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    During the healing period I essentially adopted a chopstick approach to using my left hand for fine control of objects. Less than ideal for sure, then if I forgot and did something somewhat normal I'd be reminded by the pain of trying to use it. It is still sensitive in the nailbed area and the extreme tip so I haven't been able to really see how much normalcy can return. 
    I think since it's been almost 4 months of healing I've adapted enough I'll probably not realize what is or isn't normal.
    For the most part I believe so. I'm fully sensate across the whole tip. The human body is an amazing thing, I lost the better part of the thumb down to almost the knuckle, they removed a half inch of bone and yet about 50% of material they reattached, mangled material from the crash, managed to reattach by itself. I mean they sewed my nail back on. The nail grew back. Crazy.
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    Beautiful watch. Used to service a bunch of the Eco-drive series back when I was a watchmaker/jeweler. I've always liked them.
    Two tips:
    1) Don't store it in a drawer. Seems obvious but I made a fortune from installing new capacitors in watched people put in drawer for a year plus and it went too dead to recover.
    2) IF is does go dead, put it under a bright light for about an hour and then follow the "All reset" function first before you try to set it. I made more money by charging $10 just to set the time on these as if you don't do the reset first, it hardly ever takes.
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