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  1. Looks great. I love the loaf; what do you cook yours in? I have a sourdough in the fridge I started yesterday. The starter has been around for a month. I'll make some baguettes tonight. I need to add two cups of flour to finish the dough. Let it rise, shape and bake. I'll post pics later.
  2. Old#7


    I’ve done a few. My first was in 1998 on the DC AIDS ride. We rode from Raleigh NC north of the VA border. Day 1 was 108 miles. I felt great for the first 102, the last four were tough. Day 2 was 98 miles to Richmond. It started raining before lunch. Day 3 was 87 miles to Manassas in the hottest day of the year. ‘‘Twas humid too. Day 4 was 36 miles to DC. I’ve done several since, groups, solo, road, and gravel. Favorite was solo gravel ride a few years ago.
  3. My Jeep would do a better job than the fancy pants BMW doncha think?
  4. You sir are a knucklehead sammich maker. Peanut butter is applied thinly to each slice of bread THEN jelly is applied to one slice. This method prevents the bread from soaking up the jelly liquid and making the bread soggy.
  5. Hell no! That’s in MD and I have to take the Beltway to get there. I’m not sitting in traffic both ways just to vandalize a waiting room print. Kzoo will have to be disappointed.
  6. Update: patient is fine. Surgery Center was excellent. In and out in no time with the knee scoped and stitched. She didn’t want the narcotics so we picked up Tylenol and aspirin. She is resting comfortably at home. Much better than a hospital visit and all those sick people.
  7. How’s this: we’re at a nice restaurant. Patsy’s at Tyson’s. First time for her, second visit for me. She is having a wood-grilled filet with a side salad
  8. I had buffalo wings (hot) at Fosters Grill. I was not aware that it was cheese burgers day. I will fix this later.
  9. The ride home should be fine; I’m a “responsible” driver
  10. Ironically, a few days after Airehead’s post, I’m at the surgery center; my wife is having her right knee scoped. She tore the meniscus last month. The receptionist referred to me as the “responsible” driver. I pointed that out to my wife. She replied that the receptionist is paid to tell people that and she really didn’t mean it.
  11. Thirty mile loop down to the Potomac River and back. Beautiful morning for a ride
  12. My Jeep is currently in convertible mode. Wo7 doesn’t mind except when it’s below70f, then it’s too cold.
  13. Surgical center hands down. There are more infections and screw ups in hospitals than surgical centers. Hospitals generate more profit the longer they keep you. Surgical centers profits are on volume; get em in and out. You’ll recover better in your own bed.
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