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  1. Zackny

    Happy Friday

    Chilly start to the day, 41 this morning.
  2. Zackny

    September photos

    Blue Mt. Lake in the Adirondacks
  3. Did that last year. Tore out separate tub and shower then built a door-less walk-in shower.
  4. Face to face conversation. Guess I’m old fashion
  5. Husbands are presumed guilty til proven guilty.
  6. We have friends in Moncks Corner SC, just north of Charleston. He sent me a video that looked pretty wild. 10 inches of rain and 90 mph gusts.
  7. Zackny

    We were robbed

    She’s 10 in people years which makes her 64 in dog years.
  8. Zackny

    We were robbed

    Yes, she’s abused
  9. Zackny

    We were robbed

    The perpetrator has been caught
  10. Zackny

    We were robbed

    Went out for a bike ride and came home to find this.
  11. This is about a mile from our place. Guessing a lightning strike as we didn’t have real high winds.
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