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  1. It's on the floorboard now, but I'm guessing it was just the ignition they haven't put though the firewall just yet.. I do however wanna make is so it has a kill switch and no keys like it does have now. I really do wanna keep it as original as I can. Just need to figure out how the title really works if it does become a rat rod.. it still is a 28 chevy with all new parts. Sooooooooo I guess it technically will not need really changed except for insurance.
  2. Darkness typically happens when the sun goes down below the horizon.
  3. I will try that first, but I can not make promises to what all I will find once I start tearing it apart. if it becomes a bigger problem, it’s going to be a hot rod.. I have pulled all the pugs and filled the block with some 10w40 and will let it soak a couple days hoping it makes the pistons free up enough to save it.
  4. Soooooooo.....The engine is now not cranking so it gives me two options... 1) Total tear down and rebuild it including trying to fabricate parts by hand to get it running and moving the way it should be. OR 2) Total tear out and try and sell parts ( should be easy, lots of people on the Vintage Chevy site is always looking) to raise money and make it a total rat rod with a small block engine. I'll have to stretch the front about 5 inches more, add more to the frame, make it a custom rod that my neighbors are going to hate to hear when it starts up. I would keep the interior as close to original as I can. Something like this
  5. KrAzY

    New Puppy

    Why does the little one look dirty next to the bigger one?
  6. Typically I’m not a huge fan of Harbor Freight… but I had to give the pneumatic spark plug cleaner a shot.. at $19 where could I really go wrong.. so the ‘28 Chevy has plugs that are hard to find, and at about $30 a plug (x4).. I’m gonna try out the $19 cleaner for sure. After pulling the plug it was covered in crud (official term!). about 3 min in the blaster it cleaned up nicely. It’s a lot more noticeable in person than in pictures. I’m sure it could use about another 5 min of blasting, but what a big difference. I’m betting that these dirty plugs are part of my problem with getting it started.. now it’s time to see if they actually spark.
  7. KrAzY

    Tom kha

    They might, but it's more of a seasonal thing.. you might have luck finding it in their frozen section
  8. KrAzY

    Tom kha

    Here is the site I use.. Never had anything I should really never make a second time for the wife. https://minimalistbaker.com
  9. Thanks, I was hopping that there would be more than just a word document tossed onto a website to read. something more like a couple pages of a house bill or anything along those lines. To me.. that is just a non binging agreement that anyone can say is law since Someone just threw it out there on the internets. It would probably look more official if it had a jpg of his signature.
  10. I have a bad case of setting up a chair and then just wondering off when something shinny catches my eye.. The show I was at was for about 4 hours.. I probably sat for about 20 min. Thats where my ADHD really pisses off the wife.. I would rather play around and work on my vehicles then show them off most of the time. I do find it funny how a good majority of people I have talked to so far have not done any work on their own vehicles, but would rather have a shop do all their work. They just then garage them and show them off. Milage for me is nothing.. why have it if I'm not going to take it out and about!
  11. I guess the Manic GT from 1966 - 1971 would be one of the cars.. about 170 made if I remember correctly.
  12. speaking of this executive order... anyone have a site where I can honestly read though this.. or was nothing written down? I cant seem to find anything on this besides what the media says and a Buch of blah blah blah for different new sites.. There has to be something right.. it's EASY to find and read though house bills and senate bills.. but where is this order at?
  13. Both have a distinct style about them that make you just admire the way they were built. Just seeing that the difference in style, mechanics, and period style in what 34 years of technology Brough it amazing. Nonetheless having a 93 year old car was also a dream of mine.. To think it was made the same year Micky Mouse was introduced to the masses, and the year before the Great Depression happened and it was not used for scrap metal. Well technically it is more wood than metal.. but that's besides the point.. LOL
  14. Ok.. as someone asked for it..so here goes.. Been working on getting the '29 Chevy to kick over and run.. guessing there is an issue with the plugs, so I am heading out in a bit to get a spark plug blasting kit so I can revamp them and not have to buy new ones. Also I don't think the engine fired over in the last 20+ years from the previous owner.. who knows what all he tinkered with that could have caused issues.. I know for a fact he screwed up the vacuum tank that I already fixed. Once I can get it running I will feel better about taking my time and getting all the paneling removed to access the wood and start rebuilding the frame to get the few dry rotted parts out. As my garage looks from the street.. kind of funny how people stop to look when the door is open. I'm guessing it's because how much crap I have shoved in there and not the cars. For the Valiant.. We had it out again last night to a small cruise-in in downtown Grapevine. There were about 20 other cars there. Wish one of these days that I'll remember to get pictures, but it's hard to do when we get surrounded as we back in by people wanting to see the car and ask questions. Last night was one of them times.. It was awesome... as soon as I backed into the space, we were met by a kid (about 15) with autism. MAN.... did that kid have a lot of questions and also knew a lot about the car already... I LOVE taking to younger kids that are excited about vehicles. I really wish I would have gotten his name. He was so full of questions and was a really great kid.. his parents did a fine job raising him so far and he defiantly has a future in older cars if he ever gets deeper into them. Here is the Valiant from the show last Sunday, and the trophy it got. As I was getting all packed up from the show (throwing my chair and trophy in the trunk), An older gentleman approached me and told me how I should have taken overall for the show. This was his favorite car by far and said it was a shame I only got second for my division. I told him there will be many more shows I'll be going to and maybe one day I'll walk out with the bigger trophy. Personally it is not the trophies or awards I like getting, it's getting to talk to all the other vehicle nuts out there. They are good people and fun to talk shop with. I'll be taking the Valiant out to another show just around the corner next weekend. Figured every couple weeks is good enough for me, you can really only see the same cars a few times before getting burnt out. I still have to sign up still for the Nov 14 paint and pistons show before all the spaces are filled up. That one is going to be a long day.. cars show up before 8am, and then pack up and leave at 6pm.
  15. Yup, but only once and sat in a cell for three day.. I learnt how to play spades and that's about it.
  16. Tacoma never has been washed in three years (been used off road and has been really muddy.. I call it southern undercoating), Valiant has been washed a couple time because it was put into shows, 29 chevy has not been washed in probably 50+ years, wife car gets washed when she feels it needs it. Oh... and the motorcycle gets a batch when I ride it in the rain
  17. SW for sure... Vegan and he made this hell hole that we are all trapped in and cant leave.
  18. I don't think anyone I work with has balls.. just pronouns.
  19. no real heros... just a lot of people that disappointed me over the years once I grew up and realized they were just normal people that I can do the same thing as once I got bigger.
  20. Sure... I guess the interwebs are never wrong...
  21. Never heard of it... I also don't have HBO
  22. I work still and that is enough socialization for me... I tend to try and kick people out of my office and keep my door locked.. just being in a setting where there is people makes me want to see if one of them will fall down the stairs and replicate a slinky.
  23. What ever happened to the good ole days of a baseball bat and their kneecap?
  24. Will do. There is a huge pistons and paint show in November I am registering for.. that’s definitely not going to be a trophy taker for sure.. I’m better off at the smaller shows.. lol
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