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    cycling, hiking, delectable food preparation and consumption and a love of the blues.

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    Seven Axiom S Specialized AWOL and a Transition BLT

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  1. Buzzkill? Not anymore.
  2. Sweet potato roll up (baked sweet potato mashed with chipotles and cilantro on a flour tortilla) with espresso. Coffee Plain yogurt with craisins and blueberries coffee hot Italian sausage with roasted cauliflower, garlic and mozzarella cheese.
  3. It depends on the person. I have a family history of early male death from heart attacks, strokes and aneurysm. I'm not taking chances with my diet, the one thing I can control. I quit smoking at age 29 after starting at age 14.
  4. Nothing but rain here. Tomorrow looks good for a ride after work.
  5. Nothing yet, it was raining this morning but should be nice after work. I'll get some miles in then.
  6. We've all added a few pounds over the years. 😜
  7. Your swole-up neck ain't gonna heal you eating like that! You need a dose of good vitamins and minerals to boost your immune system. I has spoken.
  8. Absolutely stop there! It's on my bucket list of breweries to visit some day. Burton Baton is one of my favorites. They will have lots to sample after the tour. There's a restaurant there too so stock up on kcals after your hike.
  9. Probably just a minor infection/cold related. You had eight days of cool wet weather recently correct? Stuck indoors in close proximity with other humanoids. You probably picked up something from one of the carriers where you live or work. Rest, fluids (not wine) are in your near future. You'll be clear soon. No charge, it's a birthday present.
  10. 26 miles with the sunrise crew. 1:30, 17.2 avg, 675 feet climbed. 1,747 for the year. 49,675 feet climbed.
  11. Bacon. Gus would like bacon. He is a good dog. He's pointing at the frozzelnator which is very worn and about to go bad. He can fix it for a pound of bacon and a large bone.
  12. Two tanks and four bags hardwood. The gas grill is for quick meals the Weber is for when I'm cooking.
  13. I walked two. Riding with the sunrise crew tomorrow
  14. Happy botday
  15. No. cycling is therapeutic. Issues at home and work go away as I focus on cadence, breathing, heart rate and avoiding those fuckers trying to kill me.