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  1. This is from the blizzard of 77 . It was taken about 5 miles from our house.
  2. Has anyone seen RG’s watch

    He said he lost it after a night of partying. You’ll know it’s his because it will beep three times every 15 hours or so.
  3. first world problem but it still stinks

    Give your BIL the old one. So it needs a little TLC, can’t be too picky for something free.
  4. Got me wondering if anyone here ever “almost” made it in sports. When I was 17 I might have been on my way to a spot on the US Ski team. Then I hit a bridge at about 60+ mph which ended my competitive skiing. I was also offered two partial scholarships to DivisionIII schools to play hockey. Instead I decided to work construction.☹️
  5. Got Your Ice Cream Sandwiches Ready????

    So isn’t that sound waves and not light?
  6. Got Your Ice Cream Sandwiches Ready????

    But it says they sent sound not light
  7. Happy & Yet a Little Sad...

    I hear ya. My youngest was scouted the last two years of high school by some pretty good colleges. He decided to join the Army and get married. His life, his choices...but damn
  8. Some of us are working this week

    MTWF and driving to Rochester Wednesday night and back Thursday. 🤢
  9. Got Your Ice Cream Sandwiches Ready????

    So this place is 12.36 light years away (speed of light) and they expect to hear back in 25 years (speed of sound). Now I don’t claim to be Einstein but doesn’t light travel a whole heck of a lot faster than sound?
  10. We live in a 1400 sq ft one story. Works for us.
  11. Which retail place is the best?

    I don’t think I have ever been in a dollar store. The little town I grew up in( picture Hooterville on Green Acres) now has a dollar store.
  12. What is your address?

    1600 Pennsylvania Ave
  13. Drone from bed 'n bath store?- a lifestyle choice?

    Is that law or your agencies policy. When we do sling loads with helicopters we either have to avoid crossing roads or stop traffic when we do. I think for smaller drones, I think under 2 lbs, they must follow rules set by the FFA. For drones being used for commercial purposes the pilot must be licensed. I can see where used improperly they could not only be dangerous at times but also annoying.
  14. In your fridge

    Fruit, eggs and a few cold Mooseheads. Not much else.