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  1. Hello Jazzy! I hope you're not a bot.
  2. Graduated HS in 2001, went straight into a retail trade. Jewelry and watchmaking for most of my young adult life. Then around 27-28 I cleaned up my life, most of you all know this part, and decided an education would allow me to pursue a new plateau. Through fits and starts; mostly because even in my late twenties I was still figuring myself out and working on the kinks I will finally graduate with a BS in Information Sciences and a minor in Applied Mathematics this fall. My company has also made it known they will completely fund my Masters. I am meeting with advisors this month to plan my next course in academia. As for the conversation on if Higher Education I could echo most of what people have said here. Some benefit, others not so much. BUT that mentality is also aging out fast our capitalist society is stretching out the middle class to the point that a skilled trade, a non-higher education, can't be a successful/comfortable path for families anymore. I can offer my own perspective on why I believe this below: Skilled trades take: My career as a jeweler was good. Nothing wrong with that as a career path, then. Now not so much. Mostly because of financial reasons, with a bit of lifestyle requirements thrown in. A jeweler still works retail hours. Nights, weekends and through most major holidays. Financial I say these positions are in trouble at the peak of my career an an employee to a large firm (those little blue box guys) I tapped out at $25/hr. When I owned my own shop I had to be 6 days, 10+ hours a day and still made at most about $65k a year. None of this is bad money. Plenty subsist on less. But with a family and the current, last 10 years really, economic environment it is not a sustainable career to expect to pay for health, retirement and children's future. It only affords you a paycheck to paycheck subsistence. I had 4 years of intensive training, certifications, and specializations and yet took home less than $45k yearly at my highest earnings with a multi-billion dollar prestigious jewelry group. Higher education take: Before I even graduate, with barely 4 years in the actual field, I take home 4X what I ever did and although I do work for a large global company, this isn't a FAANGs that also has tremendous burnout. I have a great work-life balance, investment accounts, savings, and the ability to know that when I die my family won't be hurting, there will be a safety net. I can argue that my own tenacity, capabilities are what made a large amount of my success (humble brag maybe). However; I can definitively say Higher education bought me a seat at the table to make this a possibility.
  3. Same I've had AMK's version of Cant' Get You Out of My Head for days
  4. My wee one started today. Non winter states typically start earlier and let out earlier I have found.
  5. I know, I know. But damn, it's been almost 6 weeks! I've been on virtually 0 exercise outside of weak ass PT for over a week and probably got another 1-2 weeks to go I'm an impatient whiny bitch 😤
  6. goldendesign


    When doing physical therapy for a torn hip flexor, it might not be the best idea that your PT is someone you know personally. Mine is the mother of one of my daughters classmates. Very nice woman, excellent therapist. She already fixed a torn quadricep injury from a couple years ago. She's also a friend on Strava and fitbit. So she called my ass out for the afternoon 4x400m training sprints today.
  7. Yup. Been a great process for myself. A few years I was really struggling with some stuff so was able to get my 8 weeks and then opened another request as a couples request and went with my wife to the same counselor that was able to help redefine our relationship through the scope we needed. Highly suggest. Even if you feel your relationship is rock solid and your mental wellbeing flawless, it isn't and you aren't. But that's OK too.
  8. July mileage report The hip flexor is still a major problem. I'm able to run again, lightly, and can do HIIT workouts. Been focusing on strengthening the hips with squats, mountain climbers, and lunges. Oh so many, many lunges. The upside to these is my legs have never been stronger and more reactive when I do test a run. I've had to temper my expectations quite a bit as I have more power than the hip flexor can support right now. Total runs/walks: 16 Mileage: 44 miles
  9. Sure have. Mostly therapists, my company has a provision in our healthcare that you get 8 sessions a year for free. I've used them each year I've been working for them. Mental health is just like regular healthcare, use it and it's amazing how an informed, trained professional can benefit your life.
  10. Confirmed a Buccaneers fan.
  11. Yeah, the grandma filled in more for us later. They visited Istanbul before the flight as a tourist thing since she's never left the capital. Istanbul is very metropolitan and they stayed with a second cousin who is an ER doctor. Again, the income gap and difference in perspective caused her jealousy. Her father left school after primary and was apprenticed to a barber. He's never not been a barber in the small satellite town of the capital and has the small mindset of someone whose never been educated and uses their ignorance as a shield against anything different. I'm honestly amazed he somehow got my wifes sisters attention and got her to marry him. It's astounding. She's a paralegal working for international law in one of the largest firms in Turkey. She supports herself, her mother (my wifes mom too) and partially a sister as well as giving a sort of alimony to the husband. Very much a hillbilly marries a Beverly hills comedy that unfortunately ended not so comically and the niece is the results.
  12. Niece-in-law is (WoGoldend eldest sisters daughter) is visiting us this summer from Turkey. She is 13 so old enough to fly solo as long as it was direct. The Mom drove her from their house in Ankara to Istanbul and put her on a plane to Miami. We drove to Miami and picker her up. It's been, interesting. She's of course a pre-teen teenager girl, an all the hormones and attitude that come with it. We had a week with her before we took everyone to Disney for a 5 day stay at a resort on property and visits to all the parks. She had a chip on her shoulder for most of the trip. Without a very large wall of text (and without getting too political), her parents are separated and the father is the conservative "countryman" equivalent in Turkey as we have here and filled her with all kinds of poison about the filthy Americans and what she was going to expect when she got here. Her mom on the other hand, enjoys her visits and very much loves where we live even if she has no desire to move to the states. I think the father was trying to scare her so she'd not see the US or any other country for that matter was better than them right now. So we received quite a bit of attitude and in general shitty attitude from her during her stay with us at the Ears. I was very close to just bundling her ass up in a car and driving her to an airport. I am hosting her for 6 weeks and I did not need her sass for the whole of it. If she was going to shit on everything she saw and talk about how better it is somewhere else (I've been to Ankara, and although very beautiful I would not live so maybe I'm biased too). Wife was pretty much the same. ] The mom had a serious conversation with her over the phone and it seems most of it was confusion from the lies of her dad (big fucking surprise) and jealousy over how things are for us. We're not rich but we're very comfortable upper middle-class for states, this puts most things we take common place way out of reach for her with the way the Turkish economy has been going for much of her life. There was some crying, hugging, and in general apologies between everyone. Since then, things have been better. She's still a 13 year old girl that's never had any responsibility asked of her (mom and grandma do everything for her) so simple things like taking the dog for a walk or at least remembering to close the flipping doors when she goes outside seem novel aspects. We went out to my parents retiree community today for lunch and swimming and it was pleasant to have her with us. With almost a month left, there will probably be many ups and downs but it should at least be memorable for everyone.
  13. goldendesign


    The majority of my listening is digital. I have my entire collection in FLAC on a micro pc running a series of server style applications. One being Airsonic Advanced which is my music server application. I use front ends like dSub on android or the web player from PC to stream my music from anywhere in the world. My family and about a dozen friends/coworkers all have access logins and we can share playlists, they can upload music from their PCs, it auto downloads podcasts I subscribe to, and has a pretty nice jukebox mode too. I'm hovering around 780 artists, 2800 Albums for 40,000 songs right now. I love the feel and the manual effort that vinyl gives me but to be honest I prefer to listen from my digital sources most of the time.
  14. goldendesign


    I do, I have a small collection of about 100. I pick up a new (or old/new) every so often. There is a vinyl shop about 20 mins from me and their good about having quality used/vintage and keeping recent artists presses in stock. I run a Uturn Orbit plus, Schiit Manni Phono Preamp, Topping MX5, Jamo S803's in the office and it is sublime audiophile love.
  15. This. We are never in need of something that it can't wait for a sale, special, or coupon. We keep small lists of items we're looking to buy or need eventually that has uses sites like camelcamelcamel and others to notify us when the item has dropped significantly. Why give them extra money? Impatience? Flexing? Patience and a few minutes of research, pays out.
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