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  1. Final report from Denver

    At the Airport in Denver waiting for our plane. It was late leaving Dallas, effing Texicans. And is due to arrive in 15-20 minutes. Our flight is delayed to 6:30ish, getting into Dulles at 11:52 pm. We had dinner at the Mexican place here. The jalapeño margarita was excellent. The food was better than most airport meals. I passed the certification exam so I'm now a certified risk manager. I hope I get a raise out of this. At the least they owe me a day off. No more work related travel until next summer. Boston.
  2. Happening Now

    Like many wise men he left Ohio also. Billy Sherman was also born in Ohio. He didn't stay long either. Billy was one of my favorite Civil War generals. Got shit done.
  3. I think I found our retirement area

    Well those are just, like, opinions man.
  4. Seven seconds, I'm a fast typist froggie.
  5. You fall cheerleaders are as bad as those freaks who count down the months/weeks/days until Christmas. Humbug. Embrace the present mothereffers
  6. Denver update episode III

    Today was the first day of the conference. A boring 8 hours but we were fed breakfast and lunch so that was ok. After lunch I walked around the block, up to the 16th street mall and back. 16th street mall is a tourist trap in downtown Denver. Restaurants, bars and chain shops competing for your cash. On the way back to the hotel was an old black man wearing a velvet crown. His name was Claude and he was the only living shoe shine dude left. He told me that God made him the shoe shine King and that the others were pretenders. A shine was $5. I sat and listened to him as he worked or ten minutes. My shoes shine. I gave him $6. He said my shoes were calfskin and made in Italy. According to Claude there's no such thing as leather only animal skin and you got to respect the animal that gave it to you. Claude was alright and a shoe shine is good for your soul as well as your shoes. Claude was right about my shoes. Tonight was a reception at Great Divide brewing with three food trucks. We drank some beer. I had a chicken and roasted chile taco, a pork taco and a side of crispy Brussels sprouts. There was a wood fired pizza truck but I passed on that. Afterwards we walked to the 16th street mall to people watch. Two people with us walked to the dope shop to check it out but it was closed. Some peeps at the next table were puffing away on a peace pipe but nobody from our table went over to partake. There is a big homeless problem in Denver. I think that it's much bigger than anticipated. A lot of new housing is being built but the value is getting too high for people to afford and they are getting priced out of the market. Downtown looks like a failing social experiment.
  7. Who wants to ride bike park?

    Sure! I still have the Transition BLT. Be right out.
  8. We be all modern and stuff

    I like the Cleveland based theme. Keep up the positive changes!
  9. Which ride tracking app should I use?

    I use Cyclemeter. Battery use is minimal, ride data is comprehensive and I have ride data going back to 2013. My favorite feature is that it sends an email to my wife when I begin, stop and end a ride. If I run into a problem she can find me using gps.
  10. Denver report vol 1

    Me too, it'd be fun
  11. RoadID, got one?

    Yes I have one but I mounted it on my bike; steerer tube just under the stem. I want my bike to get back to me. I carry a drivers license and my health insurance card in my jersey.
  12. Denver report vol 1

    I won't be able to this trip. Work is sending me to a conference and a certification test. Conference starts Monday and I fly back on Wednesday. I will be back to ride these little hills and will explore RMNP then. And some breweries too. There are a few I'd like to visit.
  13. Denver report #2

    Sunday woke up at 6:00, coffee and banana bread my cousin made. Walked the dogs and then cooked some breakfast, eggs with green Chilies and O'Brien potatoes with more coffee. We drove up to Boulder and up Lookout Mountain. A lot of cyclists were grinding up and speeding down this mountain road. I like the fact that it seems like everyone approaches outdoor activities like they're getting paid for it. We saw Buffalo Bill's gravesite. Nice place to occupy. Drove back thru Golden but we didn't stop to sightsee. I'll have to come back for that. Stopped at the grocery store for dinner stuff. I'm cooking barbecue shrimp, strip steaks on the grill. Baked potatoes, mushrooms in a red wine sauce, roasted garlic bread and cauliflower. pictures are of the Lookout Mountain road. There are two cyclists in the picture. The peak is close to the antennas in the background. The other is Boulder. The athletic fields in the foreground belong to the College of Mines. The complex at the back is Coors Inc.
  14. Denver report vol 1

    I didn't know Left hand was in Longmont. I'd like to come back and visit some of the breweries. Good beer in Colorado. We're going to Great Divide tomorrow night for a reception. Free beer!
  15. Denver report vol 1

    I got in to Denver around 9:30 am Saturday. My cousin Kathy picked me up and we drove to her friend's house in Longmont. We then drove up to Estes Park going thru Lyon. We passed by the Oskar Blues brewery there. I wanted to stop but time wasn't favorable. We walked around Estes Park and saw the Stanley Hotel. Stephen King used this as a setting for his novel, The Shining. The hotel was built in 1911. It's a popular destination for weddings and such. We had lunch and walked along the river that flows they town. Very nice place but also very crowded. We left there and drove back to Longmont to drop of Christa and then home to Littleton where Kathy lives. After cleaning up we went to a neighbor's house for BBQ chicken, homemade coleslaw, lemon pie and mass quatities of good beer. We played s few hours of Cards against Humanity. Fun day and slept deeply all night.