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  1. Why not just say you like the Costco cookies and avoid lambasting my choice? No one comes on here and says what you like sucks, so why do you always have to be negative about what other people like?
  2. The anti-leftites want to round up all the lefties and put them in concentration camps where they will be indoctrinated into right-handed theology. Then they will be forced to manufacture Little Debbies and Ding Dongs with their left hands tied behind their backs. Eventually, they will be returned to their homes, but they will remain under surveillance for a minimum of one year. Monitors will be attached to their left arms to make sure their re-education is complete. Is this what you want?
  3. Now you've done it. Mrs Sue is going to send us to the Principal's office.
  4. What can I say? Some people like avatars made up of cartoons, funny pics, silly drawings, and animals. I prefer pics of beautiful women. To each his own.
  5. I always ride on flat roads. We have no hills here where I live. Strong winds sometimes make me wish I had 3 gears (headwind, no wind, tailwind), but most of the time, my 52/16 is perfect for me.
  6. Meh. I'm probably the only one here interested in this subject. No one else would post in it and it would be a silly waste of time. But thanks for asking.
  7. I have ridden only my single speed road bike all this year. Adding a shifter of any type would be silly.
  8. I have many times been smitten with a particular actress and went looking for a pic to use to demonstrate her besmitten-ness, but after exhaustive searches, I could find no pic that does her justice. Some people just have a presence on screen, the way they move, speak and otherwise express themselves, that no still picture can come even close to capturing or representing.
  9. It may not be perfect in a technical way, but I find it truly represents Andie and her character in Groundhog Day.
  10. I had planned to start a thread about this subject. Now it is ruined.
  11. Very few benefits to getting old. The treachery thing was an unexpected bonus!
  12. I will say that that pic of Natalie is excellent and embodies to me who she is on Monk. It is sometimes hard to find a pic of a performer that truly brings forth the feeling you get when you watch that performer in action. Pics just aren't good enough, usually. Your Natalie is great. So is my Andie.
  13. I went and looked for a good pic of Adrian after I saw your Natalie. But I couldn't find a pic I liked. We both have OCD, so he would be a suitable representation for me. But I could never find an image that I liked.
  14. I have been Zooey for four years. You have been using Natalie for four days. Enough said.
  15. Wow. I was just thinking the same thing about myself recently. Brought on by the death of a friend I haven't seen in many years. Very well expressed, MS.
  16. According to SW Forum Rules: Unless you continue to use avatars of a particular subject for at least 30 days, your ownership is deemed temporary, and others may begin to use that subject 24 hours after you relinquish it and adopt some new and unrelated visage.
  17. I think Colon Bowel would have been funnier.
  18. Yes, but I was mainly referring to his dating Thelma Lou for so long and never marrying her. He should have married her at the earliest possible opportunity. Marrying up at it's maximum.
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