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  1. If you'd have told 10 years ago me I would not be a jeweler but a machine learning specialist. I'd of told you you were nuys9!
  2. Business intelligence, data analytics. I'd be a AI/ML implementation engineer. Which is silly sometimes to me since I suck at math (failed college stats twice), and am only a junior (my mind) programmer in python. But the machine learning libraries in python make predictive modeling and analytics too easy.
  3. So.... I just accepted a position for a global company, almost 90 years in business, as a senior engineer for their BI/DA Client operations. Super big role and a huge jump in responsibility. I know have major excitement and fear I'm going to fail spectacularly.
  4. With preseason kicking off I had'nt noticed if an official post was made. I'll start off with some pics from Fan Fest this weekend: That's Luke Witkowski which we just got back from Detroit. Looks like he is going to spend time with Syracuse but I hope they bring him up for at least some of the season. A now not so typical defensive style of the old school bruiser type; he's a lot of fun to watch. The Lightning still haven't signed Point which is disheartening. His Jersey was 50% off at Fan Fest and no banners of him around the rink so I think until he comes back to
  5. I'm a 50/50, some months I'm worth more alive. Then the medical bills hit and I'm not worth more dead, it would just be cheaper if I was
  6. Emotions are hard. I am often criticized by family members and my spouse for my seeming lack of emotional response. It's not that I bottle it up or completely lack emotions. I've cried, been overjoyed, crippled with anxiety. For me the response of non-emotional reaction is what works best. Why expend the energy? I don't look at it as a end result. It is a coping mechanism to continue. The times emotion gets me is the reason I keep going. Look for little wins. The easy things to take joy or accomplishment in. From there expand a bit on new sensations. Eventually you will at least on
  7. Oh I highlight it. I'm an idea man, not a check the numbers kinda guy.
  8. Tuesday is so far a terrific day. I got a call back for an in-person, meet the team and VP, interview for a very interesting job position. Job kinda fell in my lap; it popped up on my radar on LinkedIn, I ignored it at the time, got a message from a neighbor who works for the same company saying they saw a job posted I'd be perfect for and then a recruiter reached out who I know in the field and said the same thing. Thought what the hell, the universe must be saying something! Two phone interviews later, the job would be a terrific fit. Only 5 miles from my house (current is 27 in he
  9. Our house is open floor plan so great circulation, all stone or wood floors, double the recommended insulation in the attic, tint on all the double pane window, and the highest SEER rating we could cram in the space they designed for our AC in the house. This all means I have a very efficient system for our required temperatures. During away times the house is set to 89; during occupation, set to 87, at night time we let it ride at 87 or 88. The house very rarely has an actual ambient temperature above 82 and feels substantially cooler than that. I can cool our house and utiliz
  10. TIL there is an AARP cell phone company. Ain't technology grand?
  11. Hadn't thought of that. Thanks for the suggestion.
  12. Thanks for the advice. I've trimmed and adjusted some of the verbiage based on your input.
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