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  1. Old#7

    Crap (weather related)

    After, I believe. They may get wet at the end. I think the route is ride into the park from the north/Front Royal entrance to 211. Ride east to Sperryville and then Rt 522 north back to Front Royal.
  2. Old#7

    Crap (weather related)

    Weather forecast is for Thunderstorms starting Saturday. And every day next week. Not looking forward to another seven days of rain.
  3. Old#7

    July 19 miles & such

    20 miles, 1:12, morning recovery ride pace with Mike and Rodel. Recovery because Rodel ran 11 miles on Wednesday; Training for the MCM. He knows running is evil but he still does it. On Saturday he is joining a bike club ride up Skyline Drive, about 80 miles with close to 6,000 feet of elevation. I am invited but I'm working at the LBS Saturday.
  4. Old#7


    I too heard aboot the recall, sorry to hear your Doctor is trying to kill you. Good luck on getting the BP down, fighting that fight myself. 10 mg lisinopril daily.
  5. Old#7

    BLT love

    Best sammich in the world. Substitute guacamole for mayo and it's a LGBT sammich. Healthier too.
  6. Old#7

    If only it were this easy...

    Agnano? Napoli? I've been there a few times; the base, not the hospital.
  7. Old#7

    July 17th workout,ride, run, walk...or nap

    26 miles 1:31, humid morning ride with Mike, Rodel, and Squirelly Pete. Two quad espressos post ride; the Caffe employees are getting concerned about our coffee habits.
  8. Old#7

    Have you ever gushed blood before?

    Only when I donate in a controlled environment. Five, six minutes tops.
  9. Old#7

    Lets Do Lunch

    A salad with oil and vinegar. A cup of smoked pork shoulder. Nothing French about it. 'Merica
  10. Old#7

    Ideas needed

    Good coffee and uppity pastries are good.
  11. Old#7

    Major vibes for Mr. Aire

    Wow, sad news indeed. We will keep you and the Mr. in our prayers.
  12. Old#7

    Weekend plans this Friday the 13th weekend in July.

    Easily done with two Jeep Rubicons
  13. Old#7

    7/13 miles & such

    20.25 for me, 1:10. Morning ride through Razorlandia. Mike, Rodel, and Squirelly Pete rode USGS loop in reverse. They were confused but survived. Two quad espressos post ride.
  14. Old#7

    Weekend plans this Friday the 13th weekend in July.

    We will be close to there. I will wave as I drive thru.