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  1. Old#7

    Christmas stories

    Got any? Here's an old one: One year that I will never forget was an early year in our marriage. I resolved to take the back seat and let the in-laws holiday traditions play out. This is their home, I am a guest and will abide by their traditions. It is Christmas Eve. The day is cold and overcast with snow on the ground. To pass the time, I read books, play cards and go for a walk in the snow. The daylight is fading and I notice that, in the kitchen, not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse. By 6 pm, there is no sign of a planned dinner. My thought is, What are they doing? This is Christmas Eve! Don’t they eat here? I check the fridge and cabinets and it seems that they have turned into the Hubbard’s. The cupboard is bare. More than a little concerned, I find my wife and ask, in a whisper, "What are they planning for dinner?" I envision a trip to the local grocery store and discover empty shelves with a stray grape or two on the floor of the produce department. Or worse, the store is dark, closed early for the holiday and nothing at home but an old box of Ritz crackers and a half-empty jar of peanut butter. My wife is talking with her Mother and I hear my MIL say, “Oh honey, we didn’t give that any thought. We were just going to eat what we have laying around. I’ll have Joe (my FIL), go get some chicken. Can Jack drive? Joe doesn’t see so good in the dark.” Oh great, it’s Christmas Eve and I’m driving my FIL to a fast food restaurant for a bucket of chicken for dinner. Hoo-ray. Once we’re in the van, I get instructions on where we’re going. Lee’s Fried Chicken. What? We’re driving past a KFC, why don’t we stop there? Nope, we’re going to Lees, a cheaper version of fried chicken. Now they’re just rubbing salt in my wound. We pull up to the drive thru. "Ok FIL, what are we getting?" "I’m not sure, he says, what do they have?" What do they have? They have fried chicken. They have biscuits and mashed potatoes and green beans. I thought we came here because you’ve been here before. He hands me a $20 and says just order something under this. I place the order and pull forward. At the window, the lady takes my money and gives me the change; I hand this to FIL. The lady tells me it will take a few minutes. Could you pull over there and wait? We’ll be right out. 'Right out' turns into 10 minutes. In the side mirror, I see an employee come out with nothing in her hands. The restaurant is now dark. She isn’t quite empty handed; she has a $20 and is asking for the change back. They’re out of chicken and closed now. Merry Christmas. My mood is dark at this point. One does not simply screw up dinner on Christmas Eve. I vow to myself that this will never happen again. By the way, on the way back to the house we stopped at a McDonalds, the only place left open in town.
  2. Old#7

    More LAJ stories

    Lazy-ass Joe (LAJ) is my wife's oldest brother. He is 61. Backstory: Over 25 years ago, Wo7 and I were visiting her family over the holidays. At breakfast I saw LAJ adding sugar to a bowl of frosted flakes. I commented that that was a lot of sugar. He replied that he liked it that way. Tone said to fuck off, ok fine, not my business. I told Wo7 that if he wasn't a diabetic he was headed that way. Wo7 said that when he turned 18 he told the family that now that he was an adult he didn't have to eat vegetables anymore. And he didn't. He ate fast food, pizza and lots of soda. Over the years I observed that he wouldn't do anything that he didn't want to and that list was long. That is how he earned the nickname lazy-ass Joe. Eventually he was diagnosed with diabetes. He ignored what the doctors told him, His health got worse. Stage IV chronic kidney disease has progressed to three-times a week dialysis (starting this week). He still eats poorly. When he lived with us (in Ohio), he would add six packets of Splenda to a large glass of iced tea. I don't think he's changed much at all. He was a teacher once but quit to be Mr. Mom when his son, Robert-the Jedi (RtJ), was born in 1991. Hasn't worked much since then so he has minimal contribution to his Social Security fund and no retirement plan.
  3. Old#7

    More LAJ stories

    Interesting observation. LAJ is still in the hospital; he is expected to be released tomorrow (Thursday) or Friday. The doctor told him that he is not being considered for a kidney transplant as they don't think that he will change his ways and they don't want to waste a transplant (not exactly how they put it but...) He has to get shots in his eyes to reduce the swelling caused by the high blood pressure. When the swelling goes down they will operate on his cataracts. Janet-the-Martyr (JtM) has arranged for home health care through Medicaid and is working on finding him a place in an assisted living facility. JtM also found that Medicaid will cover transportation costs (taxi/Uber/bus) as long as he is unable to drive. Pack-rat Terry (PRT) is helping with Social Security disability filing as he is unable to work and should qualify for benefits.
  4. Old#7

    More LAJ stories

    Wo7 spoke with LAJ last night on the phone. I learned more. He is still in the hospital waiting on tests related to his kidney function. The last time he was in the hospital, a year or two ago, his kidney function was 50%. Now it is down to 15%. The doctors want to start a prescription to try and improve that function. If there is no improvement in two months, he will go on dialysis, likely three days a week. His diabeetus is not a problem. The open sores on his legs were from extremely high blood pressure. They are treating that with success and have gotten his BP into a better range. His lady friend from England called off their engagement. I didn't know that they were engaged. LAJ said that they were planning on getting married next year. She was in a car accident and broke several vertebrae. Her ex-husband re-entered her life and LAJ was kicked to the curb. He was disappointed at his only opportunity for happiness. But he did admit to telling Pack-rat Terry about his relationship plans and said that it was ok with him if she looked for another love in her life. Wo7 told LAJ that he should look into moving into an assisted living facility or, at a minimum, a rehabilitation center. His vision is so poor that he cannot drive. RtJ and Dumplin' can't take care of him. LAJ didn't want to hear it but said he would consider it. I didn't mention it but my thinking is that the quality of care that he would receive in an assisted living facility on just Medicaid isn't much to look forward to.
  5. Old#7

    Do you eat much fast food?

    Not often, maybe once every other month. The craving isn't there anymore.
  6. Old#7

    Couch is pissing me off

    Couch is my new best friend.
  7. Old#7

    For the drinkers amongst us

    One liquor choice would be a single malt from Islay. Laphroaig, Caol Ila, Bruichladdich, Lagavulin, Bunnahabhain, Ardbeg, Bowmore. They're all good. I heard Laphroaig described as "like kissing a mermaid who just ate barbeque". Bourbon: Woodford Reserve is my favorite. Gin, Vodka, Rum, Tequila: no preference as long as it's above rail level. Beer: An IPA. Ruination from Stone is good.
  8. Old#7

    LAJ update

    Not sure that the last sentence is true or not, I just tell the stories in a colorful way.
  9. Old#7

    LAJ update

    She lives in England. I don't believe that she is willing to wade into the mess on this side of the pond. An online relationship is probably best here. No nickname for her as I never met her. Ms. Wickersham I suppose would work. LAJ met her while he was on a fishing trip in Canada and she was on holiday. I understand they had a smashing time at the B&B by the lake. They keep in touch online, but nothing more. That's RtJ's gurlfren' She's 5'2" and about 220.
  10. Old#7

    LAJ update

    Gonna nip that idea in the bud. Wo7 can go live there if she wants to be the caretaker; he ain't coming east. Ol' Dumplin' is still with RtJ but I don't think she is capable of taking care of LAJ and working full time. They will probably have to get assistance through Medicaid for a visiting nurse.
  11. Old#7

    LAJ update

    Wo7 told me this morning that LAJ went to the hospital last night. Diabeetus and kidneys are getting worse. Diabetes is now affecting his vision and he has cataracts. His legs have weeping sores; he may lose them. He is getting shots in his eyes today and they have stabilized his blood sugar levels. Janet-the-martyr (JtM) said that she can't do a deathwatch for her brother and her son (no news on Scott in a while). I assume Scott is still living on the streets looking for his next dose of heroin. Wo7 may be going out to help Robert-the-Jedi (RtJ) set up powers of attorney for his Dad. The last time LAJ was in the hospital, the social worker signed him up for Medicaid but LAJ didn't tell anyone or forgot. He needs a case manager but I don't think he will be around much longer. JtM said LAJ can't live with her, he's going to have to stay with RtJ. I better tell my wife he isn't moving here; not my circus, not my monkeys.
  12. Old#7

    Pancakes, how do you make yours?

    I have not. My wife is from Ohio and dislikes change. Citrus zest added to pancakes would upset her and I would have to live with the aftermath. Did I mention that she hates lemon?
  13. Old#7

    Pancakes, how do you make yours?

    I add blueberries to the batter. I am of the opinion that blueberries in the pancakes are better than on top of pancakes; they can't roll away that way. Sift together 1 1/2 cups flour, 1 tsp salt, 1 3/4 tsp baking powder, and 2 Tblsp sugar. Lightly beat one large egg, add one cup milk, stir in 3 Tblsp melted butter. Combine with dry ingredients and stir until blended. Add fruit and nuts of your choice. A splash of Grand Marnier, Frangelico, or Framboise to your own taste. Cook on a hot griddle with a little butter if desired until browned. Top with real maple syrup.
  14. Old#7

    Calling all Bostonians

    Wait, whut? My calendar say December 5 is a Wednesday this year. I'm flying up to Boston next week. Leaving on Wednesday, 11/28. Work related conference Thursday/Friday. Renting a Jeep Friday afternoon and driving down to Pembroke to visit my cousin. Fly home Sunday, 12/2.
  15. Old#7

    The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

    His brother Earl was a better picker though.