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  1. Nice! I aw on the JH web cam you had snow the other day.
  2. Beer , it is Wisconsin and all.😁
  3. Our only connection to the world is on our phones and thats sketchy at times.
  4. Zackny

    Access denied

    Ours does too but again our policy is some incidental use is allowed. Its just very obvious that we are blocked from anything mentioning our governor.
  5. Eggs 4-5 times a week, oatmeal and cereal the other days.
  6. Zackny

    Access denied

    I also work for government. NY State. These are news articles on various websites that can be accessed by everyone. They don’t even need to be negative. If it mentions the Governor, it’s blocked.
  7. Zackny

    Access denied

    We are allowed some use of the internet at work beyond work related stuff. We have all noticed that our work computers block access to anything about our Governor. Doesn’t matter the context, it’s all blocked. Interesting....
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