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  1. At a conference a few years ago a fellow data engineer called Petabytes, pedofiles, which was both amusing and ghastly since it was about how our OCR ingest machine was looking for sensitive content (child porn and other extremes. So instead of "We are able to ingest and process 50 petabytes per day" We got treated to "We are able to ingest 50 pedofiles per day" There was a moments pause as the room collectively took it in and then tried their best to move on.
  2. In a limited view of the world, within the bubble of my life, the futures bright. My wife is finally focusing on what actually makes her happy in work, my daughter is growing into a kind, intuitive and energetic young girl. For them the future is a shinning place. But with all the brightness there are deep shadows. It's funny, it took me until my mid 30s to kinda figure out what I was and what I wanted. I drank, smoked, did drugs, lied and was in general a shit of a person in my 20s. Now that I have an idea of the myself that I am proud of and want to be around, it's gonna end sooner rather than later. But if I ignore that elephant in the room; or actually just use black humor between myself and my wife, it's not something that effects us. It drives us instead. I've deepened my resolve to advance my career hard and fast. Every dollar earned that can go towards my families future when I am gone is fuel for my fire. They're going to be ok when I am gone; I'm gonna make sure of it. As for the worlds outlook, I dunno. Political issues abound the world over, people have gone from being single-issue voters to militant followers of one side or the other. This isn't just here but further. Media and news knows this uncertainty creates value to them so they push narratives more inflammatory. I think things will settle, everything likes an equilibrium. I do think things will have to get worse first though. Usually something has to fundamentally break before it can be reset. We've, and I mean all over, have been allowing things to go on wrong for far too long that the slow claw back to normalcy might not be slow but sudden and violent. I do not relish being here for that. But I'd much rather be here when it does so that my daughter can have the betterment for it.
  3. This is the weather Floridians wait 8 months of summer for. We're 80, breezy and lightly cloudy. Movie in the park last night, Celtic Festival all day today and tomorrow a local small township is having a celebration Festival. Best time to be outdoors.
  4. I was always partial to the Sex Pistols
  5. Did that while house sitting many many years ago. Only it was a potato for a baked potato. Was drinking rather heavily that day and hit the wrong setting and forgot about it. When I remembered the potato was 1/20th and basically just the skin and smoke
  6. In runs along the same vein of the first guy to make toast. He just looked and bread and said "Fuck it, I'm gonna cut it up and cook it again." Or the Youtube channel Does it Blend? only instead we either apply excessive force or heat to foods and document the results.
  7. Better than I could describe it. @Zealot I ended up losing a bit over half an inch plus the new tip is a bit lopsided as it scars properly.
  8. Was at the "Dads" poker meetup in our neighborhood last night. The partial thumb, plus half finished scar tissue, makes it impossible for me to shuffle I found out in rather spectacular way when I confidently took my turn at shuffling and ended up fanning most of the cards across the table in an awkward 52-card pickup
  9. Florida has similar restrictions. As a cancer patient, but not actively being treated, I don't qualify. Neither does my wife. Yet with the typical efficiency of Flori-duh I went to the website, clicked the "Yes" button asking if either of us qualify and there was no proof or follow up questions. We got our boosters last Friday at CVS. WoGolden who has a needle phobia even got a Frozen branded band-aid and a Lolli-pop.
  10. I've spend an inordinate amount of time dialing in and customizing my printer. I've probably have another 250-300 invested in a 250 printer. Improved stabilizers (x,y,z), all metal hot end, improved cooling, glass bed, auto leveler, high performance firmware, silent board modification. Never tried to print a perfect ball in a single print. I did make shelled moon halves for lamps that were pretty round when assembled. The only suggestions I can have is be intimate with your printers bridging, raft, and support generation capabilities. This decides how you'd setup a print in the slicer. Every new roll goes through a series of stress test prints. A temp bar, bridge test, calibration cube and a bench. Since material can effect prints heavily this let's me "zero" my settings based on how the material reacted to my baselines since I've printed hundreds and hundreds of the tests.
  11. I use a FDM printer, fused deposition modeling, basically a hot glue gun end with a 3 axis of printing. The hot glue end lays down layers of material, plastic based ( I use PLA, PETG, Wood enfused, and ABS), in "slices" of varying accuracy. I typically print in layer heights of .04 for industrial and .01mm for fine presentation pieces. Other printer technologies can print in resin, metal, ceramics, and even concrete.
  12. Yeah they have a pretty cool assortment of stuff and they're displays look top notch from the web. No idea why they felt I was the man for the job. But hey. I like money and money can be exchanged for goods and services so this worked out
  13. 6 wall mounted game racks, holds the DVD like game boxes for Playstation and XBOX games, PS3 & PS2 fat wall mount, PS4 external HDD wall mount, router wall mount (sensing a theme?) And 9 nagalene style coasters with Playstation logos embedded in a secondary color (gold silk).
  14. Over 2.5kg of material, almost 8 days of constantly printing 24/7, three model redesigns (using someone else's models blows). It's for a "Videogame Museum" which is a cool videogame themed bar in Texas. They contacted me for two designs I own the licenses on, I printed those easy peezy for them at a reasonable rate and then they just hit me with a request for a very large order. Things I've learned; I am not a 3-D print shop nor do I want to be one right now. The machine I have is definitely nicer than just hobby grade (it is hobby grade, just highly customized over the years) but not professional grade. Because of this the print times are longer and the build volume is smaller. My neighbor has 16 professional grade printers including some very very specialized machines in his house and I do not want to compete with his level. This was fun and all but in general I will charge a whole hell of a lot more in the future should something like this land in my lap again. I spent way too much time post processing and tweaking settings across multiple days to get this to complete in a normal time frame
  15. At Lowes grabbing a can for some touch up. Damned to find out the have now shrunk a "Qt" can to 29oz and not the a tual measurements of 32 fluid Oz in a Quart. The bastard capitalist.
  16. I just re-read this. Check the system resources, if your about 30% or under (Blue Iris can be a resource hog) you have more than enough oomph for everything else. If it has a few open Sata ports you can install OMV as the OS and run this docker script to lad Blue Iris as a docker. Change the mapped volume to that of your OMV mapped drives and you're set. Then you won't need any expense other than the disks for your new NAS system.
  17. My first NAS was and still is a RasberryPi, I'm using the RPi4 w/4gb ram. That is a quad-core ARM 1.2ghz processor able to handle music streaming, backups, dns backup, downloading torrents, and much much more. The beauty of most of these "apps" is with OMV you run them in Docker so very little load on the system and everything is containerized. Meaning if one goes down the whole system stays solvent. Making updating, modifying and usages very easy to segment. The same can be said for the FTP (please use sFTP protocols in the future) is much easier to implement since whatever tool/app you use to expose to your clients on the internet everything else is hidden behind separate ports. OMV makes it very easy to do and anything you have that's left around with at least 3rd gen Intel or Ryzen 3 generation will be more than powerful enough. If you do go your own route feel free to ping me. I am in no way an expert but I have turned this into a little hobby and love it. Also view Youtube from TechnoDadLife, DBTech, or NetworkChuck for more information on going your own. They are IMHO the kings of the simple homelab systems. DBTech is brilliant in his explanations and tweaking of the code of so many dockers I've deployed, TechnoDad is the unofficial expert all thing OMV "guides" on their own forums and Network Chuck is just fun to watch and learn from.
  18. Use a small PC, SBC (single board computer) and disk and use software to remote backup critical documents. I use a RaspberryPi 3b with an external SSD in a closet in my parents place, has a battery backup and is mounted in a sealed container, runs off a cell phone charger and I have scheduled backups to it. Runs the vanilla version of Buster (Linux distro for RPi's) and uses RSync to sync folders automatically. . Everything critical gets backed up offsite weekly, no travel needed except the first time you set it up. You can ssh into it remotely to do any management you may need. A RasberryPi kit will run you under $100 and then your external HDD of choice. Power is so low and data transfers small enough that the off-site place incurs virtually no cost (I once calculated it for my parents, it was about $1.40 per year in costs). Easy peezy. Or if you are already willing to invest into Synology as your main storage system, pay the extra $20 a year to get backups to cloud provider of your choice; although Amazon has discontinued using their cloud storage as an option with Synology Sync.
  19. Depends on how hands on you want to go. Plenty of home-labbers use Synology incorporated into their systems. But if you have a spare desktop or are planning on replacing your existing one then you can convert it to a NAS/Home server for all your needs. Else you can get an inexpensive desktop, add the hdds, install your own management software and have much more control, better upgradability, and a huge assortment of applications that can be run easier from your own system. As an example: https://orlando.craigslist.org/sys/d/orlando-desktop-computer-pc-cpu/7405191185.html Dell 3040 compact tower. Running 6th gen i3, enough ram, and has 3 Sata connectors plenty for a storage array. on CL for $180. Buy a few enterprise grade disks, I prefer Seagate Barracudas for price to performance. 4Tb is plenty in a raid storage, Raid 5 is perfect for 3 drives for performances and reliabilty. Then load OMV, Open Media Vault, this will allow you to configure the drives, raid, and network readability right from get go. It is super lightweight in system requirements, I have one spun up in a RaspberryPi mini board with a single Gb of ram as an example. If you want cloud like access then you install NextCloud in a container (about a 30 min install) that will allow you to access your server files systems from anywhere you have internet. For features you can install DigiKam, an open source photo organizer, I use it for my families photo archive. I had a synology NAS and it was fine for standard computer backup capabilities but I wanted more control, more accessibility, and a higher performance system for price than the price of Synology equipment. As an example, the Synology NAS the DS420, is their 4 disk NAS system. It is diskless (gotta buy the disks still) for $500, has a very low powered Celeron processor, only 2gb of RAM, and runs only a single gigabit port for networking. I bought a Elitedesk 800 G3, micro form factor, from FB Marketplace for $180, upped the ram to 32gb (another $100), mediasonic 4bay raid disk enclosure ($150). Add in 4, 4TB disks ($300) and I'm invested for $730. I have it running OMV 6 with portainer and amm running the following: SMB shared drives for the entire house Lidarr, Sonarr, Radarr (music, tv, and movie management *pirating) Plex media server (hosts 3 simultaneous 4K streams easily) Airsonic music server (using Traefik as a DNS router it also is accessible from anywhere via the web not just my home) Piwigo (Picture management) Knime server (Data Science and analytics tool for contracts) Multiple database systems, Postgres and MongoDBs, for contracts PiHole (DNS routing for almost no ads on any of my internet traffic) BlueIris (camera software management) I have 6 cameras streaming to the system and accessible via web portal This entire system runs on about the same budget as a Synology with disks. I can be completely hands off on the software as you would any installed system or I can control it all at the source code level easily. This is of course an option. If all you need is a NAS, local only, accessibility for backups and "off-site" storage. A Synology is perfectly fine too. But if you want expandability, control, and no bottlenecks; the other option is the clear winner.
  20. You're right. We can further quantify it with a little CDC data from 2018 applying the sample data of deaths in the last 10 years to a lifetime-distribution function with a Kaplan Meier curve we have some variances: The general male population in the US has: 84% will survive to 65 68% to 75 58% to 80 25% to 90 This is a sample validation method, applying this model to yourself adds more layers of complexity and I haven't ran the math on it yet.
  21. Consider this: Retirement age is 66, the average lifespan is 78. Twelve years of retirement is a sad return on all that effort.
  22. It is unfortunately a real thing. These people intentionally modify their trucks to make them run worse, build up excess diesel in the system, so they can belch thick clouds of toxic gas. Twenty-one states have laws banning it and a few have even tried to prosicute individuals when they do this to a person as assault but as all things justice involved; it is barely enforced and largely ineffective of punishment to deter these morons. Hopefully felony assaults' wakes these morons up and they discontinue the practice all together.
  23. I;ve come to this conclusion with him and a few other fantasy authors. Patrick Rothfuss for the KingKiller chronicles. Dammit, 10 years waiting for the trilogy is annoying. His editor said something about him never writing a word of book three since 2014 and then the tweet got deleted. I added him to the don't get your hopes up list a few years ago.
  24. There's a lot of fan theories and as my case, annoyance with GrrM. I've stopped reading and supporting anything he has attached to himself. In general the lack of seeming interest in finishing the books. If your done with them, failed to come up with a good ending, or whatever; just admit it. He's too high of an opinion of himself, just read any interviews with people who've had to work with him, he's pretty insufferable. Just admit you got famous for writing a fantastic start but am only a one act pony and need someone else to fucking finish them. There was a great writeup a few years ago, 7 fracking years ago! Here:
  25. Simply because GrrM has a bit of fame attached to his name. The wildcard series is fairly decent, nothing worth any accolades, and has a bunch of authors attached to the series. The needed a big enough name to garner a larger readership is my guess. He was one of the main controlling editors in storyline and development of the world that this is based in.
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