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  1. That's actually exciting. I loved the books and the series was very well done from what I remember.
  2. I wouldn't exactly call them "greats" in the general term but I have met and spent time with several famous sports personalities. Derek Jeter around 2015 made the engagement ring for his wife, Hannah. 3.15 ct IF, D, Ideal. Stunning stone for a stunning and delightful woman. Jameel Cook, fullback for the Buccanears (2001 circa), was my nextdoor neighbor when I moved to Florida. Used to swap rims with him and his escalade and do training workouts with him. I was like an entourage member, kinda cool then. John Cena around 2015 set the stone and sized the ring for the Tiffany piece
  3. We had something like that in Turkey two years ago. Fancy lamb place in the middle of Ankara's Soho like district, fancy atmosphere, incredible service and food was absolutely delicious. Full 5 courses with drinks. Bill came for 9 of us, I did the conversion and it was $75 USD. We paid for everyone.
  4. That's where lots and lots of data to train an neural net to figure out. Since they updated the websites list monthly I had a pretty good base to learn from. There was on average a 7% change in the list from month to month, couple that with 4 years of historical surveys and thats how you find the seed, the word bag, of 1.8 million words. Look up Ngram recursion if you want to see a simplified version. Mine was small, Google for its "OK Google " uses a word bag thats 3 terabytes large. Mine for all the words is still 300mb
  5. Oof. Both QB and PP use rest API with python frameworks. The trick is you have to pay for the queries from both to get meaningful transactions. QBs about 2k a year for a reasonable refresh rate per day. While PP limits most of their API frameworks only for payment purposes. But if thats what your after, it can be done. I have a fellow DE friend that works in TX, I can send him your way if ya need.
  6. Just run a spoofed number on a second gmail. A google voice number is free and easy to handle. I have one specifically for my consulting work, that's actually registered to the gmail I use for that purpose so it comes up on the callerID, I have a third that is just a black-hole. The number technically works but will forever ring three times then go to a voicemail box hell. I give this to randoms that require a phone number. As for the landline, removed mine back in 2001.
  7. Might be a bit technical but I'll try and get a 10,000 ft view of a cool project I just finished. I am quite proud of it and had to share. Here's the 10,000 foot view I deployed to our companies network a new machine learning process. Each week there are radio station surveys sent to all the Panelists, people whose listening habits we track, and Radio stations themselves to track their websites and website names. This isn't so difficult to organize, there's only about 48,000 radio stations in the US. The tricky part was for a process required by our oversight company; being FCC regulated
  8. A vacuum Someone beat me to it! Something that plugs in is always nice.
  9. Those are cool I print my own This one is going on 4 years of daily use
  10. My wife and I, back when we couldn't really scrounge two nickels together somehow afforded a 3-day cruise to the Bahamas. Course we left from our home port and got one of those last-minute bookings so it wasn't all that expensive. There we met an older couple that we connected well with and went on several walking tours around the city. They didn't pay for the excursions and we couldn't. They showed us more by using our feet, research, and passion than any tour organizer could with a bus full of people. They told us something similar. That was 10 years ago. We took it to heart. We've now
  11. 6 miles Same route, I knew riding around my neighborhood, not leaving outside the gates, was long but not 6 miles long.
  12. 6.32 miles in neighborhood First ride back after the wreck. No gloves since the thumb has a janky nail still semi attached to the new fresh thumb meat and the zombie part. Was a bit unsettled and the bike felt hyper responsive. Probably just me. Gonna have to tell the LBS owner the new mechanic did good on the majors but missed on the minors. Front brake was overly adjusted and rubbed and clicked when I first took her out the garage. That is not a noise you want to hear on a bike that had fairly harsh front end trauma. Index on the right shifter was off a bit, probably just stretchi
  13. There is a multi-step approach to finding corpses in a home. Is it my home? Who is it? How did they die? *Follow up (3b)did I do it? Is either 2 or 3 likely to cause interference when/if reported? *Follow up (see 3b) Will they be missed if unreported? *Follow up (by how much) Depending on these we allow the natural progression of a civilized society and call the authorities; or, rent a truck and dump the body in the swamp, preferably near a few gator nests. Completely hypothetical I swear
  14. I'm down for the 21st. I'm actually planning on the first ride post crash tomorrow. Wife's making me wear a thumb guard 🙄
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