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  1. Yep...and that is where the whole miles driven argument comes in. Of course with it GPS based there is no way to turn it off as that would be self defeating, but reading when the car is being transported and not driven. That would include on a trailer or pulled behind an RV, GPS shows miles where odometer doesn't. Likewise, never have understood - except greater return for the State - tax/licensing a car based on value (ad valorum) going over the road, vs a handful of States taxing/licensing based on the weight putting wear and tear on the road.
  2. And the expectation of running out may backfire. Already, gas usage has declined with the advent of electric vehicles (ignoring how they generate electricity - but usually doesn't involve an ethanol plant) and the higher CAFE standards resulting in higher efficiency. Major manufacturers have se corporate goals for all electric cars and light truck as primary production around 2035. Governments are currently whining about loss revenue based on gas taxes that electric don't use and more efficient - both hybrid and CAFE engineered for maximum mpg, use less.
  3. Ahhh, no. I am perhaps their worst nightmare. As a former stockbroker with Charles Schwab (and Merrill Lynch earlier), kind of a unique experience. Part of Schwab's employee assessment was the corporate goal of continuing personal development. Problem was, I was, in addition to my normal duties, the guy that lead training programs for the other employees and some of my work was developed into training manuals. The problem is I had the same personal development requirements. As a result, Schwab paid for my MBA, and after I completed that, began working on Certified Financial Planner. I completed 6 training modules plus studying the manual and ready to send in the $500 to sit for a very gruesome exam with a low pass rate. They also had one unique requirement to keep good test takers from walking in off the street and the applicaion had to include a letter from your supervisor that actually doing financial planning. The problem was, a week or so prior...I was laid off and had no supervisor (or job for that matter) plus my former supervisor couldn't rationalize completing the letter. It is like a lawyer who doesn't sit (or pass) the Bar, they still have a law degree, but can't practice before the courts. I have the knowledge but can't claim to be a financial advisor and obviously don't provide services for pay. In addition to myself, I do provide guidance and support for family. Worst nightmare - I read through them. Mom's IRA, stock broker first mistake was thinking 90 y/o = income portfolio and wanted to invest "commission free" in a convoluted fund with all sorts of hedge counters, blah, blah, blah. Anticipated return 2.5% and the privilege's of paying around $950/yr to the stockbroker (the gift that keeps on giving) for doing that. I took over management (LPOA) of the IRA investing in a program related to the Utility Index (5 of the 15 stocks that make up the Index). Average dividend was 4.2% and total gain for the year 19.7% and even after her 9.7% Required Minimum Distribution, it has continued to grow this year.
  4. My camera bag has what they call "military" velcro. Normal opening is just like standard velcro. However, if I pull down at an angle, it releases quietly.
  5. It is just out of the picture and an absolute necessity. While the crimp tool does its job, it has one bad habit. While it is nice that the adjustment notch is easy to pop up for adjustment, when not under tension it has a bad habit of re-calibrating itself. If perfect calibration is the middle notch, I will look as see it shifted to either end. The crimp gauge tips me off that adjusted on me if I wasn't paying attention. The hot side may be my next project. Just back from Lowes as I returned unused connectors, Noticed 100' roll of 3/4 PEX was only $55 and I don't have to shut the entire house water off like would with cold - just turn cold off at the hot water heater. A couple of 1/2" lines I need to run into the hall bathroom, but otherwise, all other hot (and cold) lines a awaiting the 3/4 master line Will delay it until after the surgery on Nov 4th.
  6. What do you mean "could find a job?" My to-do list keeps getting longer and longer. And I am suppose to be retired!
  7. SUCCESS! Filled it up without leaks and now happy to say I am in hot water! Did it the right way...none of that push compression stuff. Also gave up on trying to find the threaded connectors with stepdown reduction when learned that the existing white pipe was 3/4 PEX. Also found 2 female threaded to PEX for final connection to the water heater - one was the single piece where the other was better suited, being 2 part with washer that could tighten/remove without twisting the pipe. TO DO LIST: Glad I decided to hold off replacing the cutoff valve. Only reason was having to shut off water to all the house to replace and wasn't certain how the older existing PEX pipe would work. Could always do it later, with additional confidence as the hot line would use the same 3 connectors I used today. Then saw why was a good decision. Both the hot line (see where foam insulation opened) and the inlet side of the cutoff valve are polybutylene. While not impossible, it takes a different size clamp and a special poly/PEX straight connector. I have been updating the 1/2" lines and why I had the clamping tools but have yet to tackle the 3/4 supply lines. For hot, I would do a whole house run, Likewise with cold, but in an emergency if the cutoff fails, at least up to the "T" on the cold supply.
  8. Usually wait until January, but sometimes have to in December.
  9. Reminded me of my adolescence. My sister had a Ouija board and had several of her friends over, closing her bedroom door as they used it. Being the good older brother that I was, I didn't go in her room and disturb them. Rather, I went outside and began scratching on her window screen. Oh, their panic and screams were great as they went running out of her room. Took them a while to figure it out.
  10. Not that we haven't tried as visited several places that were reputed to be haunted. Most of the time it was not an intentional seeking, but after the fact learning. Would look at an episode of Ghost Hunters" and weve been there. One time in Savanah at a BnB across from Forsyth Park, our upstairs window opened during the night and other incidents happened - then learned of the haunted rumors. Same trip was at a famous cemetery supposedly had a ghost dog...is that the reason wife tripped and fell on a clear path? In England went on a haunted pub crawl trip. Ignoring "things" happen when you drink a lot, but two funny incidents. We were out in a field where supposedly a priest was burned at a stake and the ghost returns. Wife when to take a picture but her camera at the time was the Minolta Talker and didn't have sound turned off...so in this large group already on edge a mechanical voice speaks "Use Flash" and everybody freaks. Last stop on the trip was a crossroads where someone who committed suicide was buried with the myth that the ghost would be confused by the crossroads and wouldn't know where to go. We heard some rustling in the bushes and everyone turned their flashlights in that direction only to light up another member on the trip relieving himself of some of the beer consumed...he had a really sheepish grin as he was the last to board the bus.
  11. Never will forget a reserve medical office doing his annual reserve active duty had the rank of Read Admiral. (yes...one star) If that wasn't rare enough, his medical specialty was Proctologist where his rank is a slang reference to the specialty. He gave a very interesting in-service education on Aides (new at that time) and his civilian practice in the VA. The discussion Aides and homosexual practices would not be appropriate for this setting.
  12. I suspect that is what happened, but he could have committed suicide by drowning and the gator (or other animal) happened afterwards. From the story, note that form the story was found in an area flooded during the previous search and found a notebook and "human remains". That is the issue...remains vs entire intact body. Also would have little difficult with confirming identity if was entire body. That leans more towards a gator.
  13. I don't have a sherpa lined hoodie. I realize we bundle up when the temp drops below 80, but a sherpa lined hoodie would have to be really cold...like mid 30's.
  14. Repairing the hot water heater. Not done yet but $20 is better than a new one at $500. Although I am amazed that I see an install date sticker 7/2004 so definitely got my money out of it. The good news it, it was a top leak that also went down and flooded the top electrical connection. Glad I caught it in time. Was actually the top Sch 80 fitting that split causing the leak. Don't make those connectors so I have to manufacture one with 3/4 PEX. While at it, cleaned up the electrical, drained the tank (never done) and didn't notice any sediment or discoloration of the water. Not having problems with heating but figured would take out the elements and inspect. Despite having the correct socket, the threads are frozen and couldn't budge...so leaving it alone. EDIT: Now I am really in trouble with it all apart. Looks like cold showers. Got two 3/4 x 3/4 female threaded to PEX couplers. Bottom one fit fine. Upper needs to be a 1" to 3/4 reducer version. WOuld go back to HD and Lowes but checking online to see which store had stock. They don't stock it in any store and it is ship to store for next week. Even Amazon is the same timeframe. May have to re-engineer - either replace the elbow with a reduction version, them the 3/4 part will work, or return it for a 1" threaded 3/4" clamp type rather than push connection.
  15. Not only no, but hell no! Actually I haven't been to the local Disney World for several decades, so no way would spend(waste) time in France. Actually, my daughter is vacationing this week in France, staying at a airBnB in the countryside near where Vincent van Gogh lived. Wife is jealous as hell! Discussing what to do when 5 y/o (or probably turns 6) grandson when they visit. There are so many attractions in and near Orlando, that Disney doesn't even make the list. Two highly probable 1) Legoland and 2) the Space Center. Then there is obviously the beach and other activities...but no Disney. May do Disney Springs (former Downtown Disney) but it is so crowded. Speaking of crowded, Yes, I remember the A-E tickets where had to budget and plan. With the one price, it is a congested free-for-all with lines backing up. SOLUTION? Sell a special pass that allows you to cut to the front of the line...as if you didn't pay enough already.
  16. First "cold snap" of the season with the temp currently 63 but should climb to the low 80's. Little humidity and feels great. Planning a daytrip to Bok Tower. Should be great walking the grounds, avoiding the weekend crowd and with these temps/humidity, shouldn't be a "sweatfest." Only question is, do I want to lug video equipment or save for another time.
  17. Look at the bright side...at least you could find your garage wall not hidden with 'essential stuff.'
  18. Actually, not quite right. Speaking only of the hybrid which is in production and not the all electric Lightning - order to reserve for Spring 2022 intro. The truck engine kicks on and re-charges the battery when low, and is much quieter than a generator. Biggest problem with the Lightning is what plagues most other all electric - range and recharge time. Great city vehicles and perhaps short day trips, but long trips become an issue. Stopping every 300 miles, 10 minutes for gas but 45+ minutes for "partial" recharge which means won't make the next 300 miles before repeating. Also on the Lightning, while ad shows towing an Airstream there is no published information on towing capabilities yet. What I did not that the 300 mile range requires the optional second power pack and full charge at home is noted as overnight, but didn't specify if that was the 110 or 220 charging. That being said, can't expect 300 miles when towing under load. Generally speaking on gas/diesel trucks. it is about half. The 24MPG Hybrid, 12MPG towing, the 30MPG Chevy/Ram 3.0 diesels around 15MPG, therefore, expect around 150 miles towing on a 300 mile totally electric. Personally, I would lean toward the diesels over the hybrid which ironically will save you 10K-15K for the truck in equivalent trim. The only issue with the diesel would be city driving short trips as they need to heat up to clean the buildup in the particulate filter and avoid the engine starting the rgen process to accomplish the same buildup removal.
  19. Always great to take a hike in the woods. I am taking it a step further. My weekend project is completing my first video for general public viewing (vs private link viewing among family). Timeline complete, now beginning voiceover. With the exception of three clips where I am on camera (Welcome, orienting pre-hike with trail map, and summary review) all audio was silenced due to road construction noise and picking up crunch, crunch, crunch with each step. Audio will be background music and voiceover noting various features. No GoPro here, this was shot with my Sony DSLR in a Ronin stabilizer. Really need to work on my on-camera speech delivery but voiceover type in Word and read.
  20. Pseudo anonymous...tizeye.
  21. I keep trying and trying but no luck yet. Guess I have to work on technique.
  22. And that is the key. While I haven't researched this in a while, may want to doublecheck the two key points. 1) After-tax is After-tax...but it doesn't stop there. For accounting purposes, $X amount remains $X amount and in a 401k, withdrawals simply reduces it until $X amount is depleted. Excess beyond that (earnings - capital gains, dividends) is taxed, just like pre-tax contributions and it's earnings. On a Roth, those earnings are also tax exempt when withdrawn. That is the difference. 2) A Roth, if it doesn't already exist, has a 5 year requirement on tax free withdrawals with tax (and possible penalty) prior to that. HOWEVER, all after-tax contributions can be withdrawn anytime in that 5 year period without tax/penalty as it is the excess beyond (subsequent earnings) that has the initial 5 year restriction. That is a one time 5 year restriction based on when the account was opened...not a running 5 year with each contribution. That is why if an existing Roth has been open 5 yeas there is no restriction. 3) Delay beyond Dec 31, 2021 may not be to your benefit as there is movement in Congress to change the law to "close loopholes the affluent were using to avoid taxes." Two specific targets are the 401k/IRS rollover conversions since they typically involve huge lump sums, and eliminate ability to contribute to a Roth above a certain income level (As I recall, was somewhere around $220,000 married...but don't quote me). Not law yet and don't know where stands legislatively...or simply "talking points/ideas" trying to gain traction. EDIT: Don't overlook pre-tax contribution withdrawn/deposits as contribution to Roth. If you have a low tax year (first bracket or even excess below standard deduction, it may be better to pay the taxes, if any, and deposit in Roth as contribution (assuming you don't otherwise need it.) An IRA has a RMD (Required Minimum Distribution) beginning at 72, where a Roth does not. While you assume you will be in a lower tax bracket after 72, you may not me and may not be able to control it. An example that happened to my mom. A stock holding she had was taken over by another company. Had the takeover been in shares of the new company, would be no problem as cost basis remains same for new shares (adjusted by quantity). However, this was a cash buyout - lump sum immediately taxable, pushing into a higher bracket...and still need to do the RMD! Speaking of RMD, while generally discussed in terms of IRA's it is also required for SEP, 401k, 403b, profit sharing and other defined contribution programs. A Roth does not have an RMD (no government tax benefit so no laws requiring it) with only the required distribution at death to the beneficiaries - but that is a whole different subject.
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