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  1. Working on Wednesday and the lobster salad will probably be gone by then.
  2. I like the Asian market for seafood and produce; good quality and fair prices. You are correct that you can find everything under the sea there.
  3. Fantastic IMHO. These were homemade. I bought three 1 1/4 lb lobsters at the Korean market in Fairfax. $7.99/lb. steamed them, diced the meat with a celery stalk, green onion and fresh ground pepper. Added a tablespoon of mayo to hold it together. The New England rolls came from Wegmans. Lobster rolls always taste better at the shore, but these were good.
  4. Old#7

    Sunday Dinner

    I invited three friends over for dinner
  5. Wife of 7 said they had a tornado warning last night. They went to the basement for shelter. She said she never saw LAJ move so fast before.
  6. 69 miles, 4:03, 17 average. Windy on the course today. Drawbridge up for a sailboat at Tilghmans Island. On the ferry, and Mike and I.
  7. Since today is my Friday, I will kickstart the thread. Going to a real barber for a haircut and a neck trim after work. Friday morning bike ride followed by the court case at 9:00. Free afternoon, I might go for a hike at Great Falls before working at the LBS at 5:00. Saturday is the BikeMS Chesapeake Challenge; starting and ending in Easton MD on the Eastern Shore. 100 mile ride to Tilghmans Island, St Michaels, Oxford to Bellevue Ferry. Beer and food at the finish line. Sunday is Fathers Day. Son and I are going to check out some breweries in Loudoun County. Vanish Farm, Barnhouse Brewing, and Old 690. We will bring some cigars for privacy. Lobster rolls for dinner.
  8. Old#7


    Thinly sliced strip steak, with sautéed red onion, and provolone on a toasted batard. Served with Stone Ruination IIPA.
  9. Old#7


    In no particular order: CO, ME, TX, PNW.
  10. To each their own I guess. I won’t get ink myself, probably won’t get pierced either at this point.
  11. Not overly excited. I like lasagna and prefer it homemade over the frozen variety. Wo7 is a Stouffers fan; just one more thing we disagree on.
  12. Old#7

    Father's Day

    Wo7 left for Ohio today. LAJ stuff. We celebrated FD yesterday. I got a card and cooked dinner for FD. Strip steak, scallops, roasted potatoes and mushrooms. Allagash bean and barrel for the cook.
  13. We have a hearing for my sister on Friday. Two other sisters are petitioning to be named guardians and one, a conservator. Younger sister, 57, was recently diagnosed with Wernicke encephalopathy with kirsakoff syndrome. In layman’s terms, thiamine deficiency, cause by poor nutrition and chronic alcoholism caused significant damage to her brain. She will be in assisted living for a long time. We have to get her affairs in order including asset liability inventory to see where she is financially. She owns a townhouse and we may be able to hold off selling that for a few years. We will see what the court says.
  14. Hand-made pasta is a sign she loves you. Making food is more better than buying food
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