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  1. It was torn off, kinda hard to put it back right away cleanly. The surgeon says this is to hope the meat heals together and then we see what could heal and what needs amputation. Bikes probably fairly fucked. The good samaritan sent me a photo. My helmet is trash, the carbon fork is shredded and the front wheel is missing a good amount of spokes. All in all, as good of outcome as I could ask for. Worst case, I lose the thumb to the knuckle and the bike. Best, bike needs parts and thumb is a bit shorter than previous.
  2. No head injuries, thankfully minor chipping on the end of the bone. Surgeon says I'll either lose a bit of flesh from the tip or the first joint. Bike is unknown, good samaritan that called the ambulance put it in his garage and called my wife from the garmin crash notice. Told her it's there and we can get it whenever we're able.
  3. Banged up but the fentanyl is still strong s o I'm not feeling bad
  4. Coming down the MUT, my front end got real loose and clicky. Bike shifted left suddenly, putting me right into the anti car pole at 17mph. Amputation of my thumb, partially. Just got out of ER. Got it sewed on and will see a surgeon next week to see what all I get to keep.
  5. Somehow a combination of all. They scheduled when the doors were to arrive, the doors ended up being pushed back 3 weeks but the PM didn't tell us that. The paint guys did a shitty job spraying the cabinets and bookshelves. When they came back they had already done two other shitty jobs for the GC and walked off my job after sanding. A week later the new painter came by and had to take most of it down to bare wood to fix. He did slightly better than good in most places and "OK" in others. That took 2 days in itself. Once he finished we were told the doors were still a week away.
  6. Tomorrow we're having a mental health day for our office. I will be stuck at home with the contractors finishing up a "3-day" project that has taken a month. I'll call it a win if their done before 4pm.
  7. Exactly. My coffee maker has great selections even an "espresso" 4 oz brew, add some frothed milk and it's delicious. My wife makes it like that daily. No sugar. I prefer the "rich" setting with a touch of creme. It comes out like brown diesel fuel and tastes so good. Really gets ya going. Coffee is coffee. Add creme, add milk, heck add sugar or some other sweetener. But do not call that drink up there a coffee beverage. It is an adult milkshake which has had caffeine waved over it.
  8. I have the third gen Kindle e-reader. It functions great for being 9 years old. Still has a month+ battery of active reading. It of course hasn't had an update to the firmware in years, even getting new purchases to show up requires a computer logged in to the Kindle store and manually "push" to the device. The priority delivery doesn't always believe that gen is worthy of sending a book to? For scrolling or page turning, it only page turns. I think I'd prefer that.
  9. We buy the Costco Neutrogena spray but always use Blue Lizard as the base. Stuff is so good a whole day at the beach or pool rarely needs more than a thin spray to keep up coverages. Edit: Oh an we use it a lot.
  10. High school friend who went on a bender, robbed the pizza shop where I worked and executed the only witness in the walk-in freezer, again another friend. Takes you awhile to figure out life/death/consequences when you're 17. We were a close group of 5 with the (murderer) as a sorta-outsider that fit. By the time I left high school, one was murdered (J), one was an accidental death (R), murderer (A), and Craig and I managed to make it out all right. That's been 22 years now. Craig and I still keep in touch and visit yearly. When I owned the jewelry shop in north Pasco, I was p
  11. 82 this morning but had a decent amount of fog making the ride pleasurable.
  12. In our area it is a 70/30 for investors to homeowners. Exactly why I believe it is a YMMV problem right now. I have several personal friends whom I trust with their assessment of the current market in our are. One is a solo-investor, buy an flip guy, and the other runs the largest Re Max office in Tampa. The Flip guy is completely out of the market right now due to being so heavily outbid by outside cash offers. He's not competing with people hoping to buy a new home but with faceless offers at 20-30% of list price. The Re Max agent gave me some numbers to mull over as if you recall I was
  13. Definitely not OK.
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