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  1. KrAzY


    I have limited room, also its a little hard to haul the Ducati on a rear of a camper or bus conversion.
  2. Dallas Cowboys, or any Texas sport teams
  3. This thread has too many big words... I'm going back to reading Jsharr's posts.
  4. Well now.. this makes me proud, but the real question is... Whisky, Bourbon, or Brandy? Also what type of bitters?
  5. KrAzY


    Love it.. that's something I wanna get when I sell off my Ducati this year
  6. I’m not a computer person, but I am a person person. I have a Mac and love it for editing. I guess the question is. what software are you looking at using, and what speed are you wanting for refresh rates. per the Texas size thorn in my pants called jsharr.. I would really look at a gaming computer.
  7. You have no idea the fun your missing Please call back and try again.. it never works the first time if yer not on hold for 15 min or longer
  8. Where you are just awaiting someone to slip and say something wrong… welp… it’s been a week long one of them days!
  9. I’m upset they shut my local awful waffle down in Lewisville. I loved that place!
  10. Our cancel culture kids are now arguing that Father’s Day should not be anymore. they were saying “what about the same sex family’s that are women” or the single moms that raise the kids when the father walks out, or the non binary whichaMcCallit thingamajig that are the heads of the household. Somehow the word father is offensive and should be removed from Webster’s. I brought up about how Mother’s Day would have to go also then.. ya know.. because of the single dads that raise kids when the “woman” leaves the relationship… OHHHHHHH they got super pissed off at that. Oh
  11. I know someone that worked in the warehouse. It is definitely not a good place from what all I hear. My other friend says if you can get an office job, you are much better treated for sure.
  12. KrAzY


    I would say about $100 a gram, but if you can cut it 50/50 with ketamine, you can get about $300 a gram
  13. It could be a coping mechanism for her to want to keep it close and not share, I would definitely not take offense to anything around that subject.
  14. Just parked the motorcycle.. was like riding in a microwave. Temps on the bike said it was 103F
  15. I believe quail run over by the FW buccees is $25 per person all day if I remember correctly.
  16. eagle is a ripoff.. with the vet card from my dad, my first responder discount and took my two kids... it ran us $65 for about an hour
  17. I go to eagle gun range, point blank, and also quail run gun range. Quail run is my favorite by far. All outdoors and also has an archery range I’m rolling a 12 gauge, 9mm, and 380. Soon to have another 9mm rifle
  18. Great.. now everyone knows what I look like! 😡
  19. We need to go shooting sometime.
  20. No it does not, just make sure the address and phone are up to date
  21. I would love to see the kayakers try that drop of my 12ft fishing yak..
  22. I call those pride chickens
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