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  1. You notice they don’t get used for walking.
  2. Is a poop something one has, takes or leaves?
  3. Looks like our MI peeps got sprung today.
  4. That’s when there’s more than one.
  5. What the hell were you doing in bed at 8:30?
  6. Did you get Andy’s ok to return to NY?
  7. You should go home via the TI bridge and stop by and say hi🙂
  8. Hiking in the mountains tomorrow. Garden stuff Sunday.
  9. Maybe you can get @Kzoo to cut it for you. Rumor has it he has lots of experience cutting and trimming.
  10. We don’t get an alternate day off for July 4th. 😠
  11. Nice ride tonight. 36 miles and about 2000 ft climbing.
  12. You’re Canadien, there’s no expectation on looks🙂
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