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  1. Zackny

    Royal assent.

    Only 30 minutes to the border.
  2. With the exchange rate it’s only 8% meaner.
  3. Zackny

    Halfway through '18, how many miles you got?

    Not near enough
  4. If you have the opportunity to go, go!
  5. Zackny

    This is going to be a tough weekend.

    Sorry UB
  6. Zackny

    Weekend plans...don't forget dad

    Working on the bathroom renovation. Tiling the walk-in shower, finish last few sheets of drywall and start taping that. Hope to be all done by a week from Monday. Need to sneak some miles in on the bike too.
  7. It seems to be growing slowly around here. Every year you see a few more riders.
  8. Zackny


    Splains why my lawn isn’t mowed.
  9. Zackny

    What can you tell me about Alaska Airlines?

    Flown Alaska Ir a few times, would certainly fly with them again.
  10. Zackny

    The Best Park in Every State

    The Tappan Zee no longer exists, it’s now the Cuomo.
  11. Zackny

    Started the bathroom remodel today

    A million times nothing is still nothing
  12. Tub is gone along with the old dry wall. Tomorrow I need to move a drain and a vent pipe then I can start framing the walk-in shower.
  13. Zackny

    Quote of the Day: John M. McHugh

    He lives about 25 miles from me. Still run into him at some events on Ft. Drum.
  14. Zackny

    5/27 miles & such

    Just under 22 very windy miles. Did a hilly route cause when your constantly climbing the wind really doesn’t matter
  15. Zackny

    Its Saturday

    Sitting in the gazebo for a few minutes after a busy morning. Finished planting the garden, fixed a bunch of fence, went to the grocery and drug stores and gave Piper a bath.