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  1. Where is Lucky’s? I don’t recall seeing it.
  2. Zackny

    I’m Hungary

    Breakfast for dinner. It was divine.😁
  3. Zackny

    I’m Hungary

    Colonoscopy tomorrow so no food today or tomorrow.
  4. Zackny


    We had -10 this morning. Not too bad for mid-January 🙂
  5. Zackny

    Perfect ski day

    My point is made😆
  6. Zackny

    Perfect ski day

    Chair lifts are for the lazy
  7. Zackny

    Perfect ski day

    Sunny, 4 above, no wind and great conditions.
  8. Just before Christmas. Went to Kingston to do some shopping and have dinner. We are usually north of the border every few months. Living close to the border it’s like going to another town rather than another country.
  9. Zackny

    Naming your goat

    I would name him Mohammad Ali. He always claimed to be the GOAT ( greatest of all time)
  10. Zackny

    Naming your goat

    Kzoo seems appropriate
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