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  1. Old#7

    Anyone here still smoke cigarettes?

    In response to @MickinMD request, on my 28th birthday I realized that, going forward, I would have more smoking days than non-smoking days in my life. Recognizing that this was not a good thing I resolved to quit. Family history played a part as well. Both of my grandfathers died in their 40's, stroke and heart attack, respectively. The woman I was dating didn't smoke and I never smoked around her. I could go a weekend without smoking, I just needed to keep going. In December 1988, I went to Ohio and met her family. I quit that week. It was stressful but I used the nicotine gum for about five days and then dropped those too. The hardest part was over but the first year was hard. After that, I don't miss them anymore. It's been 30 years. May 19 will be our 29th anniversary.
  2. Old#7

    Anyone here still smoke cigarettes?

    I started when I was 14. Quit in 1988. Took up cycling as an alternative.
  3. My to do list includes: Alaska, Nebraska, North Dakota, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Arkansas. The only Province that I've been to is Ontario. So I have a lot of Canada to visit. I've also been to Puerto Rico, Guam, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Iceland, England, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, and Switzerland. I came very close to visiting Greece and Bahrain but lost the rock, paper, scissors competition for that trip.
  4. Spring like weather here this week. February is getting cheated out of cold crappy weather and I am happy with that. Rode with Mike and Rodel at 5:30 am. Temp was 42-44. We did the USGS loop thru Razorlandia. 20.56 miles, 1:15, 16.3 avg. Daytime temps got up to 72 this afternoon. Same weather for tomorrow but rain is coming in the evening and the temps will drop to more seasonal stuff by the weekend. Washed the bike when I got home as it was covered in winter road grit. Cleaned and lubed the chain and put the bike back in the Jeep for tomorrow morning's ride. Get 'em while you can.
  5. Old#7

    So far the Super Bowl sucks and it is boring.

    You are correct. Canadians are better than Americans. And since Americans suck, you suck more than we do. Canadiens are therefore suckier. You are the Rams of North America
  6. Old#7

    February photos

  7. Old#7

    February photos

  8. Old#7

    Saturday beer thread

    Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout. First time taster. I took my bottle to the LBS for after work. At almost 12% I wasn’t going to try 22 oz by myself; shared with Paul and Mike. OMG this is good. Will buy again if I get a chance.
  9. Old#7

    Crimes against beer?

    @Buttfaceisn’t the only one with an opinion. Reinheitsgebot only applies to making beer, not mixing it. Radler is a drink of German origin made by an innkeeper who built a bike path to his inn. His Biergarten became so popular with cyclists that when he began to run low on beer he began mixing it with lemonade. Radler or “cyclist” was born.
  10. Old#7

    Weekend plans...this first weekend in February!!

    Chili cook off day at work today. Winners (hottest, creative, best overall) each get $20. I made a traditional beef chili (with beans cause the judges aren’t Texicans) called Goldilocks just right chili. Saturday, working at the LBS. drink beer after work, go home and make something with tater tots because Saturday is National Tater Tot day. Sunday will be warmer. I will replace a broken stud on the front left wheel of the JK. Go for a ride. Watch the game after dinner. Probably get some take out wings.
  11. Old#7

    Local photos

    Not mine, I poached these from the Post, but the Manassas battlefield isn’t far from me and I liked the photos. These were taken the day the polar vortex moved in.
  12. Old#7

    what fun things did you play as kids

    Doctor with the girl next door
  13. Old#7

    Not sure I wasn't scammed

    I thought Costco provides hazard protection on their tires. I would have gone back to Costco for a warranty claim. Might have a small charge for normal tire wear.
  14. Old#7

    Working for 50 years

    i'm at 45 years right now. Retire in 5. First job at 14, washing dishes. Retired once at age 52, health insurance was too expensive so I went back to work. I will retire again when I turn 65 in 2024 and qualify for medicare.
  15. Today is my two year anniversary at work. Seeing that temps were flirting with 50F I took the afternoon off and went for a ride. I needed 25 miles to reach 100 for January. Total miles 31, 107 for the year.