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  1. I’m a natural lefty. On my first day of second grade my teacher, Mrs. Carter, informed me i was not to write with my left hand. Til this day my writing sucks, eirher hand.
  2. Nope. Standard public employee retirement. It’s the 12% penalty i would take on this end that is the killer. There was talk about an early retirement incentive being offered. If it had and it got me to where i would be in 2.5 years, i would have jumped on it and then taken this position. At that point there would not have been a need to worry about a secondary retirement.
  3. I would need 10 years to be vested in the retirement system.
  4. I have a standing offer for a very good position in another state but it is all contingent on a lot of things happening that don’t appear to be likely. It sucks to have to turn it down but on the other hand it would have meant staying working another 10 years. The folks there new the situation and were very accommodating but i will likely inform them by weeks end that i cannot accept their offer.
  5. So old men have something to toss at a stake in the ground.
  6. Not this far east yet. Calling for 8-14”
  7. Zackny

    2021 Photos

    How long does it take to skin up?
  8. Zackny

    Canned venison

    Not necessarily better just different. Canned it will keep 18/24 months
  9. Zackny

    Canned venison

    We used cubed stew meat in pint jars. Cooked it in a pressure canner for 90 minutes.
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