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  1. When wife worked at a transplant center, during Bike Week at Daytona Beach, staff called them donorcycles as available organs for transplant surged.
  2. Thieves are becoming fickle and lazy. If it is not an e-bike, not worth the effort to deal with a lock and chain.
  3. Tizeye


    My first job as a bag boy at a grocery store, there were four of us and my head would turn ant time the manager would call two of them. One was a nickname formal name combination - Larry Lawrence - and I answer to both. While my last name is a single syllable word, and will respond to my last name, the coworkers was a two syllable name, but started with mine and the accent was on the first syllable.
  4. Back to driving after a month's restriction! The great escape is on. Still have some restriction like lifting above head, 10 lb weight limit, and heavy exercise. Did my mile walk today and will probably extend the distance over the weekend.
  5. They probably go to the same church and play canasta together on Friday night. Gossip central.
  6. He hasn't been contacting us? I'll be quiet, but I guess it is just you he hasn't contacted.
  7. Package it and sell it in pet supply stored. For marketing, use some guilt line for not making your dog happy.
  8. Nobody ever said "Wilber, slow down. 300 MPH is too fast"
  9. Ya'll gonna luze yure fer'in accent. It aint gonna take no specall train'n to speek normul. Gonna lern how to spel too. Fur dinne gona get me sun nice catfish n grits!
  10. Similar. My college roommate failed first attempt and while he had a high draft number, quickly joined the Air Force before the Army drafted him for Vietnam. With me, While I graduated from HS in 1969, I was #19 on the lottery and couldn't fail as I would lose my student deferment. Four years later and two months before I graduated, they abolished the draft with the wind down of Vietnam. My later military service was voluntary.
  11. That almost happened to me when I lived in Jacksonville, NC. I had my 2 y/o son in the car with me and went to throw some garbage in a county collection bin. Upon returning and back on the primary 2 lane road, in my peripheral vision see a tree falling. It wasn't a sports car (Chevy Nova I think) but I whipped it into a side slide, tires screeching, as stopping as the tree crashed on the pavement about 3 ft away. Stalled out with that maneuver and I look up and see electric wired danglig directly above me as the tree brushed against the them. Desperately trying to restart the car but the carb was flooded. Wires never fell, but at about that time, workers at the business (sorghum molasses still) had witnessed it congratulating me on my driving skill...and helped me push the car away from danger.
  12. There is another side to it that, unfortunately, I was unaware of until my son told me when he began working at Yale. The key is being accepted. While undegraduate are expected to pull the load, with the endowment and research grants at Yale, Harvard and Ivey league, Masters/PhD is virtually 100% paid for in each of the Colleges, irrespective if it is a PhD in English or nuclear physics. In retrospect, with my daughter while the Lottery Scholarship paid for most of undergraduate, the research grant funded her TA position during her PhD at SUNY Stoneybrook. I would throw her a few hundred as needed, but both son and daughter completed degrees with no debt. My son did create some debt with his MBA. Yale has a continuing education employee benefit to study anywhere BUT Yale. He got his MBA at the local Albertus Magnus (private Catholic University) but the stipend wasn't enough to cover 100%. My brother, who is a professor at an Osteopathic Medical School, primarily teaching organic chemistry and associate dean for admissions, relayed an interesting dialog. Potential students typically have two or three acceptance letters deciding between. Invariably, during the admissions interview the applicant will ask the question "How much are you going to pay me to attend?" As I look back it was similar with my daughter. She was accepted at University of Calif Davis, but with the tight State budget they didn't have the funds to offer her. Univ of South Florida sent her a rejection letter so she accepted at Stoneybrook. A couple days later, the professor at So Florida called, looking forward to working with her, blah, blah, blah. Apparently the Admissions office sent the letter out in error, but since she already accepted at Stoneybrook, didn't back out.
  13. That is the one thing you DON'T do under any circumstance. Parents/chaperones will label you as a perv and will give you hell waiting for security to respond to their reporting you.
  14. While it is not the actual campground, but the supporting area and its trails that the kids invade. I will go to Blue Springs State Park on a photo shoot and the park is very popular with schools with at least 15 bus/RV length pull through parking spots in the general park area. Here I am trying to get some nice nature photos along the elevated walk over the wetlands. Then here come the kids. Clomp, clomp, clomp and talking to each other with the only known volume is "shout'. And there goes that elusive kingfisher I was stalking. Oh wait, I see saw a deer. Grrrrrrrrr!
  15. And then the school has field trip days. They all load into a school bus and proceed directly to where you are camping. A busload of kids suddenly running all over the place.
  16. While much of it is "expensive", price at per lb is at the low end. It is the quantity that makes it expensive. While there is little you can do about the extra thick steaks (other than enjoy), I routinely get freezer bags and cut the quantity down to manageable sizes. Classix is 87% fat ground beef (priced like 75% stuff in grocery stores) in around 6 lb quantity. I look for those close to 6 or just over. With a postal scale and parchment paper covering, I break it down into six 1 lb bags. Have to go to Costco tomorrow as about out of stew beef (tonight's dinner used last one). They are now over 7 lbs, but I cut it down to 1 lb bags. Of course, I can do custom weights as well but far close to what would actually use rather than what the Meat Dept at the grocery store pushed in their single package. No, I don't want 1.5 lbs, just 1 lb!
  17. A quick glance at the Ram site didn't see, even on the commercial page, a Promaster on the 2500 chassis or an engine larger than the 6cyl., so assumed was based on the pure truck cab bare chassis. True high vans are intriguing but don't know if can tolerate the wetbath that the limited space forces, plus lack of external access storage. They are nice though, and very flexible. People make them work. The three choices I am looking at (with prices coming down) are 1500 with trailer up to 26'. 2500/3500 and short 5th wheel (28 to 32'), or a Class B+/C plus toad. Impressed with the Chevy (and Ram) 1500 with 3.0L diesel that gets better fuel economy unloaded than my current cars - including the Mini I would trade in, and pulling a moderate trailer drops equal to about what a Sprinter van would get. A side project for your home, tie in a drain near where parking the van to sewer/septic for emptying the tanks. Also consider running a dedicated 30 amp 120 line.
  18. Wow, Ram 2500. So not using the metal wall Promaster van that doesn't have the heavy duty frame and suspension of the 2500, but building a full house behind the cab. I see those commercial cab on frame models on dealer's lots as I shop for a 1500, but curious why didn't use the Ford that comes both as cab and cutaway (no back wall on cab). I think those commercial are 3500 (E-350 on Ford) so are you purchasing the 2500 truck and removing the bed?
  19. There is another one with a large YouTube following that spent the past few years traveling the country and camping with her dog in a 2006 Prius - no side tent to assemble at destinations, but living in the Prius. She is shopping to upgrade to a van as the 2006 Prius is requiring costly repairs and is a string along storyline in her adventures.
  20. Sounds exciting - hashtag vanlife - keep us updated. The new ones are so expensive. Modeling after any specific floor plan? Solar? Me? Boredom is driving me crazy. See things to do around home - like cleaning out closet or shampoo the carpet - and can’t do them despite the energy and desire as requires lifting over 8 lbs or raising arm above head. Even hired someone to mow lawn and while I may be a bit of a perfectionist, sloppiest job I have ever seen. By this weekend should have the driving restriction lifted. FREEDOM! Keep us updated!.
  21. I thought this was something I (thankfully) missed during the 80's when I was stationed overseas. But this was released in 2020 (although storyline was transported ahead 50 years (1970s) by a magical weed so was close. Ironic, 2020 lockdown impacted tv/movie production...so do animation. Exclusive to Tubi. May have to download the ap to AppleTV or Roku. Not necessarily for Freak Brothers, but the broader selection all of which meets my favorite word...FREE!
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