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  1. I like Mint for a simple windows style environment.
  2. Fuck Cancer. You have my vibes.
  3. I'm planning on neutering, seriously. If I'm on the fast lane to expiration I would prefer not to have an oopsie daisies and leave my family size net neutral but bank negative. Has anyone been snipped recently? From what I gather it consists of a pinch, some awkward conversations, a bit of a burning smell, and sore jubblies for the next few days.
  4. I am quite the staunch advocate for such verbose and erudite terminology use.
  5. Yeah, I'm finding it a bit more difficult this time around to start off with that mentality. I'm at heart a data researcher and pulling this information up, checking the studies, and evaluating their math all leads me to the "odds". I know we don't even know if there is a new tumor, we know the other for-real-tumors have had very slow growth and are not even a concern for quite a while, so this could all be nothing. Until I know more, this is all I can focus on. I looked at the numbers, I've done the research before. Looking at it again won't help. This does solidify my mentality though, I was going to start a video journal for my daughter for future birthdays and holidays. kept putting it off. If I actually want her to have one, I gotta start recording myself.
  6. November activity report Runs 13 46 miles Walks 12 39 miles
  7. Burn them. But differently, then I think the meme is of the day today. Put them all on a single hard drive or disk now you have your own media. Buy one of those powered backup systems from Western Digital and connect the USB cable to the USB port on your router. Like this you now have the media available on your home network
  8. I'll be in the hospital for a battery of tests next Wednesday. It is too early to tell, however, it looks like the cancer might of metastases (plural non-plural?) in the liver. Blood work on my thyroid that was destroyed by the last tumor they removed in my throat showed some elevated liver function. My primary, who is one hell of a doctor it seems, pulled my thorax scans from this year and previous and wants an ultrasound and specific CT of the liver. Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma sucks when it moves, the lungs, where I have tumors (very very small) pretty much sealed my outcome but I figured I had at least another decade before they became problematic. The liver is considerably worse. The median survival rate is 14 months. Survival past 5 years is 15%. I can't seem to catch a break with this fucking shit. So good vibes and all that, please.
  9. Started out with our current provider for around those speeds.Since then using some promotions I'm up to Gigabyte up/down and pay $64 a month. Trouble I have is how the house is wired copper cable from the junction box so I am limited to about 550Mbps. I have a tech coming out in a few weeks as I finally finished running Cat6a to my 10GB switch and every room in the house needing a direct backbone. It's gonna be so sweet. My previous PFSense box only had a few 2.5GB ports, now I have 12 POE ports to run my entire infrastructure and some handy APs to deliver Wifi6 to the entire house. /nerd rant
  10. UI like flavor but I also crave the burn. Indian and Thai places I ask for the local hot. Better than any "level" I've had. Usually more consistent. Takes a test or two before the chef ends up believing you like it spicy like that but in the end you get the correct balances. For those that like hot, but not crazy test your courage hot, with lots of flavor I recommend Pain Is Good brand. Especially their habanero, delicious.
  11. First, let me thank those that did donate. Because of you I was part of the effort to raise money for Moffitt Cancer Center, specifically their on campus stay facilities for patients their families. Collectively we raise 1.94 million dollars and the local sports teams (Lightning, Rays, and Buccaneers) all promised a joint match and "round up" so we ended up with $4 Million dollars. Again, thank you for being a part of that with me. On to the race report. I had to begin my taper a bit earlier as I began to get a bit of a knee niggle, Patellofemoral pain in the right knee. So the entirety of the week prior was an off week. The day of I woke up to 49 degrees, typical temps that week were in the mid 70s. I double layered the shirt, grabbed some gloves and headed out at 5am to the race start. Traffic was lighter than I expected for the 4500 entrants in the 5k and the 2500 for the 10k. Got goo parking spot right outside Amalie Arena, Lightning home ice, and proceeded to the pre-race shenanigans. Scored some great swag, since I am a "Moffitt Survivor" I got preferable treatment and some premium swag. Was able to put it all in my car well before the race warm up. I ran with a good co-worker friend of mine. His only goal was to hang with me for as long as he could. He's normally just a hiker so actual running paces haven't yet been seen on his training horizon. I was shooting for slightly above average for goals. I wanted sub 30 minutes and about middle of the pack as I know real runners show up to this one too. I actually performed better than expected. The adrenaline of passing so many people in the first mile or so, the rush of seeing the bay and sun rise over the water got me pretty amped. TIME: 28:48 Place: 325/4568 Age Place: 63/427 A sub 30 min isn't that spectacular but considering 7 weeks or so prior I ran a 38:40 5k, I am super happy with shaving 30% off my time. Next race is December and I am actively training for a 25:15 finish as my A goal.
  12. Ours was very nice. Spent the week on the high seas. Cruise with wife and child to Cozumel Mexico, Caye Caulker Belize, Roatan Honduras, and Costa Maya Mexico. Actual Thanksgiving day we dined in the Brazilian Steakhouse on the ship as it was also our 15th wedding anniversary.
  13. For my personal devices I've been running POP OS and Mint as my Distro of choice, I'm a fan of Debian releases. Mint XFCE breathed a bunch of life back into a banged up Surface Pro4
  14. Thanks for the immensely helpful reply! While diving down the rabbit hole of piano forums and help boards it seems a good starter piano costs around this. It's something she can play on for years and years. I spent 20% of this getting spa treatments for my wife and myself today. Under 700 is reasonable.
  15. While remoting into a meeting is the best. Why haven't I tried this before?
  16. https://www.guitarcenter.com/Yamaha/NP-12-Portable-Keyboard-Package-Black-1500000022276.gc?cntry=us&source=4WWRWXGP&gclid=Cj0KCQiA1NebBhDDARIsAANiDD2ahySt8T_h5UI0oh5upNHGLuNnK60uvyk1ztnFY8_WavdMOS--XsoaAgnPEALw_wcB Or Yamaha?
  17. https://www.kraftmusic.com/roland-go-piano-portable-keyboard-key-essentials-bundle.html?utm_source=google&utm_medium=merchant&utm_campaign=rol-gopiano61ke&gclid=Cj0KCQiA1NebBhDDARIsAANiDD2BtsDm5he54hgmQfVXxhFHnIrWxwd5V7LpfztwHZ6XPOjy-vjF6O4aAtnhEALw_wcB I like the completeness and from a brand I recognize
  18. Daughter, 5yo, in her 3rd month at piano lessons. She's showing good skills and has fun with it. We waited until there is some longevity in her excitement. We'd like to buy a reasonable piano/keyboard to make practice at home more than book and IPad only practices. Don't really need the full-sized 88-keys, she's tiny and only beginning, I cannot imagine they will be selecting any pieces to be played with all the octaves. Would like a semi-weighted to at least keep her used to the real piano feel. Or you know, talk to me like I know flipping nothing. This is exactly as much as I know about piano and piano practice and growth for an elementary child. Budget $200-450
  19. 1.89 As per @jsharr I have several lightweight sweaters that I can pull over a button up when I am out fancy or at the office in the FL winters
  20. Coffee: James Hoffman Cooking: Refika's Kitchen Fitness: Mark Lewis Open Source Tech: Jeff Geerling Cool History: Real Life Lore Art & Comedy: DaynoArt Either these are a "You're welcome" or I am sorry for getting you hooked.
  21. I laughed at first then realized I'm one of the young ones on the forum. I saw them live for the Warped tour in '96 and still have the T-shirt. Well at least part of it as a car rag.
  22. That seems like a lot in that freezer.
  23. Have you tried PassWord123 or my personal favorite ThisIsAnAssword
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