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  1. I gotta admit Mick, your post really picked up steam when you started talking about rubbing big boobs.
  2. Apparently regular binge drinking is bad for you. Who knew?
  3. God Bless Willie Nelson. A National Treasure.
  4. Once a long, long time ago, I started to try to read The Silmarillion. I found it grueling. So I decided four books was enough.
  5. Bad choice. He got tackled from behind.
  6. That botched kickoff was a doozy. The Chiefs guy who had the ball float into his hands was too stunned to start running.
  7. Yep. I think that good field position allowed the Chiefs to score in 1:35 rather than the 1:55 it took them to go 90 yards. It was embarrassing.
  8. Before I forget, I would personally like to thank the Houston Texans for hosting a track meet for the Chiefs yesterday afternoon. It was a beautiful day for a lot of long sprinting.
  9. Megxit is A&E, not P&R.
  10. Gave me the willys to see him bop that bike on top of the power rack.
  11. I'm sorta embarrassed I found that funny.
  12. I agree that the Titans actually have a shot against the Ravens if they can get Derrick Henry running downhill and keep the ball away from the Ravens. I know my Texans would have been crushed by the Ravens. But they'll get crushed by the Chiefs anyway.
  13. This didn't age very well . . .
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