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  1. I can understand that! I rode with a group and it took me about 4 rides (once per week) to realize where I was though I was on roads that I pretty much knew already.
  2. Mr Beanz


    Gina uses the Specialized Lady Dulce (?) with titanium rails. She used one for about a 6 months to a year (?), and even though all the talk about ti this and that, her seat rail broke. I was shocked but the shop replaced it no questions. I am a lot heavier and ride cheap cromo and have never broke a rail at my weight. I'm guessing good and bad in most products so I go for fit nowadays.
  3. I can see why people never start. I think there is a point most people do not want to push themselves beyond. I have tried to encourage people to walk. But they make excuses, I walk 50 yards then I get tired. Really! Well if you are that much out of shape, it is going to take walking 50 yards OR LESS at a time till you can go beyond that point. But you have to want to go beyond that point. Walking 30 then giving up is not good. Going 50, then out of your comfort zone 60 next time is the way. But people give up too easy even before they start, IMO.
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    I have 3 of them, one with 2k and the other with 3k, the third only 200 or so. Not sure if one creaked or not. Couldn't figure out if it was the rails, the clamp, or the seat post/frame connection. I lubed everything and it went away.
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    While we are talking about saddles. I read some reviews on another site and thought it was impossible when they mentioned the Spoon Charge saddle back then for $20. I thought no way possible and even argued about it myself. I always enjoyed the Terry Fly Men's saddle. $60 back in 2005, $70 in 2010, $80 in 2014. Now it is up to $160 and I refuse to pay. They mentioned this one and I said no way. Then I tried it out last year, bought one for $24. LOVED IT! A little hard at first but a great shape and fit to my bones. Loved it so much, I ordered a second one 2 weeks later for $26. Then I ordered a third 2 weeks after that for $28. Good thing I only have 3 bikes of my own. They are up a bit now but still a great saddle. The more I ride it, the better it feels. Pretty happy I took my chance with this one!
  6. As long as I still carry these weapons, no! Though some young 23, 24 year old punk thought so. (?) Gina and I were riding our bikes when we passed this guy on a bike. He didn't like it so he reached over, leaned into me, then shoved me. I yelled at his dumb ass then he stopped and pulled a knife. Go ahead mother F'er, stab me right here in front of everybody. He didn't, ended up putting his knife back in his pocket. Ended up arguing then my final words were, don't ever put your F'ing hands on me. Out of sarcasm, I don't know what he was thinking, he put his hand on my left shoulder and positioned himself as if to shove me again. Being closer to my left side, I shot out a short stiff left jab with my left fist and caught him on the jaw and dropped him to the ground. He fell then got back up then tried to punch me with a round house punch. Text book block raising my left elbow, I think it hurt his arm more than anything as my elbow sunk into his forearm. I pretty much laughed thinking, you can't hit me, you're in trouble! He stepped toward me throwing a round house kick that landed on my hip, didn't feel a thing but I said, oh so you want to kick, eh! I took a step toward him as if to throw another punch but threw a mean stiff kick into his inner thigh. I felt my toes sink deep then he stepped back and winced in pain. He stepped back and at this point, my temper started to flare so I went full attack stance, took a step toward him throwing 2 quick left jabs to measure the distance between us. I took another step to close the gap hoping to set him up for my right hand but he backed away and started whining like a little baby about how I was abusing him. Luckily a guy came up and stood between us so I couldn't get to him. Wasn't going to hurt a guy trying to help so I let him slide. He was whining like a little beotch about how I attacked him. I let him whine like the baby he was and walked away laughing. The guy was crying to the good semaritan about getting attacked. Strangely enough, Gina who usually never says anything, told the third guy, "he pulled a knife on my husband, he got what he deserved!". Could have been racially motivated as well seeing I was darker than that skin head looking MOFO! Almost 59 but as long as I got these and know how to use them, I am not an old man!
  7. I'm going to go with Jeannie on this one. Got a lot of fond memories watching I dream of Jeannie as a young boy.
  8. Well, you guys are years behind the US and other countries. Good example, well known boxer from Argentina. Marcos Maidana, only speaks Spanish. They call him Chino because he looks Asian. Usually the call these Asian looking guys Chino as you said, most Asians look alike I am guessing. So it is not an insult to Chinese, just that they are grouped together under one category when it comes to the nickname. AND for the record, he beat Mayweather the first time but got ripped off!
  9. OK, I was going to say it but hesitated. Now that another has said it. There are plenty of Mexican people you could mistake for Asian. There is a common nick name for Mexicans that look Asian. Chino and China, guy and girl that look Asian but actually translates at Chinese guy and girl. Also Guero and Guera, pronounced Wuerro. These are light skinned Hispanics. That you would think were whited but Hispanic. Think Vanna White and Raquel Welch. Not to mention tons of blonde blue eyed people from Mexico.
  10. Watching a movie the other day, Bruised. Halle Berry as Jackie, was introduced in an MMA fight as being 5'4 or 5, at 125 pounds. I looked up her real stats, 5'5 121 pounds. I have looked up Leah R as well when we watch King of Queens after Gina's comments of how small she looks. I found her to be 5'3 and 125 pounds, now 130 pounds. Well Damn, when we met, Gina was 5'3 and 123 pounds, around there size, maybe even smaller being 2 shorter than Halle. I always say, if she so desired and wanted to get into shape, she'd have the physique to kill me on a bike ride.
  11. You are taller I hope. Mike is only like 5'5. He makes Gina look tall and she's only 5'3.
  12. Darker than me? These are all Hispanic guys and I am the darkest other than next to me Mike with Thai and has been mistaken for black. What was funny to me, funny as in strange, is that one night, I was riding through San Dimas. Pretty much wealthy town. A car approached me from behind, it was 50 degrees out so I had on long sleeves, a gator mask, helmet, and shorts. Only thing that was exposed to them was the back of my calves. And my finger tips wearing short gloves, nothing else exposed. As they passed, the shouted N!GG#R!!!'...............Really? I'm of Mexican heritage. I thought maybe it was a mistake but I lifted the pace hoping to catch them at the signal. I did. As I approached, I rode next to their car and looked in. Dark tinted windows so I could not see much. But I just rolled up to the stop with them a bit behind me in the inside lane. Once the light turned green, I though they might have gotten a closer look and realized I was Hispanic. Nope, they rolled their window down and shouted the same racial name used earlier. I could see them as they rolled by. Looked much like my nephew's hair and skin color. I would guess they were Hispanic types, like their grandparents were raised here like mine. I just thought of how stupid they were but later, had thoughts of them coming back just to harass me thinking I was black. Too many stupid people in the world. Darker than Me? I do tan easily and get pretty dark.
  13. I've seen this pic on Yahool. Something about jealous or admiring another, I forget the topic. But seems to me, she's checking out the other chick's stretchmarks. Reminds me of a girlfriend back in 1987(?). Beautiful gal, got to a hotel room, took off her bra when them beautiful boobs were no longer so beautiful. Had some serious stretchmarks in blood red. Uhh, OK, please put the bra back on. Guess they didn't have photoshp back in the days this pic was taken.
  14. I'm lost on this one. You married your high school sweetheart (white), but your oldest son is black? Were you tapping girls way back in Jr. high school?
  15. It's not racism, it's just you. I am more likely browner than you and I don't get any of that.
  16. 30 miles with 2,000+ ft of gain. Hard time getting started today. Stayed in bed a little too long, got taken advantage of but managed to roll out of bed about an hour later. I just wanted to put in some miles but my bike keeps taking me up the hills. Oh well, was a brisk pace for me too just getting on the bike! Exploring a new trail, lots of horses up there. Nice but I worry about spooking them. Maybe I'll just stay off that trail. Falcon Ridge bird preserve and a new to me trail, Ferguson Mtwy.
  17. Roamed around today taking a few more pics. Sunset and some planes. The sunset pics, I tried to get them dark so Gina wouldn't show to much (2 images), just wanted her blended into the image. The other one, use a flash to light her up. Then some planes, trying to capture them with props in motion. I read still propellers are dorky so today, just some experimenting. Along with some images from yesterday's walk with Gina.
  18. Ah ok, smallest tiniest button at the bottom of my computer screen but I found it. Thanks!
  19. Can't take it. It's like having a migraine with the aura. I'll be puking in a few minutes.
  20. Thanksgiving day, Gina and I were bored so we went for a drive. And a walk/hike. Up Mt Baldy Rd, a place called Barett Stoddard Rd. There are hiking trails there. We were walking along this old broken road, the road ends then to a dirt trail, sandy terrain as well. We hear a noise below, somebody clapping, loud pops no sure and then music. There is no rail, hard rock with sand edge of a cliff. Looks like a 100 ft down into a rock gorge. I am not too close to the edge but I can see somewhat it is a big fall. Gina walks to just about the edge and stretches to look over and down. WTF!!! Get away from there I say in a soft voice not wanting to startle her. I won't fall she says as she backs away. Uhhh NO! Gina has a tripping problem inherited from her mom. Neither one of them can walk down a flat driveway without tripping and falling down. Her mom fell once and busted out her front teeth. I don't need Gina near the edge of something like that. Same at the Grand Canyon, she stood at the edge, no rail, with sandals, and scared the hell out of me. On the railed part, she was like a 3rd grade spinning on the bars. She has no fear of heights but that does not solve the tripping problem. Anyway, I do not want to end up on ID TV under investigation by those who think I would push her down. Sacred the hell out of me so I tossed her in the car and drove to somewhere without the big cliffs. Cool place but too bad idiots ruin it by painting all over the rocks and roads.
  21. 2 here never closed down, ate there during Covid. Since March 2020, maybe 7 different places because that is about all I like. None have required any kind of proof of vaccination.
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