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  1. I think you’re right, I saw all of those things except one, people.
  2. Never is a long time. I try not to use absolutes so i won’t use the word never when talking about going back to Cincinnati. Karma is a bitch, so if I made an absolute statement; the next thing is I’d be traveling back and forth several times a year. I will use avoidance therapy instead. If I have to travel west I can take 81 south to 64 west thru WV and KY to get places and not travel thru OH. Their roads are very crappy too. I don’t know what they do with the tax dollars but it appears mismanaged. Gas was cheap, $2.05/gallon but that’s not worth the price I’d pay to live there.
  3. Still alive. Just got home after 11 hours on the road. Trailer swayed when we went over 60. Glad that is over.
  4. Visited Toronto in 2004 for an audit conference. Very nice place. I rented a bike for a few hours and rode the city streets and along the lakefront. Saw the Maple Leaf Gardens, now a hall of fame.
  5. After moving; Dales Pale Ale. At Silent Doug’s, Shiner Bock. It was that or Bud Light.
  6. Salt is a necessary ingredient in some foods (bread) and overused in others (processed). I cut back on salt intake about ten years ago so I wouldn’t have to go cold turkey when I got older. It sure if it helps or not, but I believe it’s better for long term health. Don’t miss it and can tell when it’s overused.
  7. LAJ is in poor health. He walks slowly with a cane and can’t lift anything so he just watched the rest of us work. Me, Wo7, So7, RtJ, JtM, Silent Doug, Delilah, their 5 year old granddaughter, and Ken, aka Daddy Warbucks. LAJ believes that his poor health is temporary and that he’ll get better. He’s going to look into the possibility of a kidney transplant someday.
  8. Driving back today. Snow flurries but no accumulation. Tailwinds the whole way. Dinner last night at Janet and Silent Doug’s. LAJ and Ken (Daddy Warbucks) were there too. A lot of blah blah blah. I’m glad we stayed at a hotel last night. We all slept well.
  9. Fairfax VA to Fairfield OH. 270-70-68-79-70-71. The alternative is the PA Turnpike and I’m not doing that, 68 is an easier route. The sleet didn’t start until we got on 79 in Morgantown. Sketchy all the way to Washington PA. Wipers were icing up and 45 was the top speed. In Washington it had turned to snow but west of there it went back to sleet. But we made it. Took 11 hours. We just finished moving and I’m beat.
  10. With the spare tire I need a extension or it’s a bitch to hitch it up.
  11. So7 was late getting off work. Road trip began at 10:30. Made good time until Morgantown WV; that’s when the sleet started. Refueled at the Sheetz with 37 miles left in the tank. Lady gave me a free coffee and told me to be safe. I79 was crap all the way to Washington PA, sleet turned to snow which was good news as we had to stop at the bedbug Walmart to clear ice off the windshield . Conditions improved west of Wheeling but the sleet has started up again in Ohio. We’re waiting for a Cracker Barrel to open in two minutes to take a little break. Pic is from the bedbug Walmart. Apparently, the Zanesville Cracker Barrel doesn’t open until 7. Back on 70 to Pickerington, theirs opened at 6.
  12. West Chester/Fairfield OH. LAJ is moving into assisted living on Saturday. So7 had to work so we’re driving tonight. Driving back Sunday. Yay! Here’s the rig:
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