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  1. Everyone's Mom made it..

    Scalloped potatoes and meatloaf
  2. Cherries

    We bought 25 pounds and put them in the freezer. They are really good when you take them out and eat them frozen.
  3. 2017-04-20 Birthdays

    I got to work 10 hours. But after work, we ordered a pizza and I made root beer floats. My 3 year old daughter got me an extendable bear claw back scratcher.She thinks it is the neatest thing. We are going to have a birthday party on Sunday for her because she is turning 4 years old tomorrow.
  4. 2017-04-20 Birthdays

    Hey guys. Thanks for the birthday wishes.
  5. I really don't know about this girl

    Upside down sunglasses are all the rage.
  6. Do you own one of these?

    Yes and we have one of these also.
  7. Sunday Breakfast

    We had blueberry pancakes with maple surple and hand rubbed bacon.
  8. What keeps you going?

  9. Tonight's beer

    I love Bell's Smitten. It's too bad they only brew it in January and February. I am drinking Tri-city Brewing's Giant Slayer tonight. I like it okay.
  10. Trailer hitches are awesome

    Get the insurance company to replace the hitch. I've been hit twice and the insurance company replaced the hitches because they couldn't be sure how hard the shock was to the bolts.. They told me didn't want the bolts failing when I was pulling a 10,000 pound trailer. Btw, the bolts were bent over so you could not unbolt them.
  11. tonight I tired

    tonmight I tired How many have you had?
  12. New favorite beer of the evening

    I really like that one.
  13. Soap vs Body Wash

    I use body wash. When I use bar soap, it brings back memories of having to eat soap when I talked back growing up. I can still taste the soap when I use the bar.
  14. What is your favourite Serious XM Channel?

    I like the watercolors channel. My 3 year old likes dancing to the music.
  15. tonight's beer

    That's my favorite of all of the vanilla porters.