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  1. I started a new job March 23. New employee training was on WebEX for three days. I haven’t been to the office yet and don’t expect to until May.
  2. Old#7

    Restaurant food

    Friday we ordered take out from a local burger place. I did a 20 mile ride, called in the order and picked it up on the way home. Wings, a burger, and onion rings.
  3. The bread is quite good. I will make this again. I gave two slices to a Nextdoor person who asked for some sourdough starter. He said he can’t his to rise. (That’s what she said). I directed him to the King Arthur flour website and gave him a jar of starter with instructions on how to feed it. a friend came by for masks my wife made and I gave her some bread for dinner. Her husband is grilling steaks.
  4. Don’t know the answer to that but I do know that with all the nursing homes here there would be more reported cases.
  5. Wo7 watches MLB network. 24-7. Rockies vs Nationals are on right now.
  6. Wo7 is making masks. She sold six earlier to a lady on Nextdoor. $30 for supplies and labor. The lady gave her $60. A former coworker is coming by later for four. No charge for her. The local hospital has said they are not accepting homemade masks. Neither is Mom’s assisted living place. The masks could bring the virus inside.
  7. Not a watcher of the television. When I’m confined in the old folks home I’ll have time to watch
  8. I’ve tried that back in the day. This is a VA brewery, Devils Backbone, in Crozet, near Charlottesville. The style is an Austrian lager, good for bread making
  9. Started this yesterday when I fed my starter. Two cups of fed starter, rye flour, all purpose flour, salt, honey and 12 ounce bottle of Vienna Lager. Let it rise for about 4 hours then put it the fridge at bedtime. Took it out this morning and let it warm up for two hours. Transferred it to a large bowl cause I don’t have a proofing basket yet. Baked at 500 for 15 minutes, then 20 more at 450.
  10. Nope. That is all. Hope you is feeling more better tomorrow,
  11. 343 today, 1,000 cases two weeks from now. Incubation period is 14 days. What are the odds that you will cross paths with an asymptomatic carrier today. Pretty good odds. I’d stay home for all but real essential stuff. And I also wouldn’t mind paying extra to get home with without the Covid cooties. Do you ever think that your quest to save $0.02 is OCD related? Ask your sister; I think she’d agree with me.
  12. Here’s the problem to your solution: A train left Pittsburgh at 2:07 pm headed towards Chicago. The train had a diesel locomotive and 57 box cars and traveled at an average of 42 miles per hour. A second train left Chicago at 4:20 pm headed towards New York. The train also had a diesel locomotive and was pulling 88 box cars. The Chicago-bound train was to drop 16 cars in Akron OH; eight were for the NY bound train to pick up later and the others were for other trains headed south. The rail yard in Akron readied the boxcars for their respective locomotives. When the NY bound train arrived to pick up the eight boxcars, the engineer said to the yard master, I’m here to pick up the eight boxcars. The yard master said, good for you.
  13. Do not. You’re wrong (to quote RG)
  14. Old#7

    4/5 miles and such

    The CCT near me, Fairfax Circle and south, is surrounded by neighborhoods and these feed lots of people into the park. I don’t notice volume changes by the hour, it’s a different mix. Early morning are the runners and dog walkers. Later on, more families. I rode a three mile stretch of the CCT to Pickett Rd and it was busy. Not as busy as the W&OD mind you, but busy. After that I was never on the trail again. Out on the roads was a joy. Great Falls was a cluster though. A cop was blocking the road in and cars were parking on the side of Georgetown Pike. People were walking in. I passed about 20 cars leaving the park and when I got back to the top, the cop was gone and cars were driving in once again. Drivers then had to dodge all the people walking in. Glad to get out of there.
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