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  1. Old#7

    Living apart together- LAT

    Wo7 and I lived in separate domiciles for most of 2017. She in OH, taking care of her Mom and me in VA trying to get my Mom into assisted living. I think we both enjoyed the experience and we are still adapting to living together again. There are times where I would want to live alone. I enjoyed the solitude.
  2. Old#7

    Hey Old#7, how did you make your jappy mac?

    You can, but I didn't. Next time, I will. I wanted to try the Hatch chile Gouda on its own first. Good but not real spicy.
  3. Old#7

    Happy Monday Peeps

    I'm meeting with Bridget and Greta at 10:45. They work for a firm which does staffing services for credit unions. I think they're trying to sell something.
  4. Old#7

    since we are talking e-bikes

    We sell a lot of e-bikes at the LBS I work at. Mostly commuters, some older peeps who can't ride as far as they used to. Our line is Trek and Specialized. They are pedal-assist, meaning you have to pedal to get assistance from the motor. For this reason, they are permitted on the MUP's where mopeds are not. Top speeds on the ones we sell are 22 to as much as 28, though the faster ones cost close to $5,000. The others range from $2-$3k. I get passed by e-bikes on the path every now and then. The only one who gets my goat is that guy in the ELF. His vehicle takes up the whole lane and he goes too fast for conditions on the path. @Razors Edge probably knows who I'm talking about. Yesterday, a guy came in asking about e-bikes. He basically looked like a bum but don't judge a book by its cover so I spoke with him. Nice guy actually, he rides his bike everywhere and wanted information so he could shop around. I gave him the info and learned he was 90 years old and served in the Navy in WWII. At basic training they asked him what kind of ship he wanted to be assigned to. Battleship was his reply. They made him a yeoman and gave him a desk in Washington DC.
  5. Old#7

    Hey Old#7, how did you make your jappy mac?

    Sorry for the delay in response, I didn't see your post until now. Start your pasta boiling water in a pot. Heat oven to 350. Make a roux: In a saucepan, melt 2 tblsp unsalted butter, whisk in 2 tblsp flour and stir until flour cooks to medium-brown/tan. Reduce heat to medium and add a cup or two of milk, then add 8 ounces cheddar and 8 ounces gouda with chile peppers or pepper jack cheese. Shredded or cubed, don't matter. Stir until melted. When the pasta is al dente, drain and put in a buttered casserole and pour cheese sauce over top. Top with bread crumbs and bake 20 minutes. Broil top to golden brown if desired. The chile gouda cheese was good but not a spicy as I was expecting. Very creamy and tasty though.
  6. Old#7

    Sunday, what'd you do?

    Rainy day here. Wo7 and I went to First Watch for breakfast. Came home and signed up for Sling TV to watch sporting events on the telly. Watched Washington beat the Packers and cooked a pizza at the half. Drank a Ruination and a Duckpin (a pale ale from B-more). Nap listening to the rain. Watching Sunday Night baseball, Red Sox at Cleveland. Cooked some popcorn on the stove for dinner.
  7. Old#7

    In and around the lake

    I'm going to get a copy of that for my library. Picked up Led Zeppelin's first album yesterday.
  8. I was four, and we lived in Bel Air, MD, just north of Baltimore. The kid across the street was my age and we were best friends. His name was Matthew Valley. One day, a moving/delivery van was in the neighborhood and the rear door was open. We climbed inside. The truck started and drove off before we could get out. Someone spotted two kids in the back of a truck and called the cops. We made it about 12 miles from home. I don't remember getting a licking for it, probably did. But I remember the event and the neighbor's name 55 years later.
  9. Old#7

    National Forests

    It's where the money is.
  10. Frusselstrated - Frustration felt by a 3 yo when he goes to click the computer mouse and it moves off of the link he is trying to click on.
  11. Old#7

    Have You Ridden A Bike This Year?

    The Gunnar is a hell of a bike. And you don't have to imagine that it's steel, it is. Our LBS sells them, well, you could order one. Their paint is a thing of beauty. Richard Schwinn, grandson of old man Schwinn, started Waterford back in the day and made a "more affordable" line of custom steel bikes called Gunnar, after his dog. He gave a talk at our LBS around the time of the North American Handbuilt Bike Show. Very nice guy.
  12. Old#7

    So what happened turning 60

    My 60 is in May. I will let you know then. My wife threw a big party for the 50, I don't want one for 60. I want to do a big adventure ride like Petite. I am looking at riding the East Coast Greenway from Calais ME to Portland ME next summer. I also want to ride the GAP trail and the Going to the Sun road in Glacier National Park. We'll see who wins.
  13. Old#7


    Late to the party but I worked at the LBS. Only three sales peeps vs five we have in summer. We were slammed at times, helping three customers at once and ringing sales between breaths. A few jackwagons but mostly nice people overall. Why is it when your're really busy that people call in to see if you have the 2017 S-Works Tarmac in a 56 that was marked down $800 last June? "I bought my kids bike there three years ago and she's outgrown it, can I trade it in now?" "Our trade-up program is two years from purchase, so no." "But it's in mint condition man." No. A cyclist shows up 15 minutes after closing. We ask what he wants cause it's the nice thing to do. He needs a pair of gloves. He needs me to find gloves, size large in red, because he forgot his glasses and can't read the signage. Ok Mr. Magoo, here they are. We had beers after he left. I went home and made pizza for wife and I. Drank more beers and watched the latest version of True Grit.
  14. Old#7

    9/16 miles and such

    23 gravelly miles on the Cross County Trail.1:49, 12.6 avg. Nice ride with Mike. Weather was perfect.
  15. Old#7


    @BuffJim Kitchen Little on the way into Mystic is more better. Best breakfast evah.