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  1. Zackny

    April Photos

    One month old today
  2. Zackny

    Do you whistle?

    Nope not even if I wanted to. WoZack on the other hand can get your attention from a mile away how loud she can whistle
  3. My yard needs some work, know anybody I can rely on?
  4. Fish fry tonight with the grandkids. saturday I need to get an oil change on the truck and then we are headed to my folks house. Making a stop in Lake Placid on the way to scope out a possible new bike Sunday we will go to church with mom followed by Easter dinner then the drive home.
  5. Zackny


    We are in Intercourse PA and there is a tornado warning west of us. Front is supposed to hit here in about 20-30 minutes.
  6. My grandmother did the same. Dinner was the mid-day meal and supper was in the evening. i use them interchangeably.
  7. Yes, they’re squeak is long gone.
  8. Thursday is fresh curd day at the local cheese factory one advantage to living in an area where cows outnumber people.
  9. Zackny

    Spring break

    WoZack has next week off from school so we are getting out of town for a few days. Saturday we will drive to a town about an hour north of NYC to drop off a truckload if used sporting equipment. Our local school was going to throw it all away so we grabbed it. We already sent about 300 used soccer balls to Haiti from this stuff. Most of what’s left is baseball equipment. Bats, helmets, Cather gear etc. we found a charity that will redistribute it to groups that can use it. from there we are heading to Pennsylvania, near Lancaster, for a couple days.
  10. Scrambled eggs and a piece of multi-grain toast.
  11. We do it annually at our office. Amazing how many meetings are scheduled to be held here tomorrow. Will need to go for a long walk in the woods afterwards.
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