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  1. Thanks guys! Family; twin sister and parents are coming over for dinner. Too tired and busy lately to put something together so we're going to have takeout Chinese. Got my gift from my wife: Nice set of Planar cans with a new DAC/Amp for the office. Tomorrow we go to the Lightning game against the Sharks. Good seats 5 rows back behind the away bench. Shaping up to be a good birthday!
  2. It's a toss up for me between: Serenity Boondock Saints Logan Lucky Oh and Atlas Shrugged if you want a little dust on the cover
  3. My parents are finally leaving their 5th wheel camper and bought a mobile home in a retirement community nearby. They have 4 dogs, all over 30 lbs, and themselves are not exactly skinny Minnie's. I've gone over to help them do some remodeling as they practically gutted the place when they bought. It's 490 sq ft. Very small but with a bonus sun room that runs the length of the trailer. It can be air conditioned so I guess that's cheating in the small space category. Course they have lived in a 36ft 5th wheel for 7 years, they just might have earned the extra leg room.
  4. Hahahaha. My sister has been in percussion her whole life, still plays for a small jazz ensemble sometimes. We vetoed a drum until she's 5!
  5. Fun reading For work Work and school
  6. None what so ever. She likes music and plays oh so well with her awesome toys from you all. How could I limit her fun?
  7. So my knee ended up being a stage 2 rupture of the quadricep tendon. No surgery, just physical therapy. The even expect me back on a bike this year. In oncology news, CT directly after radiation showed nothing concrete but also nothing too concerning to them, yet. No tumors so I'll take the win there. Only potential issue is my jaw bone is still heavily bruised and showing signs of blood starvation. CT in another month, hyperbaric chamber then too to try and save it if it is dying from the exposure. So overall pretty good outlook short term. Nothing life ending, maybe altering but that I can still live with. I can always get an artificial jaw so, fuck it. Why worry?
  8. Awesome! I love live games. Haven't gone to too many this season yet for my Lightning, one so far, but have three games set aside coming up.
  9. Oh boy, a lot. My FLAC music folder is over 400gb right now. It's a networked drive to my whole house. My collection runs the entire spectrum, but my current faves: Run the Jewels Beak Disturbed (evolution) John Lennon (Imagine) Chris Stapleton Victor Wainwright Dire Straights (Communique) Today was a big developer day so I have been working on our update to a few algorithms. These albums have been bouncing around the entire time.
  10. I've always used Windows native software for scanning. Seems to work just fine for my purposes. At work the full sized system is a pain in the neck to keep connected across our wifi so I usually let is scan to pdf on a jump drive.
  11. Walking, hobbling, over to a neighbors NYE party. It is on the cul-de-sac that throws a killer Halloween party every year so we have high hopes it'll be fun. Dropped the little one off to daycare for an overnight little sleep over party their having. Should be fun.
  12. Mine was lovely, aside from tearing my knee apart. My daughter had a plethora of amazing things from the SW family, so she was super pleased. Parents and sisters were in attendance and enjoyed the experience. I'd give it a solid B.
  13. Sure does. I mourn their passing in the sense that I regret they will no longer contribute to film, books, knowledge. But I do not mourn their passing as a tragedy. Most have lived long, full, and happy lives. They leave their families, yes, but many have earned their rest.
  14. I have a great neighborhood. Overall. We are a gated, HOA, security patrolled, idyllic suburbia. We have lines miles long for Halloween trick or treating, Christmas light golf cart parades for charity, a volunteer lawn mower brigade to help out our older members, and an extremely receptive, active clubhouse at the golf course. Do I have a few wackos? Of course! I know to never ask Mark any politics or else I'll be there listening to dark-web, frog people conspiracy theories till the sun sets. The Mitchell's always offer to pray with you instead of candy on Halloween and have a gloriously tacky Jesus Christ baby for Christmas in the front yard. Do I have great neighbors? Beyond a doubt. My direct neighbors are like family extensions. Raj and I spend hours on the back porches working on programming together when I was going to school. When i started the job hunt he offered to add me as an employee to his company and gave me 4 years experience, no questions. Paul and Mary both were at the baby shower and we watch football games together with cook outs most Sundays. I can go on, easily. I knew of this neighborhood years before we could move here. We scrounged and saved for years. We had the most patient realtor who was with us for 3 years while we waited and watched the market implode so we could actually afford to live here. We may be one of "poorest" people living in here, but we are enriched by the community. Tl;Dr: We have some weirdos, many awesome people, and love it here.
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