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  1. Today's the last day in Istanbul before we fly out to Cappadocia. The weather here has been very nice upper 50°s in mornings to lower 70°s during the day.
  2. An excessive amount. She's already got them, all four women, at her beck and call
  3. Yes we did, a near thing too. They held the plane for 20 minutes while Luftansa reinstated our tickets. They didn't just cancel they removed almost all records of the flight plan. Was rather annoying, I got quite heated at the counter rep as they had the usual casual indifference I've encountered in Germany. Here in Turkey. The weather is wonderful, highs barely topping 70° with fully sunny skies. Going to visit father-in-law's at the cemetery and then the tomb of Ataturk. Then off to a nice dinner somewhere. Here's us trying not to transfer our frustration onto the already tired little one.
  4. Somehow between checking in at Washington and our 10 hour flight Lufthansa decided to cancel our connection to Ankara. It's 3am FL time, my daughter is cranky, we have less than an hour until the only flight out boards. What a cluster fuck.
  5. Fly out of the country for a few weeks today. Going to visit the wife's family in Turkey. They really want to see my daughter, most have already cone here to visit but first time I've been there. Figure after 12 years I owed them the trip. They aren't too interested in seeing wife and I, the baby is the main attraction. So we'll stay in Ankara for a few days for everyone to get acclimated then leave my daughter with Grandma and the Aunt's. Wife and I travel to Istanbul, spend a few days, then Cappadocia, few more days, then Pamalluke for a day and back to Ankara. Everything sounds fantastic; except the 21 hour flight with a 22-month old. Wish me luck!
  6. My life would have totally been in another real if I had not let her get away. We were probably perfect for each other. We're friends for most of our years in HS and as close as kids could get. Thing was I dated around, no serious relationships at all. I didn't see the point then and even into my early twenties in forming lasting bonds with anyone. She on the other hand, was in love with me from the get go, or so mutual friends of ours told me much later. She never dated in HS, waited for me to get smart. Went to college became a very successful lawyer and professional dancer, last I heard. I had her and I never knew. Sometimes I wonder if I would have struggled with my inner demons for so long if I had the courage to let her in. Time of course flew by and now my one and only woman I will love is now with me 12 years. Rescued me from the depths of my depression and addiction and somehow still loves me. I guess it worked out in the end.
  7. Although I seemed to have missed why you'll be there: May your procedure go off without a hitch and your recovery time nothing short of miraculous. Good luck.
  8. Playlist for my night listening is a mix of Dylan, Radiohead, A perfect circle and Dywight yoakam I use volumio as my music management software for the house and it's auto dj is as eclectic as my tastes. Neat part is I can actually specify what cans (headphones) I'm listening to and it builds playlist based on the specific sound signature. Makes listening something else.
  9. Home assemble charcuterie
  10. For me it kinda follows the Sci Fi channels previous lineups: Battlestar Gallactica Firefly (Curse you Fox for killing the good ones) Stargate (Both SG-1 and Atlantis) Farscape Eureka Warehouse 13 Defiance The Expanse I haven't been able to watch a lot of TV in the last few years. With treatment, new career, and a toddler who knew I wouldn't spend time on the "tube". But have been consistently watching a few series on over-air channels like The Resident, The Rookie, The Good Doctor, and Netflix's Royals. I am going for a vacation soon overseas so have some fairly long plane rides, I plan on trying out Happy and 12 Monkeys to see if I like 'em.
  11. Several tattoos. Forearm has had the two pieces there since I was a teenager, first one was a b-day gift from mom (16). I also have a small chest piece and a larger more elaborate piece that starts at base of my neck to just below shoulder blades. Wanted more but never found artist after mine died. He gave me some great advice when I was a teenager and I'll never forget him. Was the cousin of my high schools principal, I was a trouble maker and got to know both very well. The principal made sure I got just punishment for what I did if it was truly out of line and went to bat for me when it wasn't. Don, the tattoo artist, gave the advice and perspective that only he could of given someone like me. His best advice about tattoos was to figure out what you wanted, have it drawn up, and carry it in your wallet for a year or keep it on a night stand. If after a year you still wanted to put it on your body, he'd tattoo it. Saved me from some pretty stupid ideas early on.
  12. St. Augustine yard. 3" in spring until the summer rainy season starts then I creep it down to about 2.25-2.5 I let it quite a bit between cuts during Jan-Mar as it starts to come back from its winter hibernation. It gets long enough to produce seeds then I mow. Helps with infill, I think.
  13. My previous dentist, Dr. Z, was only a bit older than me and an active cyclist. Great guy, wonderful dentist. Unfortunately his dentistry was too far for me to travel to when I changed careers and locations. I am currently seeing a hack, older guy, who I despise but at least the cleaning are done professionally. My close friend is a dentist and is building a new location for her offices literally on my front door step. It will be in the shopping plaza outside the entrance to my community. I will go to her once it is complete. So, eventually, a young woman dentist.
  14. Eco drives are solar powered. They use a capacitor to store the energy. The funny thing is the technology used in watches for the rechargeable aspect; found in Seiko, Citizen, Casio (G-shock) and a few others is actually patented by Panasonic. Seiko makes ones that use a kinetic system to charge the cell. Those require you to wear it. Depending on cell and efficiency of movement a day of wear can translate to 3-9 months of "charge" My best guess is your window might of had a UV filter on it, causing it to not charge as well as when you wore it. An Eco-drive is only solar.
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