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  1. Zackny

    Maryland Snow - could have been worse

    Luckily we are sitting this one out. I did see we are in for 60-70 mph winds Sunday afternoon.
  2. Zackny

    Excuse me, while I kiss this guy

    That will be hard to beet.
  3. Zackny

    Low of -20F

    We had zero this morning headed to 32 later today.
  4. Zackny

    Is this year off to a good start for you?

    Life is good.
  5. Zackny


    Lows in the mid 30’s last night, we actually got frost on the roofs aww, that’s cute. We were -11 this morning and a few areas were -20.
  6. Zackny

    How much

    I just had the rotors turned and all new pads done on the truck. $325
  7. Zackny

    Does your town have pay parking?

    Ummm no. We do have a traffic light though.
  8. Zackny

    February photos

    From today’s ski trip in the Adirondacks. 15 miles but snowed most of the day so views were limited. Snapped this on the way out.
  9. Zackny

    Tax season is annoying

    I just finished ours. Cutting Uncle Sam a check for a little over 2k we upped our withholding after paying in last year but apparently the tax changes last year negated that. We’ll up it again this year.
  10. Zackny

    Name the Forumites

    That’s not your ear
  11. Zackny

    What's Your Favorite Airplane?

    Anyone that gets me from point A to point B safely.
  12. Zackny

    Happy Wednesday!

  13. Zackny

    Tonight’s dinner

    Just walked through the yard
  14. The thread title reminded me of a great story. When I first started working for my present employer it was in the hills and hollers along the PA border. This is hillbilly country. We had a scruffy logging contractor who worked for us that was know as Fuc*ing Al Morris. The story of how he got that name involved a small private plane crashing on his log job. They had been searching the area for a few days when he cane upon it in the woods. He drove his tractor to town and called the local sheriffs office. When the woman asked him to describe the plane so they knew it was the right one, he replied “ lady how many fuc*ing airplanes gave you lost”
  15. Zackny

    Pill question

    Can I have your bike?