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  1. @Airehead is alive and well. Just been very busy.
  2. Makes you wonder what the stock boy and cashier are doing in the back room
  3. I don’t think you can be racist against yourself, at least not yet. I’m sure we’ll get there before too long.
  4. We never had a family vacation with the entire family. When I was 13 my mom, grandparents and one sister drove to northern Minnesota to visit family. We would go to the NYS state fair for 4-5 days for my sisters to show horses. That’s about it.
  5. Only BB guns as kids. I have had real rounds fired at me, fortunately none connected.
  6. So you’re waiting til spring to get heat huh?
  7. Our big storm was a bust. Ended up with 5-6 inches total. Not even enough to start the tractor, especially seeing it will be 50 next week.
  8. Zackny


    It’s better as a gun discussion.
  9. Zackny


    I usually hunt with a 30-30. Generally shots under 50 yards and plenty of knockdown power. I do own a .270 Weatherby. It was given to me by the wife of one of the guys that we used to have a hunting camp with. He died while hunting with us from a heart attack. That was almost 40 years ago.
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