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  1. I don't know. I got tired of roate and stare, and aisle seemed like a word that had good letters and that might actually get me a one someday. Because so many people are using stare, adieu, arise, etc as starting words, I doubt the Wordle word selectors will ever use those words as the solution word. BTW, I used aisle yesterday and it got me no letters at all, but it eliminated five good letters, so it helped a lot anyway.
  2. Pretty much a slam dunk after AISLE gave me A_SE_.
  3. This is the mower I am contemplating buying right now. My old Sears Craftsman mower is on it's last legs, I'm afeerd. B&S "no oil change" engine.
  4. As I posted in the other thread, my first significant employment began in 1966, right out of high school. I was hired by Norfolk Naval Shipyard as an Electronics Technician Apprentice. I made $2.02/hour. Soon after I started, we got a cost-of-living raise to $2.09/hour. Take home pay (2-week paycheck) was approximately $120 ($240/month). By the spring of 1968, I had saved enough money to make a sizable down payment on a brand new 1968 Plymouth Road Runner. Sales price approx. $3000.
  5. When I last was researching mowers, I noticed the "no oil change" thing, but the site I was on also said you could change it if you want. I would still change it every fall, just before putting it away for the winter.
  6. If you have read my previous comments on Wordle puzzle solving, you might remember that I use a method where I try to put myself in the chair of the Wordle word selector and pick the word out of all the possibilities that seems the most obscure or least likely to come to mind. You may also remember that this method has failed more often than it has worked. But I can't help myself. It is something that I have always done when playing any sort of word puzzle. I try to put myself in the place of the puzzle maker and choose the answer that I would select if I was him or her. As I say, it fails most of the time, but when it is successful, it results in a wonderful feeling of, "Hah, I win!!" If I was the Wordle guy and I was selecting today's word, I would have chosen VOUCH because I would have assumed that it would be the least likely to be guessed out of the TOUCH, POUCH, COUCH, VOUCH combo. Today my "strategy" worked. OTOH, it was probably just dumb luck. But I like to think that by using my meager intellect and my very limited knowledge of human behavior, I somehow managed to outsmart the smart puzzle guy.
  7. I really thought that one of the ADIEU people might get it in two.
  8. In the TV report I just saw, the on-site reporter broke down and started crying when telling the story of the group of parents who had arrived to pick up their children, but their children weren't being escorted out to them, as other parent's children were.
  9. $2.02 an hour. My take home pay after state and federal taxes, retirement, and medical insurance was about $60, IIRC.
  10. Unbelievable. This crap almost never happened for most of my life. And just as much access to guns. I really wonder if the internet and violent video games aren't playing a huge part in this continuing insanity.
  11. It makes you wonder how, in the brain's evolutionary process, that it was decided that remembering a totally insignificant and never revisited bit of data from 40 years ago was a somehow useful or important function for survival, which then needed to be incorporated into the modern human brain.
  12. I'm glad I don't have to drive to work anymore. It used to be 60 miles round trip each day. My current vehicle gets 20 mpg on a good day on the highway. That would be almost $20 a day for gas. $100 a week. In my first real job in 1966, I only made $80 a week.
  13. Actually, he passed a number of years ago, so I guess he won't mind me mentioning his name. It was Gordon Creecy. We all knew him as just, "Creecy".
  14. Even the old ones. I had read an obit yesterday of someone who had the same and rather unusual surname of someone I worked with many years ago. But I couldn't remember his first name. He was referred to by everyone by his surname and seldom was his first name ever mentioned. This was about 40 years ago. I racked my brain trying to come up with his first name for 24 hours or so with no luck. Then, just a few minutes ago, it forcefully and clearly popped into my head. "GORDON!", my brain said. I hadn't thought much about him for 40 years and certainly hadn't thought at all about his first name, yet there it was, squirreled away somewhere in the deep, dark recesses of my now feeble mind.
  15. I used to buy from several different online stores, but I haven't bought anything online for at least a couple years. And the last stuff I did buy was probably from Amazon. So if you have a preferred online source for the usual cycling stuff, such as tires, tubes, chains, etc., I would be very interested in your recommendation. Thanks.
  16. A toast to @Mr. Beanz ! It's great to have you back, BTW.
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