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  1. I caught Gumpettes head cold. Started Saturday morning. Mostly just a runny nose. Lot’s of people around have it or had it.
  2. It’s the last weekend of deer season and I still have a doe tag to fill. Now that we have lost most of our snow I’d like to cut a few more loads of firewood but tomorrows forecast is rain and high winds.
  3. Gump

    29 years ago today

    More than I can count😁
  4. I started working for this agency. A year from today has always been my target retirement date but when I was promoted last spring I sort of decided I would work til spring of 2025. We’ll see.
  5. Isn’t there supposed to be a decimal point between those numbers?
  6. He’s why we did stuff like this….and worse
  7. That’s a job I want. Avalanche bomber😁
  8. We may get 12-15 inches tonight. Wouldn’t be enough to ski but would make a good base.
  9. Gump

    Fall in Texas

    Not if you didn’t last 8 seconds🙂
  10. Gump

    Fall in Texas

    Low 26 high34
  11. I would go with state of confusion
  12. Can we start a pool on time of death?
  13. I was 9 so probably riding my bike everywhere, going fishing and playing little league. Good times😁
  14. Gump

    Happy Thanksgiving

    I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!
  15. We will be driving to Rochester in the morning to visit Gumpettes family. Will drive home sometime Friday. Maybe a quick stop at REI while we are there.
  16. Prayers for you both.
  17. I think 81 is fine now. Watertown and Ft Drum got nailed but by Philly there is nothing.
  18. In the office today. They got about four feet of snow here in town so not many people in the office. Headed to Potsdam tomorrow. @BuffJimand @2Far know that town🙂
  19. It’s about 12 miles from me. They got hammered. We ended up with around 24-30 yesterday and another 6 today. The current band is stretching all the way across NY.
  20. We ended up with about 30 inches by yesterday morning. It’s been thundersnowing for the pastfew hours as another band is right over us. Last night they were forecasting 2-3 feet by Monday morning but the radar shoes it moving south of us this morning.
  21. But you forgot to complete form 97-b/7c in triplicate for cross border transactions. Your 7 cents USD will be returned shortly.
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