) http://www.statutes.legis.state.tx.us/Docs/FA/htm/FA.85.htm TX Family Code Ch.85.022
  13. So there was a Valentines Day Massacre.

    Reminds me of the Robin Williams skit panning Utah during its Winter Olympics for calling Donnie and Marie "Utah's favorite couple." He said, "They're from Utah, not Arkansas."
  14. So there was a Valentines Day Massacre.

    You are probably correct. Under Texas law, if a woman involved in getting a divorce obtains a Protective Order, it's standard practice down here for the man to be required to turn in his firearms to the LEOs and his concealed carry is automatically suspended. But under federal law, we have the Lautenberg Act which makes it illegal to possess or purchase a firearm by anyone who has ever pleaded guilty to, or been convicted of, of a misdemeanor or felony involving domestic abuse. This caught a lot of folks by the short hairs, as the law was retroactive and it was common place for someone to plead to a misdemeanor charge and pay $50 and go back home rather than pay a lawyer $5,000 to fight a felony charge when he had already made up with his wife.