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  1. 36-wilted-flowers-skmclasses-bangalore.jpg.7ce259ad68d5e769bc90cdb3adb2ba2e.jpgI know the flowers were from you and I feel very unloved. KWS and I are going to King's Island without you.  -- KNWS 


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    2. Kirbys Not Wild Sister

      Kirbys Not Wild Sister

      Beautiful memories.   

    3. Kirby


      I was referring to the World Trade Center in the background.

    4. Kirbys Not Wild Sister

      Kirbys Not Wild Sister

      I'm aware. I'm your conservative but brilliant sister. 

  3. unnamed.jpg.36ba20f7c659deb777e03d371040843c.jpg

    1. Kirby


      Snazzy!!  And in froggy green!

    2. Kirbys Not Wild Sister

      Kirbys Not Wild Sister

      I'm going to get one, seriously. I want a cabrio and a cabriolet. :slow-dance-smiley:

  4. You are too important to this operation. Please take a different route. Claude
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