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  1. Mine started yesterday. Five day weekend! Did shopping, made pie crust, Went for a gravel ride and out to dinner at a seafood restaurant. Storms today with a tornado watch already in place. Worst will be between 11 and 2. Making apple and blueberry pies. Juiced and zested two lemons. Washed and sorted the blueberries. I may bake pies soon in case we lose power later. Saturday bike ride and dispose of some old gas at the hazardous waste day.
  2. I was shamed when Wo7 asked for a butterfly cut, well done.
  3. I am protected in our relationship. I do the cooking.
  4. We went oot to celebrate a birthday. Fried scallops and Ipswich whole clams. Wo7 had filet mignon and a crab cake.
  5. @MickinMDand great fear of inflation are polar opposites. @MickinMDcan adjust his spending and shopping habits in less than five minutes. Prices too high at Weis Market, I can buy the same for less at Aldi / Lidl. Sounds like a trip to Costco is in order. Mick will be fine except for blue crabs. The Chesapeake population is down to 225 million crabs. I have to admit that I’m sad from the 2022 dredging reports.
  6. Karma, the definition of karma.
  7. Everyone will have a good time, except that one person. They're never happy and let you know it. But that is exactly when they're happy. Don't let the bastards get you down. You are doing great work @Airehead
  8. 12.5 gravelly miles through horse and cattle farms.
  9. Records Clerk at Navy Federal in September 1980, $10,800 per year, or $207.69 a week. I don't recall what I earned at the Holiday Inn or the department store I worked at before that. Rent at the house I shared with two other guys was $110 per month ($390 total rent).
  10. I only eat them after donating blood. I don’t buy Oreos for home use. I also eat them whole, no disassembly required.
  11. Old No. 7


    Because once I made pasta from scratch and she said, “it tastes the same as the box kind, I don’t know why you go to all that trouble.” She would not appreciate anything made from scratch. That’s why.
  12. Old No. 7


    May be true, but I am prejudiced against mass-commercial sauces. I can do better without high-fructose corn syrup to sweeten the product.
  13. What’s your brand? We had one by Sharp that lasted more than 20 years. I miss that convenience.
  14. Old No. 7


    Another Damn Pizza is what’s for dinner. Red onion, green pepper, smoked pork with Sweet Baby Ray’s sauce, pepperoni, mozzarella, and Parmesan Reggiano. Note: the commercial sauce was only to make my wife happy. I have homemade BBQ sauce but it was ruled too spicy 30 years ago.
  15. Air mattresses are great. There when you need one, not there when you don’t. They are more comfortable than a sofa bed. We bought one when we bunked at mom’s condo. She insisted that her sofa bed was just fine but admitted that she never slept on it. We told her, okay mom, you sleep on the sofa bed and we’ll sleep on your queen size bed. She said nothing more and we slept on the air mattress.
  16. I work at an LBS for discounts and beer money. I don’t get the discounts shopping online.
  17. Back when I smoked I knew a guy who smoked Lucky Strikes. He died from a heart attack. Non filtered cigarettes are no joke.
  18. I mentioned this before, but at a stop light once, the driver was smoking and I had to roll up my windows. I noticed he had an oxygen tube connected to his nose. About my age. Sad addiction, but I smoked once.
  19. I remember back in the 70’s crepes were the rage along with fondue pots. Dad used to make crepes for dinners. There was a restaurant at the mall, Magic Pan that was famous for their crepes. They’re not there anymore.
  20. She was a great drummer too. The Dead could’ve kicked Mickey Hart out and paired Karen with Bill Kreutzman.
  21. Is this a new bridge or fixing an old bridge?
  22. Listening to vinyl tonight. I was struck by missed opportunities. Karen Carpenter and her brother ruled the airwaves from 1969 to 1973. I wasn’t a fan of their music but she had a voice. She seemed like she was locked into a narrow category of music that she couldn’t escape. It’s a shame that she couldn’t cross genres or explore her options. Many artists at the time crossed boundaries. I see her as playing with the Grateful Dead, the Band, and a fourth member of the Trio: Dolly Parton, Emmy Lou Harris, and Linda Rondstat. Hell, she would have rounded out the Traveling Wilburys very nicely. What do you think?
  23. Old No. 7


    We used the greens with some radish greens, leftover taco meat, cheese and salsa. Taco salad for lunch. Quite good.
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