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  1. "you better have peed before we left" "Hey look.. a squirrel....." "Driver caries no cash" "Ass, Cash, or Grass.. No one rides free" "Hold on, sit down, shut up" "Sssshhhhhhh " "It puts the lotion on" "Hold my beer, and watch this"
  2. I blame Mother Nature. She is in a bad mood and has a handful of matches!
  3. mine is red on the outside, and whiteish inside. made of ceramic and has a lid.
  4. I don't miss the 80's. I ate too much Taco Bell back then.
  5. I have an electric mower. I'm sure it would have the same issues for both. Batteries would be crappy and not charge or hold a charge fully, and heavy snow will bog it down like tall grass does to the mower. Gas power is the only way to go
  6. I do deal with reported things, but for some reason my phone tells me I do not have access to the site for reports. I was away from my computer when I got the message and was not going to be home for a few hours.
  7. I remember when I was a little Krazy, Things have REALLY changed!
  8. Good thing they have not found out about your porn career
  9. I noticed today that I can not check notifications on my iPhone. is there a way to get it to load up?
  10. Stop posting pictures of my fishing gang! The wives think we are at the titty bars.. we have a reputation to try and uphold!
  11. From what I gather. it's low test
  12. Like........ a peep problem? I'm sure WoSW is already fine with it and has gotten over it!
  13. Ya suposed to shove it in your pie hole, not the other hole!
  14. betterer is gooder then finer!
  15. Meh... Texas will stand strong-ish
  16. there is now a Welcome Test... shit I can't read or write.. I'm screwed!
  17. Dang.. Figured he finally told you about the birds and the bee's
  18. KrAzY

    Would You?

    Nope... well not that I know of. I would be happy to go, but they have too many Canadians in Canada. Not sure if I could deal with all the Eh's and Ohhh Soorrrry's.
  19. RG does have girly wrists. I think it would go well with his outfit also!
  20. KrAzY

    Would You?

    YUP!!!!! but I don't want to go to Canada.
  21. but well worth this line up this time.
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