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  1. File this in the "Yeah, right" category

    I have 35 years experience at financial institutions. 25 in Internal Audit and Risk Management. I know many ways to clean that pile of cash.
  2. I have been abandoned by the early morning crew. They are all training for some run or other. I rode the North Arlington loop solo. 24 miles, 1:31, 856 feet climbed. 252 for the month. @bikeman564™ and @Digital_photog have nothing to fear from me.
  3. 9-20 miles.

    No rides. I baked a pecan pie for Mom, I'll take it over tonight. I walked 3 after dinner and needed to use the flashlight on my phone to avoid being hit by asshat cyclists riding in the dark with no lights.
  4. Tropics you enjoy most?

    Ones without all that wind, rain and destruction. Yeah, that'd be great.
  5. Bad news for RG

    Wasn't made for sitting.
  6. What a summer...

    He'll be in Cleveland until the ankle monitor is removed. It's a court ordered thing.
  7. The problem that I see with that Ohio diet, (LAJ and RtJ both pretty much eat this way) is not the fact that they are morbidly obese but they are lacking in essential vitamins and minerals for a healthy life. LAJ has diabetes and Stage IV chronic kidney disease. He can't fight infections well and has had MRSA twice. RtJ is headed down the diabetes highway, it's only a matter of time. Stouffers and similar prepared meals are engineered to hit the pleasure center of the brain with specific doses of sugar, salt and fat. Very little nutrient wise. This way of eating has become the norm in the US and is a major factor in the current state of our health care system.
  8. That's a trap. That diet will put you in the Parr8hed dialysis clinic! I'd get a second opinion. I'm sending LAJ to your clinic when his kidneys fail. Any day now.
  9. You must all come to Cleveland immediately!!!

    If you're going that route, I'm currently 12.5 stone. Much lower than 79 kilos
  10. Would there be a way to set up a record player outside?

    I'll bring some Old#7 hand sanitizer for the Kzoo port a potty pavilion
  11. Would there be a way to set up a record player outside?

    I agree. I played some SRV vinyl, Live at the Austin Opera House, during RG's visit.
  12. You must all come to Cleveland immediately!!!

    I will once I get my weight below 155.
  13. Good luck in the food desert that is Ohio. I have sworn off junk food for a month and am cooking heathy food once again. Isn't there a farmers market near there? Steal a neighbors car if you have to, they won't mind, it's kind of expected there in the Paris of Ohio. Give your body time to adjust to the new roughage. Once it does you'll be feeling more better.
  14. First I'll try and rob you

    The suspect's mother was quoted, "Stabbing somebody that many times, it doesn't take that many stab wounds to get somebody to succumb to you." Your honor, stabbing is like Lays potato chips, can't do just one.
  15. Old#7

    Next time Smudge, I had already left. Bring the Specialized unless snow is falling, then you know...