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  1. Hey, I didn’t hit your car. I just sent you the check!
  2. I trust the thank you note is already in the mail?
  3. Fraud? Mr. Jay Shar himself admitted that we made him a fair offer, and that his truck had preexisting damage that we did not ding him for. It is only you who offered retro-active insurance coverage. You reinstate your offer to Jay and Martha, or forever be known as a welsher.
  4. Hey big spender! Talk is cheap. If you really want to help around here, make the same offer of back-dated insurance coverage to the driver of the at-fault car and we can call this a day!
  5. Hey, let’s not go all crazy here now.
  6. I like using TrueCar for my shopping. Gives you a reasonable expectation of what the car should cost with the features you want.
  7. So Mr. Jay Sharr tends to brake rules I see. Sorry for the pun, but it was just too fun.
  8. Geico


    You don’t even need to train on hills to run up a mountain. Little known fact.
  9. The old one was a lemon I understand?
  10. Geico

    Welcome Geico

    Thank you. I have been looking for a Mr. Jay Sharr and have been told he frequents this location. He drives a red Chevy trunk with some transmission and brake problems. Can you direct me to his whereabouts on these parts?
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