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  1. Zackny

    I wonder if Santa will bring me these

    How will he know the right size?
  2. Zackny

    Weekend Plans as October flies by

    Tonight we have a work night at church. We are adding on to our building so next few months will be busy there. Saturday- we have Alexa for the day, yay! I have to run into town and get the oil changed on my truck and run a few errands. Will probably cut a few loads of wood too. sunday- will go down to visit my brother after church. Will probably hit Wegmans on the way home. then it’s Monday again
  3. Zackny

    Prayers, vibes etc needed

    Out of surgery. Dr. Said it went as good as it could have. Hopefully he can now recover and get beyond these health issues.
  4. Zackny

    Prayers, vibes etc needed

    Thanks everyone. We’ll see how the day goes.
  5. Zackny

    First time

    Same here
  6. Zackny

    Well I met the Kirby-ster

    I’ll be there tomorrow afternoon.
  7. Zackny

    Well I met the Kirby-ster

    So he married up huh?
  8. Zackny

    Well I met the Kirby-ster

    It really is. Mountains, lake only an hour from Montreal. Growing up there I couldn’t wait to leave. Once I did I realized how nice of an area it is. My folks still live there so we get up there quite a bit.
  9. Zackny

    Well I met the Kirby-ster

    I grew up near Lake Champlain directly across from Burlington. WoZacks family is from Rochester.
  10. Zackny

    Well I met the Kirby-ster

    Where upstate have you been?
  11. Zackny

    tonight's indulgence

    Is that bacon or jerky?
  12. Zackny

    Well I met the Kirby-ster

    Good. We don’t like foreigners.
  13. Zackny

    Prayers, vibes etc needed

    My older brother has been dealing with several major health issues lately. He recently lost most circulation in his legs causing severe pain. They were going to do an arterial bypass several weeks ago but he was too week from his last surgery. He was admitted to hospital last weekend with severe right leg pain. Tomorrow they will be attempting the bypass. Unfortunately they may also have to amputate his lower right leg.
  14. Zackny

    Well I met the Kirby-ster

    You’re in NY?