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  1. Big fire

    We are headed to Grand Portage to catch the boat to Isle Royals. When we come back in next Thursday we will stay somewhere near Duluth that night. Friday we head through the UP to the Alpena area. Saturday we drive home.
  2. Big fire

    A few of us are on standby for a western fire crew. I won't get to go this time as we are leaving Thursday for Minnesota.
  3. Everyone's Mom made it..

    Looking at all the likes, I'd say Wilbur likes food
  4. Everyone's Mom made it..

  5. Could you eat a pig in one sitting?

    That's still a long way from eating a whole pig! maybe it was a little pig
  6. How do you acquire music?

    On occasion ill by some at places like Barnes n Noble. Usually it's 60-70's music.
  7. Wilbur is not a pilot

    He runs a pig racing scheme at county fairs.
  8. Gordon Lightfoot

    I have one of his cd's
  9. They just had the pig races. Were you there? They race again at 6
  10. 7/16 miles & such

    43 today including a 1.5 mile climb @ 10%. Yesterday we did 34 with 3 tough climbs. Needless to say my legs are beat tonite😁
  11. Is it ever too hot to ride?

    Never too hot in northern NY. I've ridden at 95 degrees and really didn't mind it.
  12. It’s Almost Saturday!

    Just use bubble wrap.
  13. Some practical Haitian advice

    got off the phone with my friend Isaiah a few minutes ago. He asked what I had been doing. I told him mowing the lawn. He asked me to explain what that meant. So I told him the like the grassy areas near his home where they tie goats to eat we have grass around our homes and we call it the lawn. Explained we use a machine to cut the grass periodically to keep it short and neat. His response was "why don't you just buy a goat"😀 I should have told him I had one named Kzoo, but he isn't very reliable.