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  1. We have 6 big sugar maples in tge yard. There are a few oaks i planted but they arent too big, maybe 15’. We also have an 85 acre sugar bush beyond the yard.
  2. We are redoing our kitchen/ dining and living rooms. Tonight i stripped all the molding, took out the partition wall between the three areas and ripped out all the old flooring. Tomorrow will be new underlayment and some electrical work. Saturday we will remove the popcorn ceiling. Monday will be sheetrock day.
  3. I tore the nest down this morning. A few stragglers inside who quickly met their demise.
  4. I got into a nest of yellow jackets last night. We have a small barn and i pulled the upper doir open and a gazzilion of the little bastards came out of a nest on the inside of the door. I managed to get away with only two stings to the head. Picked up two cans of spray at lunchtime si tonight i will get my revenge.
  5. Zackny

    Hey Canadians

    And bread?
  6. Won’t be any miles today. Stoopid work then i have a meeting at 5:30.🙁
  7. At least @Kzoo will finally succeed in getting a lawn mowed.
  8. Congrats! Grandkids are great and so is sleeping with grandmas.😁
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