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  1. You all should go back in time and not get married

    Knowing what I know now, I would not have made the trip down the aisle. I love my wife and son but not sure I'd do it all over again. If I were to be single once again I'm sure it would stay that way.
  2. 4/18 miles & such

    20 on the cross county trail (gravelly mixed surface trail following a water course). A lot of mud and downed trees from Sunday night rainstorm. 15.6 avg with a top speed of 60.43 mph. I think my app needs calibration.
  3. I can’t remember ?

    Dope griddle. May it serve you and yours well for many years. Add a bottle opener to make it doper.
  4. Tour of the Capital

    That's what my cousin did. He contacted Senator Whitehouse's office in advance. A staff member met us in the Hart Senate office building and gave the six of us a private tour with passes to get around most of the lines. We also got to ride on the subway from the Senate office building to the Capital building.
  5. Tour of the Capital

    My cousin Matt, and his wife Mona, brought two granddaughters to DC for a visit over their spring break. They arrived Friday and visited the cherry blossoms, the outdoor monuments, Lincoln, Jefferson, FDR, MLK, the war memorials, Vietnam, Korea and WWII. Sunday and Monday, the weather was cold and cloudy so they hit the museums. Natural History, American History, Smithsonian, and the National Gallery of Art. Yesterday they had a tour with a staffer from the office of Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (RI). We get to the Hart Senate Office building at 9:20 for the 9:30 tour. The staffer gives us passes we have to wear to get around some security checkpoints and go down to the first floor and walk under the Dirksen and Russell office buildings to the subway that takes us to the Capitol. We viewed the original Supreme Court, Senate chamber, the rotunda and other nooks and crannies of the old building. The old stories from history are cool to hear. We had to go thru additional security screening to get to the House chamber used today. No electronics, and apparently this includes car key fobs. We finally get thru screening and there is no one in the chamber. Well that was a bust. After lunch at SweetGreen, we walked to the US Botanical Garden and toured that. Very cool place. Compass marks the center of DC (figurative not literal geographic center) which divides the city into the four quadrants. The Rotunda Old Senate chamber. This is where Sen. Preston Brooks (SC) beat Sen. Charles Sumner (MA) with a cane for insulting a relative over slave ownership. Sen. Sumner almost died from his injuries but recovered. Spittoon in the old Senate chamber Lincoln's desk location is marked in the original House of Representatives when he was a Congressman from Illinois.
  6. Eating better and saving money

    Fresh roasted broccoli is the best. Cut/break the tops into florets, slice the stalks into discs, 1/4" to 1/3". Toss with avocado or olive oil, add some cloves of peeled garlic, salt and pepper to taste. Roast at 375 for 20 minutes. Add fresh grated parmesan while hot and serve. Mangia!
  7. New plates need a new vehicle

    Wife of 7 commented over breakfast Saturday morning that we need to replace the F150 sooner rather than later. Not wasting a gift horse, we went looking Saturday after moving stuff from storage to the house. Kicked a few tires, drove two Jeeps and left with a 2012 Rubicon Unlimited. My son is already planning a lift kit and bigger wheels. Wife vetoed that idea.
  8. Anyone doing anything exciting on Friday night?

    I sat on the front steps. Drank a beer, played my guitar and listened to the wind in the trees. Nice night.
  9. New plates

    I tried to get the plates I had before moving to Ohio (ONULFT) but someone had snapped them up. Went with a new idea:
  10. 4/13 miles and such

    Two rides on account of the beautiful weather. Morning 20 mile ride with the peeps: Mike, Rodel, Bob, and Squirelly Pete. 18.6 avg. Espressos post ride. After work ride, 20 miles with everyone else on the trail, 17 avg. Hefeweizen post ride.
  11. How bout those Pens !!

    Stupid flightless birds.
  12. should I take tomorrow off?

    Go forth and ride young man. Thou hast the forum blessings. Drink beer afterwards as penance.
  13. Moving

    No. I am happy swearing here. I wasn't happy swearing in Ohio; it's not the same.
  14. Moving

    Really sucks. We've been in the new place since Saturday. There are stil boxes to unpack and decisions to be made. WTF is this? Why did we pack this? WTF does this go? Where is (fill in the blank)? The trash service still hasn't brought the containers that were due here on Monday. We have no curtains and no privacy though Wo7 says some are going up today. I don't care that much about privacy as there are a lot of trees and the houses are far apart, but the trees need more leaves right now. The silver lining is that the next door neighbors gave us a homemade apple pie on Saturday.