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  1. I think Cheese was the guy who broke into my van during my brief stay in Greenville many years ago. We found half-eaten boxes of GS cookies nearby.
  2. 2 warning points. Airwick Cycling does not condone nattering nabobs of negativism.
  3. Road Runner


    No matter the type of pie, it is important to always slice it against the grain.
  4. Airwick Cycling has it's own rowing team.
  5. Airwick Cycling is cheesy.
  6. I bought a box. The pushy girls were too adorable to deny.
  7. Actually, Road Runner Cycling was not like Tara at all. It did not have any servants or silly young women running about saying "fiddle-dee-dee". A much more appropriate analogy would be Lake Wobegon, where all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average.
  8. If we can have all those other stupid sub-forums that no one ever visits, why can't we have a separate RR sub-forum where the days are always sunny and people are always "kind and courteous to one another"?
  9. As well as his dead-on accuracy.
  10. An interesting interview with some really smart people about the All Star competition. If you watch Jeopardy.
  11. It is probably best to avoid eating anything covered in pink slime.
  12. I didn't have a clue. I was right there with "Hello Grandma" or whatever that first lady wrote.
  13. The ones that killed me last night were the three word rhyming questions. I'm not sure I could figure those out if I had several minutes. That one guy was spewing them out as soon as the answer was read! Those people have a different type of brian than I have.
  14. I did not like it last night. Too much talking. Hoping for better tonight.
  15. I would like to see more of the Airwick Rowing team.
  16. I would like the chicks in bikinis thread back. Can you make that happen?
  17. Face it. It won't be long before Cheese is Bike Club President. Being a Mod and winning Speed Demon's heart is just the beginning. I advise you not to meet with him for dinner, but whatever you do, DO NOT bring along BCC.
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