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  1. I didn't have a clue. I made a little joke by saying Mason and Dixon and then Ms Jones said the same thing, also just joking, I think.
  2. Maybe looking directly upon the face of the great and powerful Cheese reaps a similar consequence to viewing the contents of the Ark of the Covenant.
  3. We are a fowl group, indeed!
  4. What's wrong with Fang?
  5. The King has spoken. So it shall be written. So it shall be done.
  6. Wilbur lives up north in Canada. Fur coats come in handy during the winter.
  7. Only a stones throw from Cheese's summer cottage at Kiawah Island.
  8. To have more room for our usual senseless drivel and parodies?
  9. Close, but I think this is a pic of Wilbertha, not Wilbur.
  10. You can nominate two posts in one thread. They still must be voted on, so there is no danger of two posts being POTD.
  11. If I may say, I believe much of what LJ is going through is not only grief, it is dealing with an irreplaceable loss. He misses the woman who made his life complete, with whom he shared everything for most of his entire adult life. He is having his own problems now with no one to help him, as he helped her. He has to cope and learn to live now without the presence of his lifelong loving companion. I agree with seeking therapy and maybe a support group, but any way you slice it, he is going through a very bad time.
  12. It's a Cheese thread. It's like Seinfeld. It's a thread about nothing.
  13. You are Prince Harry. I guess that makes Aire your Meghan.
  14. Since it has been firmly established that Jsharr is King of the SW Forum, I wonder if Kzoo is his Prime Minister?
  15. If this is true, then this is wrong and everything you say is actually right. Or something like that.
  16. Exactly! I was going to say cheesey and holier than thou. Since jsharr is king of the forum, I will mark his answer as the solution.
  17. ..fits his forum persona perfectly.
  18. I baked you this cake. Cheese did the icing.
  19. Kirby always says the right thing.
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