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  1. Looking Into The Crystal Ball

    Ahhh, I thought that may be the case.
  2. Looking Into The Crystal Ball

    84g of carbs per day???
  3. Looking Into The Crystal Ball

  4. http://www.pop-culture.us/List.html 1959: The Top Song was Mack The Knife by Bobby Darin The Big Movies included Ben-Hur, Sleeping Beauty and Some Like It Hot Time Magazine's Man of the Year - Dwight D. Eisenhower Volvo invented the modern seatbelt in 1959. To save lives, they decided to make it an "open patent," allowing other manufacturers to use the same design. Every car produced today uses this mechanism, considered one of the major safety inventions of the 20th century, saving over 1M lives. The current US flag was designed in 1958 by Robert Heft as a junior high history project an got a B- for it. The grade was later changed to an A after Heft's design was accepted and adopted by the United States Congress in 1959. January 3rd - Alaska became state # 49. August 21st - Hawaii became the 50th state. Most popular TV: Gunsmoke (CBS) Wagon Train (NBC) Have Gun Will Travel (CBS) The Danny Thomas Show (CBS) The Red Skelton show (CBS)
  5. Financial planning

    This. Between her investing style and control of her expenditures, you could do a *lot* worse than listen to her.
  6. Deal is sealed

    In FL, a guy lost $10k as he chose an offer with a mortgage/appraisal over my cash/no appraisal. Same offer price.
  7. Deal is sealed

    Congrats, Jack. I presume you're comfortable on the appraisal front.
  8. Do you use a grocery delivery service?

    Went to Bishop Neumann, class of '77. Then went to SUNY/Buffalo, class of '81. Given our slight age difference, I probably never bumped in to you at Brunner's.
  9. Do you use a grocery delivery service?

    Hehe...FL as in Floriday. I was born and raised in Buffalo, though...Cheektowaga to be more precise.
  10. Doesn't matter that she was a cyclist. Just like it doesn't matter that she was a homeless drug addict. It's not relevant. And she wasn't "walking her bike across the road"; she was walking in the median when she abruptly moved into the lane with oncoming traffic.
  11. I'm waiting for adaptive cruise control on bikes.
  12. Closing The Gap!

    Probably not a lot outside of the generalized "exercising". Resistance training is more about maintaining strength, lean mass, bone health, and insulin sensitivity.
  13. Closing The Gap!

    I brought up weight training solely in the context of meeting the physical activity guidelines (which they are a part of), to indicate that they used a binary approach: you either met it, or didn't. Hence the question on how they scored it (was it binary or on a scale), to which you've answered. (Thanks!)
  14. Do you use a grocery delivery service?

    Even though it doesn't really take a lot of time, I would consider it in the future. Back in the day, I'd go shopping once a week, every Sunday night. Then I started going every two weeks. Before the move to FL, I was living 0.5 miles from the grocery store, and on the way to/from work. I'd *frequently* drop in and pick up something for dinner that night based on what I felt like eating, or to get some fresh fruit. In FL, I'm 4 miles away. Certainly not a huge distance, but enough of a difference to put a big dent into the convenient drop-by. As I get older, I find myself wanting to spend less and less time on "the maintenance of daily living", so I might. Plus, as I'm not a browser but, instead, typically buy much the same thing, it'd probably work well for me.
  15. Closing The Gap!

    "People in the study got poor heart health scores with high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, high blood sugar, obesity, inactivity, smoking and a diet with limited fruits, vegetables, and whole grains." I wonder how this was scored. For example, the physical activity guidelines are 2 1/2 hours of moderate cardio plus 2 days of whole body weight training. So you can ride your bike 10 hours in a week, and not meet the standards if you didn't do that weight training.