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  1. Old#7

    Espresso to go

    Today’s ride. 25 sunny miles out to Leesburg. Quad espresso at King Street coffee. 25 miles back to Vienna, quad at Caffe Amouri. 3:09.
  2. Sorry to hear this, hope you’re feeling better in the morning. I’m sure the bread will be good.
  3. Tangy sourdough loaves fresh from the oven.
  4. Saturday morning dough has bubble activity.
  5. No worries you weren’t with me today
  6. I was on the VA side. The C&O canal is on the MD side. I hiked on the river trail and scampered on some rocks for about 90 minutes
  7. Sun Country Airlines now has routes from MSP to BWI. Round trip for $200.
  8. There were two kayaks in Mather Gorge. Air temps were below 30F
  9. Old#7

    Side 5

    You need to nip that picky eater phase in the bud. That’s her mother’s influence you know. Teach RO that it’s ok to be adventurous. Rome wasn’t built on crust-trimmed sammiches.
  10. Old#7

    Side 5

    I’m playing vinyl and reached to the back of the rack. Musicians are: Bob Dylan, Leon Russell, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall It takes a lot to laugh/it takes a train to cry Blowin in the wind Mr Tambourine Man Just like a woman Concert for Bangladesh, 8/1/1971
  11. My bad. I interpreted low-alcohol as a garbage beverage with no redeeming qualities. I stand corrected and by my original post.
  12. Old#7

    November photos

    My backyard at sunset
  13. I don’t really know; I’ve never tried it. I just see the ads where fit, buff athletes drink swill after a cycling, running, whatever event. I thought that was the “low calorie” beer the post referred to.
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