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  1. I hate Walmart but they do have some sporty script sunglasses.I have bought two pairs there.
  2. Sharpy

    My new bike

    I want one too!
  3. Greenville is a small town in Ohio.We have a festival every year celebrating Annie Oakley who was born here.Also famous for the Maid-Rite sandwich.Come visit us sometime! g
  4. Tow hooks are used on the assembly line to pull the vehicle on down the line.They decided to just leave them on because it cost less than taking them back off and scraping them.A really smart move because then they charge the buyer extra cost for the hooks.
  5. You only live once............
  6. Just a dusting here.............which usually means 6-12.............. just
  7. No but my cat is a good mouse catcher.She even caught a bat once that got in the house.The bad thing is she also catches birds at my bird feeder.I have rescued a few of the birds.She has also brought a couple of baby rabbits to the door.
  8. Sharpy

    Man down!

    Teflon Don will ride again!
  9. Sharpy

    Man down!

    I seen the story on Whio Channel 7
  10. Sharpy

    Man down!

    Glad you are ok Donk!
  11. I have a Hammer Toe on my right foot....second toe and very flat feet.
  12. Sharpy

    BP update

    My BP is always much higher when I am at the doctors office.....white coat syndrome.Good luck with your weight.I only look at the scales once a week or so.that seems to make it easier to watch my diet.I need to lose about 15 pounds.........Hopefully I will get back to #145 or #150 when warmer cycling weather gets here.
  13. I don't get it? We have no Whole Food stores around here?
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