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  1. Been bitten by a couple dogs. Most painful was a horse bite to my back. As a young teen I caught a Fox pup, got bit and seven rabies shots
  2. In the pen holder is fine, just don’t run with them.
  3. Zackny

    Sunday miles

    30 windy miles with a group of seven. Didn’t do our planned route because of the wind so we took them hill climbing
  4. Zackny

    Noise complaints

    Around here people build next to farms then complain about the manure smell. In many cases the farmer they complain about is the same one they bought their property from.
  5. Zackny

    Sunny Sunday

    Heading to church in a bit. Group ride at 2 pm. Planned 40 mile loop.
  6. Zackny


    A few more days and we will be picking ours. I put netting up this year to keep the birds out so we should have a good haul this year. We will freeze a bunch for next winter.
  7. Zackny

    Our happy place

    Outside this morning I noticed how good WoZack flower garden looks. The gazebo we built from cedar logs about 12 years ago. It has a fireplace in it. We spend a lot of evenings out here.
  8. Why is it colours but techni “color”?
  9. Did some work at church early this morning. Getting ready to take my dad to Syracuse to see my brother. Grand kiddos will be here later so will get back and see them later.
  10. Zackny

    Here goes

    Yikes! Hope all goes well. Don’t hire @kzoo to do your lawn while you recoup.
  11. Must be the one they use for pride month.
  12. We got 1.5 inches yesterday in 5 hours.
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