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  1. Palesaint

    Hey, Aire!

    Honeoye Falls is where my parents first lived after they got married. Dad was from Texas and in the Navy so that's how he met mom. He worked at Kodak for a bit before convincing mom to move to Texas so he could be closer to his family. We would drive from West Texas to NY every other summer. Good times!
  2. Palesaint

    Hey, Aire!

    Hmm, I'm guessing he was born around '51 so that puts him a few years ahead of you. I could be off a few years. My grandmother had 3 boys, 2 girls. In a house with one bathroom. Not even a shower, just a tub. Hard to believe!
  3. Palesaint

    Hey, Aire!

    Nope, no Billy Klick. My uncle Howard, who owns the house now, had a history of shenanigans around the area. Had his drivers license revoked for one too many DWIs and took the tractor one time into town for more beer. Of course he got pulled over. I'm sure he though a tractor was legal, since it wasn't an automobile. This is all back in 70s/80s though he still very much enjoys his Genny's.
  4. I'm no Paige, Let's just say that.
  5. Definitely not me. Signed, Dick Triplett
  6. Triplett made some of the best analog meters back in the day but Fluke definitely rules for precision digital stuff. I had to look them up to see if they are even still in business.
  7. Palesaint

    Hey, Aire!

    <peeping> I thought you were an exhibitionist. </peeping>
  8. I'll be happy to let Razor keep the noob title. I'll just be the stalker guy. And I am a triplett, but not a triplet. And I have no affiliation with the Triplett meter Co.
  9. Hey I think I know this one! Some guy name Chris. I was attacked by a mean poodle when I was around 10 and cried the whole way home so he can have the title.
  10. Thanks! See "Hey Aire!" thread for reason why I signed up. Nice to finally able to talk to y'all.
  11. Palesaint

    Hey, Aire!

    I have spent a number of years stalking this forum (a remnant from bikeforums) and have enjoyed all the great and humorous posts. Greetings from northern NM! (Is this a state or different country?) What drew me to finally register is Airehead and being in Rush, NY. My mom grew up in Rush on Pinnacle Rd and I have many happy memories of going to grandmas farm and enjoying the atmosphere there. This most recent post talks about the Lodge right across the street from my grandmother, where we spent a number of family reunions. I couldn't resist signing up to mention this. It's such a small world. My grandmother passed away close to ten years ago and my uncle still lives at the property. I hope to visit there again. It is the Klick property and most of my memories include exploring the propery (she had chickens and geese that would attack me) and the neighboring property by Lyons with rope swings and walking the roads to pick raspberries. Really special times. Anyway, carry on with the banter and I will probably mostly lurk by hope to join in the conversations when I can! Attached is the "farm" on left. The road just to the right is the Lodge.
  12. Hey yeah, it's only 8pm here!
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