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  1. Yes that is Kzoo. I would know him anywhere
  2. Hey, I don't know. I was just following orders. Sheesh!
  3. The forum has its good days and its bad days. When Cheese isn't here, the bad days seem to far outnumber the good days.
  4. So no one here has tried any of the home screening tests, such as ColoGuard?
  5. That is not Kzoo.
  6. Of the guest hosts, so far. She loves doing the show and her enunciation and delivery is impeccable. And unlike some of the previous guest hosts, she has said that she very much wants the gig. She even says it would be a "dream job" for her.
  7. Road Runner


    ... turned upside down is "wow". Coincidence? I think not.
  8. https://i.imgur.com/aV8oXK0.mp4
  9. Cycling on city streets and highways is many times more dangerous than driving on them. My son was nearly killed when hit by a motorist, but under the same traffic conditions, if he had been in a car, he probably wouldn't have suffered a scratch.
  10. If I was a mod and had the power, I would make it so.
  11. Riding on city streets and on highways is a very dangerous activity. Probably not worth the risk.
  12. That would make an excellent avatar.
  13. I get offers in the mail regularly for extended warranties. They don't know me very well, do they?
  14. My experience has been that if they find a polyp, they want you back in 5 years. No polyps, 10 years.
  15. I was just kidding around, obviously. But my lack of understanding regarding why anyone would opt to remain unvaccinated is real. It's your choice, of course, but it makes no sense to me. Have you explained your reticence? I'm not here a lot, so I may have missed it.
  16. Unless your name is Kardashian, of course.
  17. That seems very wrong, unless someone transformed a non-political vaccine discussion into a political one. If so, I think the proper solution would have been to delete the offending political post(s) and allowed the general vaccine discussion to continue. But being a mod isn't as easy as it looks sometimes. I'm sure they did what seemed right at the time.
  18. Because I usually assume that idiots and nearly insane procrastinators make up only about 20-30% of the population. I wonder if many aren't just saying, "Screw it. Let everybody else get vaccinated and herd immunity will take over, saving me from the disastrous long term effects of the vaccines."
  19. I'm not surprised that a lot of people are resistant or hesitant. But I am surprised that it is as high as 50%.
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