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  1. I am always reminded of D-Day, when so many young men, who really never had a chance to live their lives, were slaughtered as they tried to go ashore at Normandy. It was a successful invasion, but at a terrible price.
  2. Looks like @Kzoo has a new graphics guy!
  3. Can these two people be one and the same?
  4. I can never pass up a chance to post my favorite RG pic. His hair looks gorgeous.
  5. Some people take longer than others to accept any sort of new reality. Initially, I may have been a bit skeptical about the severity of the disease myself. But that was quickly overcome by the overwhelming existence of something called, "facts". Why anybody at this point still doesn't want to get vaccinated is very hard for me to understand. My neighbor, who is a great guy and who has been a big help to me on numerous occasions, insists that he will not be vaccinated. I assume this will apply to his wife and daughter as well. I just don't get it.
  6. I wonder what the future will hold for this disease? Will it continue to hang around and get worse every winter, something like the flu? At some point, will we have to accept its continued existence and the resulting consequences for many years to come? Or might it evolve into even more contagious and severe forms in the future that are much worse and harder to control than the current strains? We have concentrated much on controlling the virus (and rightly so) and reporting on the various aspects of its effects on individuals and on society in general, but I have heard little about th
  7. Maybe he will feed you something.
  8. I like this type of post. Not a parody actually. Much funnier, but unlike a parody, it requires some actual thought.
  9. 1. Open can 2. Empty contents into suitable pot 3. Add spices to suit your taste 4. Stir and heat on LO until slightly bubbling 5. Remove from heat and eat
  10. I've been hearing on the news that the vaccine has proven almost 100% effective against the current strains of the virus. Last night I saw a blurb that said that the odds are only about one in 10,000 that a vaccinated person will contract Covid-19. And in the rare event that a vaccinated person does get it, their symptoms will be much milder than for a non-vaccinated person. I think I can live with one in ten thousand.
  11. I went into Lowe's and my local grocery store. Both had signs saying that masks aren't necessary if you have been vaccinated. I think most of the big stores or chains in my area have now adopted this policy. I would still wear a mask in a store or facility if there were no signs posted saying it was okay to enter without one. I kept mine in my back pocket today, just in case.
  12. If you have no brain, is it still possible to get a brainstorm?
  13. Facially. For the first time since last summer or whenever the mask mandate went into effect (I forget exactly when). It was nice. Still about half the people I saw in stores today were wearing masks. I guess they haven't been vaccinated yet. No reason not to be vaccinated at this point here in VA. Appointments are easy to get and walk-ins are being welcomed in many places.
  14. Yep. I have seen the painting many times but for some some reason, I never knew or I forgot the name.
  15. Category: 20th Century Artwork Clue: The artist’s wife described the scene of this 1942 painting as “Brilliant interior of cheap restaurant”
  16. My favorite @Chris... creation. I am not absolutely sure, but I have always thought it was from Chris. OTOH, I suppose this might be a real pic of RG during his wild and crazy days.
  17. Many people miss the whole point of nudism. It's not about what other nudists may look like. It's about being nude and the freedom of living life without unnecessary societal clothing restrictions.
  18. Are you positive?
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