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  1. There WAS a gal who rode with the group I joined for a bit. She got killed about a month before I started riding with them so I didn't get to meet her. She has a ghost bike just about 1 mile before the start point of the group rides. She was riding solo one day, alone on a road with a nice big bike lane, wide road, 2 lanes each direction and a turning lane in the center, LOTS of room on the road. She was in the bike lane when another gal intentionally drove across the lanes hitting her head on killing her. She went to trial and her excuse was that she was intoxicated and wanted to see what it was like to hit a cyclist. Yeah, drunk driving hits close to my home anyway as I ride those same roads. Maybe the odds aren't that high but I don't want to be that one!
  2. Is this some kind or goal for the forum, special thread or something? Someone is keeping track?
  3. 22 miles with 1100 ft of gain. Nice easy solo night ride. Really nice evening. I just can't do it. My ride actually ended with 21.6 miles so I feel like I waste that .6 so I had to ride up the road a bit to get at least 22. Always feel like I'm not doing it right when I end with a tenth of 6 or more. Might as well get the next best mile. Started a tad later, about 7 PM. Not crazy with the 6:30 start riding into a bright sunset. Prefer a little more darkness feeling my lights and reflectors are more visible to traffic. Plus it's cooler. Really nice view looking over San Dimas Cyn from a little park on the next street over. Big low moon. I stopped to take a pic and before I could get my cell out, some lady stopped to take a pic too. Then 1/8 mile down the road, another lady. Maybe it was some kind of special moon tonight? Still digging my XOSS unit and it's auto night light vs the dark Garmin on my stem. For $35!
  4. Bwa ha ha even had me thinking for a few seconds which makes it bloody funny, mate.
  5. I am usually not. But getting ready for my ride in a bit, looking through my closet, I saw this jersey. I don't wear it on the road and night rides. Obvious reasons. Something just tells me not to! Trail rides only! You got any cycling related issues, list 'em! But it made for a cool song! No, the sunglasses aren't a cheap shot at Stevie!
  6. I joke and kid a lot, even tease but put a lady in front of me, she won't even know I looked at her. I see a lot of booties ha ha ha! I don't like to give the snob or conceited type of woman the satisfaction of my looking at her. Especially when Gina is present. I have had tons of women look right at me to see if I am going to look. I don't! I take it as a "this married guy liked me more than his own wife" type of thing. Abd that ain't true. Have had some beautiful sweet women as friends but for the most part, too many snobby ones. Can't break me, I love my wife and she is number one sexy to me!
  7. Our house was one level but my parent's dream was to have a 2 level so I spent my teen years doing construction. My father, I, and my useless older brother did it all ourselves except poor the cement for the foundation to move back as well. Let's say I'm really good with a shovel and a hammer. It was nice for a several years till they hit their 50's. Then they hated it but had put in so much work, they didn't want to sell. Spent about 5 years of my teen years working like a child slave and hated it. But now, it's paying back. Nice 2400 sq feet but hate the upstairs. When Mom passes, sell and split with one brother. House is worth a good chunk but next time, no upstairs. Hate it!
  8. I worked at General Dynamics for several years. 50/50 but a ton of affairs. Then at a company that consisted of maybe 400 women and 20 men. I have to say I hated working with women. They are terrible in other ways. One of the guys and I made plans to go on a mountain bike ride so right away, we were gay because we spent a couple of hours together after work. If you smile at the wrong woman, you're a sexual deviant. But the women were more than willing to do what it takes to get ahead.
  9. If you hear me talking politics, please put a bullet in my head. Mother and Father, every conversation for the last 20 years has been politics.
  10. I remember back in 2004, scheduled Christmas party for work. Guys were worried that their special friends might reveal details at the evening party. Had a couple of wife situations that night at the party. Ruined a really nice thing. I remember thinking that I could not humiliate Gina like that.
  11. True! I have met a few but I am not that kind of guy. But they exist.
  12. Oh yeah! Too much social media nowadays. I can see why they set all athletes on Strava to off regarding the flyby feature. Even on group rides, it was pathetic watching the guys hound the women on the ride. Almost embarrassed to be a man. Mentioned before, my buddy said it seemed only he and I were there to ride bikes and the others were there to hook up. The gal who rides with me on Thursday nights got tired of guys asking her out. Not too much fun hearing about it on rides but I can see why she got away from them. I will look at women and admire but approach or proposition? Never, and Gina knows it. 34 years together for a reason. Another thing, I am on Instagram and have like 38 followers after having an account for 3-4 years. Most guys that comment on a Gina pic will ask for her account. Thankfully she has no interest in social media. If so, I'd had 38 followers and she'd have 5,000. Seriously, I have seen some women on there with shockingly high numbers of followers for what they look like. Not to be mean but it's all about foolish guys thinking they are going to get laid.
  13. I have to agree with you on this. I'm actually glad I'm not a gal cause I'd have to deal with this. Guys are jerks. Not all but too many. Heck, I get annoyed with guys on Instagram and I'm a dude. I like to look at bodies but won't lower myself to the desperate jerk. admire a female body, nice. Try to hook up, jerk face ha ha ha! Like I mentioned earlier, I have had guys who can't take the time to read a description (thinking with the wrong head) send me messages saying they want to make love to me! I believe it is because they are desperate to get a piece. For the money, I think most think that would be nice but think that is not the main reason.
  14. I agree! I just don't see the attraction to those young gals always promoted on Yarhoo. Araiana who and Chloe. Today there was a headline with Chloe in a thong on Twitter or Instragram. Looked more like a 4th grader to me. Got to have some curves and something to hold onto! ;D
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