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  1. I predict much success for your doctor, especially with her male patients.
  2. I guess it all depends on your definition of "harm". IMO, that guy was harmed.
  3. I'm guessing you could just stuff a pair of glasses down into your underwear and it would look just like this, if you were some bored x-ray tech looking to have a little fun, of course.
  4. Road Runner


    Your doodle did good! But let's face it, doodles are a dime a dozen.
  5. The going fast is fun. The sudden stops when going fast are a bitch.
  6. Road Runner


    Many years ago, some guy who thought he was protecting his womenfolk from three of us ne'er-do-wells pointed a shotgun at us. Not a fun moment.
  7. I learned of my boneheadedness early in life. However, this knowledge has seemingly never been any sort of impediment to my life-long quest for bonehead perfection.
  8. Didn't that already happen years ago in Cincinnati?
  9. My gum has no sugar but does have 2g of sugar alcohol, whatever that is.
  10. I also noticed that you can delete your vote if you have a change of mind. That's kind of cool, too.
  11. Sounds like "The Birds", only a whole lot scarier.
  12. I haven't posted there since the renovation. Only visited a few times. I don't see any need to go back there. I like it much better here.
  13. The IRS will be the very last government agency to close. Your money is their money.
  14. I buy the 15-piece pack in 14 pack sets from my BJs. The same flavor all the time. I love that stuff.
  15. You should call Lloyd Braun.
  16. I chew a lot of gum, too. I just bought $15 worth of this stuff, my favorite.
  17. 28.3 miles of city streets. 17.1 avg on the SS.
  18. Wow. I never knew a viola had an F-hole.
  19. Five of them. So you could invite four of your buddies over a relaxing evening on the couch?
  20. The other night I was using my remote in the dark. The channel up and down buttons are in the middle of the remote, "up" right above the "down". I picked up the remote and started to flip thru the channels when I noticed the channels were going the opposite direction of the button I was pushing. I would push the "up" and the channels went down and when I pushed "down", the channels went up. Later on, the problem magically corrected itself. What do you think could have caused this strange electronic malfunction?
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