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  1. Once. The room was super fricken cold and the students were focusing on proper perspective/proportions so they'd get up and shift spots for another vantage. The 2 hours I was paid for was almost 3.5 hours of pose holding annoyance. Didn't go back when they asked me again.
  2. Yup neither one of us were born then. By a few years .
  3. I thought this was a testing thing, A-B.
  4. Game was fun to watch, no skin in the game for either team. Best highlight though when my wife came in to watch at 6:30 expecting to catch Lester Holts news program. She was utterly scandalized that the NBC wouldn't just turn the silly game off so important news broadcast could happen. She was also concerned Lester was just sitting there waiting to see if the game ended soon enough for him to go on air.
  5. WTH have I never heard of this? I see my primary in Jan. Gonna ask about this
  6. From family; wait. From co-workers/acquaintances; let-er-rip!
  7. Exactly. My wife and I frequently travel. One overseas and one in-US trip per year is the norm. Although 2020 is kinda a wash. We've met so many wonderful people, seen such amazing sights, learned so much on our travels it would be a shame to try and squeeze them all in the later years. We have a map we keep track of places we've spent more than 3 days in visiting. Some tours or travels only had us experiencing a city/place for only the day. While we feel that "counts" in a visit we want those to be the "come back to" places and not the "been to", although there are a lot of places we wan
  8. Gotta love FL being FLat! I have 1,424ft of climbing Here's the heatmap from the month
  9. Put in 21.67, slightly windy and then at the 10 mile mark it became slightly rainy. By the time I hit the gate to my community (2.5 miles from home) I was blinded by a lightning strike on the pond directly across from me. There opened up a flood. I was torrentially rained upon for the last little leg. Pulled into the drive and my phone beeped a seek shelter, tornado alert! Exciting last ride of the month, even got 4 PRs. November by the numbers: 257 miles with 11 rides Another 28 miles in hikes and walks. December I am aiming for 600km (350miles) and 20 rides.
  10. Around 2.5 walking to the park for the lil to play and back
  11. My family on my father's side has claimed Cherokee blood for generations. Older sister even got some scholarship money, though, in hindsight she's adopted, so don't ask how that worked out. Anyways, according to one of those genealogy things, we're all flavors of United Kingdom with a token percentage of Norwegian. So for "white" yes. Old? I got a ways to go. Got a few years until I hit 40. I'm still young in body, age, and mind. Most days
  12. Our markets back to and in some cases surpassed the 08 bubble. We refinanced recently, the bank wanted to give us cash and to finance higher than we bought. Owe about 100, worth about 550 right now. We politely declined. We just wanted the lower rate, slightly lower payments and a shorter pay off period. Got all three without a sweat.
  13. 25.9 predawn in the rain. Was going for 40+ but the rain made me hit my second route.
  14. Little over 3 mile hike. Wifey and I had the day off. Was going to go to Disney but with the spike in cases we decided to forgo. Disney was nice enough to even refund part of our FL 4 pack passes. Instead we found a county park that surrounds a smallish lake. Only attractions are a canoe launch and hiking trails. Got there right after dropping the lil one at daycare. Was beautiful.
  15. I liked doing it so much I managed to get gigs like this and get paid to do it. Was great fun the Q&A was lively and engaging.
  16. Speaking on technical project management and Data driven organization. A brief for venture capitalists interested in the startup tech space on the key markers of a well organized and visionary tech team. Venture Summit virtual summit. Gonna be fun. Get more viewers than in person, 400 are registered for my "floor space"
  17. I use Google maps selecting bicycling as my route highlighter, then selecting bike as transport, then download the route to my phone. It gives notifications of turns to my fitbit.
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