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  1. Should we exchange holiday cards?

    junk mail? yes I'll send my junk in the mail. I only need your address.
  2. we are moving from 3,600 sq feet (1,200 sq m) to 1,000 sq ft (333 sq m). Most of the junk (wife's) is going into storage until we can rent a larger unit (aka April 2018). Storage, 400 sq feet (122 sq m) is $400 (US)/mo. That is a lot of Tim Horton's per day eh? a.
  3. It hurts to pee

    Solution is to cut fresh habanero (jalapeno will do in a pinch but habanero is more effective) with a knife into a fine dice with UNPROTECTED fingers and massage into affected area. This will replace the irritation you feel. You're welcome.
  4. What is your address?

    Intersection of Highway to Hell and Road to Ruin. You'll know it when you see it.
  5. Sunday breakfast

    Making pancakes this morning. Coffee is brewing. Rise and shine peeps. What you got?
  6. Tonight's beer

    Coffee Porter here
  7. weekend Cooking or baking

    Nothing here. I have chicken nacho fixings if Wo7 wants to eat in. She has a quilt class until 5:30. She may want to go out. It's best to be prepared either way.
  8. 11/17 miles & such

    32.5 miles, 1:59, 16.4 avg. 1,435 feet climbed. HR: 128 avg. 159 max. 4,347 for the year, I don't think I'll hit 5,000 this year, maybe next. Congrats to @bikeman Stopped at the Italian Store at Spout Run and picked up a large sub for lunch tomorrow. It tastes better when it marinates overnight. The Capri: prosciutto, Genoa salami, capicola, provolone, lettuce, tomato, onion, peppers, oil/vinegar and Italian seasoning.
  9. It's the last weekend before Black Friday...and

    Sadly no, but Wo7 doesn't have to be there to sell it. We are emptying it out and letting the realtor handle things. We'll save some money this way too. No bills for trash and internet. Water, electric and gas bills will be much lower too. Our neighbors will keep an eye on things as well.
  10. I need to take a break for a while.

    peace brother.
  11. Do The BRITS Deserve To Have Black Friday Too?

    You meant Festivuspole didn't you?
  12. It's the last weekend before Black Friday...and

    Like Further I'm off all week starting right now. That is where similarities end. Wo7 drove out from OH today pulling a 12x6 trailer.We unloaded the trailer contents into the storage unit and dropped off the trailer with uhaul. My wife has a lot of crap in many plastic bins. She is in quilt classes the next three days. I am selling the dirt jump bike tomorrow I hope and running errands at the grocers. I need basic side dish stuff for turkey day. Monday we drive the F150 back to Ohio, get the 26 foot truck from uhaul Tuesday and pack that sucker to the gills. Drive back on Thursday, yes Thanksgiving. Get back to VA and make sides, and eat the turkey breast we buy at the Honeybaked store. Unpack Friday and put stuff in storage cause there ain't no room in the apartment. Work Saturday at the LBS. Sunday happy friendsgiving party somewhere with Karrie and Ambrosia.
  13. Had a great sleep... Happy Thursday peeps !

    Happy Thursday Petite. Your evil trainer is getting you outside your comfort zone. You'll see results soon. I didn't get to bed until after 10 last night. Today is my last day at work until Monday, 11/27. Wife is driving the pickup and pulling a uhaul trailer from OH to VA she should get into town around 1 or 2. Grocery shopping later for Turkey day stuff, keeping it simple as we are driving from OH to VA on Thanksgiving Day. Plan to get a ride in tomorrow while the sun is shining.
  14. So what happened to Austin?

    Do you mean Austin TX or Austin Powers? I confused.
  15. Do you listen to Christmas music?

    Not by choice, humbug I say!