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  1. We want to build a built-in desk system for the office. Kinda like this: But no bookcases or upper cabinets. Just a long butcher block top and cabinets under. We've talked with a few contractors and the prices have been crazy. I'm not spending 10k on a fucking desk. The "issue" is desk heights are anywhere from 29-31" everyone wants to use kitchen cabinets which put the cabinets at 34.5" and add 2" for counter makes for a super high desk. I finally talked with a finish carpenter who found RTA cabinets from a company that puts it somewhat more reasonable: 270
  2. All our Chik-Fil-A's use a double ring around the building with a designated one-way in/out. Very efficient.
  3. Lightning had two very strong showings. Looking great at 2-0 right now. With the Dallas games postponed because of Covid I've been waiting for more hockey.
  4. This so much. Their full sized ANC headphones are nice, in my opinion that's all they offer that is. Even there they are basically neck and neck with Sony. From their other offerings in home and personal audio (I cannot speak to car audio) there is so many options that would provide a cleaner, better listening experience.
  5. I did just buy myself a new bundt pan
  6. Thanks! My daughter is in quarantine protocol, her teacher tested sick. So I took Thur (last week) through Wed off. Me an her gonna have some Father/Daughter time. Been a blast so far. Today, while mommy works I'm thinking the wilderness trail and a park playground are in order.
  7. Well Fire the cannons boys. The Bucs won!!!!!
  8. I just did a giveaway of my OG 405 with HR and wheel sensor kit on reddit. Still runs great.
  9. Since a lot of our prospective students come from zero technology backgrounds we also teach the fundamentals of Python, basic SQL, and the business intelligence concepts. Focusing on the tech sector or rather tech centered projects there is a larger growing need to have subject matter knowledge on core competencies beyond just knowing how to PM. We've got companies in several industries (insurance, agriculture, and infrastructure to industry drop a few) that have already signed on to hire our first crop of graduates. It's an exciting experience considering I do this part time as a si
  10. For the last few years I've been involved with a really great tech bootcamp company. Creating content, mentoring students, and hosting webinars for both enrolled/unenrolled people. The compensation is nice but the networking and experience is by far the most rewarding part. My latest project has been implementing a "Technical Project Management" program together for them. I partnered with a local branch of the PMI institute to work out all the specifics and make it above board for their programs. With it now launched, I'm doing the "Intro to TPM" type of lectures to drum up interest. Had
  11. This is a great idea. Count me in. No rides for tje new year. Had a pleasant NYE with the wife and settled down around 1am. Then the toddler wakes up and comes to our bed, wide awake, until about 3:30. I usually do predawn rides so a 4:30am ride was a no thank you.
  12. Only started riding this year in July and the last week has been a bust but ended up with 1780 on Strava
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