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  1. Buy a Bosch, preferably German made one, when you pull it out and find it's better to replace.
  2. Depending on which generational chart you use I'm either a last year gen X or a first gen millennial. I listen to the Beatles. I like the Beatles. I am probably a minority. I have a wide taste in music and grew up with parents determined to give me an appreciation of all the genres. I listened to Bach, Beatles, Brooks (both Garth and of the Dunn variety), Iggy, Floyd, Bowie and my own generations of music from the 80's on. Lennon Imagine is probably one of the best albums ever written.
  3. goldendesign

    July photos

    Turned two yesterday.
  4. Took the lil one to a resort here in Orlando for her birthday. Today is scattered T-storms starting around 3. So breakfast, pool, then maybe an indoor jungle gym if she still has the energy.
  5. Bought two pair of Hotic's while in Turkey. Best damn shoes ever. Think Ecco comfort and build for payless shoes prices. I paid less than $50 for both
  6. Work until the 3rd. The lil one turns 2 on the 5th. We will be escaping the heat of Tampa to the heat of Orlando. I booked a family resort for us for the long weekend. Kiddie pools, lazy rivers, playgrounds, putt-putt, the works.... Even somehow wrangled the extended family in to only visiting on one day. No need to entertain every day we are there.
  7. That is why you invest in hand woven. All ours are wool/silk hand woven from Turkey. One we have in the living room is about 30 years old. Even with a toddler and a sorta elderly dog who has accidents, it is in great shape. A little baby shampoo mixed with water, a light scrubbing and hang it to dry. Easy peasy. Most rugs today are machine, not really the bad part, and woven on a fiber (usually sisal) backing; where the problem lies. The fiber is usually some exceptionally cheap material that absorbs the stain/smell/color and re leeched it back into the rug.
  8. Garlic roasted chicken qtrs, mashed potatoes, green beans and guava turnovers.
  9. So on our platform we have a fairly decent amount of documentation on features. Most of our user base is business level or "analyst". For giggles we put in a button on the visual studio, think tableau or powerbi, of our platform a "beautify" button. It takes their color palette and shifts it randomly one color selection over. We never documented it nor told them about it in the release notes. It's now one of the most clicked item in that app. We even got a positive mention on one of the review sites. Makes us laugh more than we should.
  10. Ikea design rejects?
  11. I'm in the AI/ML field right now. To answer some of what you mentioned: Yes and No. In several fields where ML is being deployed; banking, finance, insurance, and healthcare to name a few, are very regulated on the structure and repeat-ability of the algorithms. FOr obvious reasons we want to know how the program came to those results so we can fine-tune, manipulate the now built model to fit other circumstances and in federal space, make sure the process isn't discriminatory in some way. While there are other areas: neural nets, black boxes, deep learning structures that you can document the entire process of how you built it but as soon as you run your first data source through it you have no idea the structure anymore. These are for mostly academic research but there are plenty of areas where it is deployed actively. I was part of a group, my company was the core provider of the data pipeline and model build, to create a series of black-boxes ( hopfield network that then back fed certain results to a convolutional neural network) to eliminate the need for credit reporting and gave a more accurate PLV (potential lifetime value) for insurers. Once we built the models and trained on the origin data; 6 million insurers, we couldn't even recognize how the algorithms were structured and how it attributed weights/measures. We ended up with something that is currently live and deciding the type of rates on home/medical/business insurance for a very large national brand. In my line documentation is key. We use it for our entire process. We even have ML tools that auto create proper data dictionaries, proper data management is core to our capabilities and our business. Others are considerably more cavalier. A lot of our clients come to us with multiple systems across their entire enterprise and there is no data unification. Redundant, poorly organized file structures in half a dozen (or more) systems all not talking to each other. My job it to create that unified data model, get everything into a single place and talking to each other. Reporting, analytics, predicive capabilities is what everyone comes to us for but in reality their first step is cleaning up their mess. We charge handsomely to do it.
  12. Rick it is tough to lose someone. You know how to reach me. Call if you need someone to talk to.
  13. Thanks guys. I'm going to make an effort to be here more. I'm on the computer all day so checking in shouldn't be difficult. I'll make a post with some photos of the lil one tomorrow. For now here's a teaser. Oh and Aire is right. She does make things worth it. Silly faces make her smile
  14. So the consensus is it is a pit. Got it. I felt the same way about Vegas. But Vegas and NOLA seems to have similar attractions; partying and alcohol. Neither of which I partake in. I'll walk frenchmen st and the qtr for the obvious tourist things. I'd love to see the WW2 museum but it closes at 5 and most days I'll be done by then. So night time enjoyment will be my avenue of seeing the city. Where would you get this food you speak of?
  15. Business trip. Be there Thursday through Sunday. I've never been. I'll have most late afternoons/nights available. Those that have been: suggestions on what to do and see? I'm staying here https://historicstreetcarinn.com/ if that helps
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