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  1. What ever happened to the "Which router should I buy" thread. I would have directed you to Asus where can create you own VPN network for anonymous web surfing.
  2. I've dropped 15 lbs. My goal is another 15 to go which will take me down to my military weight 30years ago.
  3. I loved a news "fill in air time" during the pre-launch when they interviewed a member in the newly created Space Force. The reporter actually asked the question if they would like to be known as the Space Cadets. By the puzzled expression of the interviewee (enlisted rank) he wasn't anticipating the question and after briefly thinking about it replies, "I hope so."
  4. I had a friend who flew one. He was crazy! Low altitude run, pull up to avoid power lines along road, take plane into a stall, roll and recover, lined up for next run. Amazing to watch, but no thanks.
  5. When they let it slip that the spacecraft was called "Jason", it set off a fury of what it meant. Wife sent an email to the TV station and over the air, "One of our viewers suggested that it was with the dragon launch, this was Jason and the Argonaughts, or as Elon Must might change it...Jason and the Astronauts." Viewing from Switzerland...
  6. Too cloudy across street where usually take photos so had to watch on TV. Daughter called from Switzerland seconds before launch. Turns out they were on a minute or two delay, so we would see the launch, and then they would. Was 4 y/o's bedtime but he stayed up to see his first launch. Was all excited and debated how we were supposed to introduce ourselves to aliens. The creative mind of a 4 y/o. Also knew was close to grandpa's house and he had been on that beach next to it during his visit.
  7. You're gonna freeze. Seriously, getting back to riding is great. I've upped my miles and dropped my pounds with the shelter at home gig. Good luck.
  8. While this is a Canadian company, their only business is topcoating, primarily concrete but I used their kitchen countertop product. They are NOT a paint company and this is a sideline product offering! I really liked it, very durable...and far cheaper than granite. Have been considering their garage specific for the garage and concrete specific for walkways and driveway. The only thing I will caution is take their application time with a grain of salt as the fast time is marketing fluff. While this was for their countertop, they apparently leave out the drying times before light sanding between the primer, base and finish coats, and the 'light duty' time before putting heavier appliances back on the countertop. Unlike the competing Rustolium which is epoxy paint and sprinkle paint, this is epoxy with ground rocks. Not certain about Behr formulation at Home Depot, but they carry the 'plus' line of Daich concrete coating, special order only so my military discount doesn't apply. https://daichcoatings.com/ I ordered directly from Daich, I think through Ebay as thought it might avoid the import processing but shipping still originated in Canada. They are just across the border from Buffalo, so thought they might have a warehouse for US fulfillment, but no. They might now as see they have expanded international with distributorships. NOTE: Was surprised when saw video below that used trowel application when I used a roller. Researching, their RollerRock product is roller applied and they do note that the roller takes slightly more product, applying thicker, than their SpreadStone product. Trowel method doesn't look hard. Their YouTube channel covers each, plus my countertop project.
  9. I went in WalMart a couple days ago as my "smart" thermostat told me the AC filter needed to be replaced. Walmart is the only place, other than the dealer, that carries the 20x22 filter. Had the front area past the registers cordoned off so had to take the back aisle across. Went past sporting goods in the process and only one 9" kids bike in stock! I did buy a can of bike degreaser as about to re-pack the hubs and BB. It was eerie seeing all the racks empty. After getting the filter and retracing my steps went by the sewing area and wife indicated she needed some thread for cross-stitch where she ran out. Told he glad she didn't make a special trip as the threads were 95% sold out, and across the aisle the small fabric squares was totally sold out as ideal for face masks.
  10. Normally I can see launches from my home but was way too overcast. Occasionally, I will go to Titusville and watch then battle the traffic on return. Plan to but not this one as too popular. Yesterday was returning home from a photo shoot, crossing Lake Jessup bridge around 1:00 and there was an ominous cloud front ahead that looked like two funnels forming. I grabbed my camera off the front seat (unfortunately with an ultrawide angle 16-35mm lens mounted) to have ready but never touched ground. It was that weather system that made it over to the launch site around 3:00. Then there was the concern if had to abort shortly after launch, the flight path takes them over tropical depression Bertha off South Carolina and rough seas for a rescue. While the initial graphic shows the mother ship waiting to receive returning rocket, even more impressive, earlier stages, rather than directing into the sea, are now guided back to the launch area. In addition to seeing the rocket launch, you can now see the parachute return to a landing pad. That is the other reason I want to go.
  11. Tizeye

    Way Back When...

    It is not "drying", rather taking out the water spots before they dry, and the thin film of wetness will dry. Same with glass...even windows in the home. Also, I usually take the car on a high speed run to blow excess water off, park in shade, and 90% dry before applying chamois. Do windows first, then paint areas starting with flat areas like hood and roof, and may have to wring out once, not continually.
  12. Tizeye

    Guns and dating

    Hope the date goes well. Don't piss her off when she has a gun.
  13. Tizeye

    Guns and dating

    And he told her "I shoot blanks"...and she believed him.
  14. Tizeye

    Way Back When...

    I still use a leather chamois...to dry the car when I wash it.
  15. Tizeye

    May Photos

    First time attempting a photo painting. Original vs acrylic. While the original is very precise, I may have gone down to too small a brush bringing in fine detail, but nice to know the detail is possible. I am thinking about using this for the book cover with upper graphic "Central Florida" (not limiting to Orlando, but is the lake/fountain downtown) and graphic below fountain "Beyond the Theme Parks". Bottom would be author line in smaller print size.
  16. Yeah, I call it marketing stupidity, creating two classes of cash paying customers. Sometimes I will do the threatening to leave, but that is only as a last resort where they have the best intro deal. Otherwise, I quietly take action and then their "save" employees call me and I am in a power position. But basically, it is "too late, you snooze, you lose" as I am already set up with your competitor. I usually will do this with internet service between Comcast and Spectrum as I have the rare advantage where I am wired with both companies service distribution posts in my back yard. Actually, last time I saved more with a self install, opening the two boxes and disconnecting the wires servicing my house from the Comcast box and attaching it to an open post in the Spectrum box. One thing I have found with the call in groveling/threatening to leave approach is that the front line customer service rep that you would dial into is NOT empowered by the company to make the adjustments that the "Save Department" rep is. Another business failure. In this case though, I did call Bluehost yesterday as I though they ignored my 'manual renewal' when received a $79 (as opposed to $400) billing success notification. Turns out that was a secondary charge for SiteLock (free at Dreamweaver) which they reversed and as I mentioned I was leaving, made a halfhearted attempt to keep me with no real discount of $1 off/mo not even approaching what they offer their own new customers. Since I am sales trained, I am their worst nightmare as I can read their counters. In this case, going anywhere is the best option as I start clean with nothing old on the server. While might be out for a day or two with the transition, how hard is it to re-upload the website that is sitting in Dreamweaver (or any other web development program) on your computer? That is also a good reason why not to use WIX or other online program as they hold you hostage. With a couple websites it is even easier when the url transfers, simply set up the C-Name redirection/connection to the 3rd party resource (Tourbuzz or the portfolio/shop website at Fine Arts America) that reflects it as my domain in the link rather than their generic domain reflecting them.
  17. While saving, then there is the sudden out of sight surprise bill. Have web service for web sites through Bluehost for 3 years which expires 5/30/2020. Got the auto-renew notice and they were planning to charge me full amount rather than the discounted rate they charge new customers. I hate being considered a second class customer paying more! Going to go back to DreamHost I left 3 years ago for the same reason as the have a very competitive new customer rate. Got it all filled out, saving 60% below what Bluehost was going to charge me, and got the message that me email was already on file blocking the order. GRRRRRR! Looked up my old DreamHost password and logged in. Sure enough, there was my account from 3 years ago with nothing other than my account profile. Saw the renew button, started to, but they also wanted me to pay full retail. GRRRRR. Since the account was based on my email and "primary" I couldn't delete it. Added my ancient AOL email as secondary, then made it primary which flipped gmail to secondary...and I could delete is. Waited a few days allowing it to be scrubbed from Dreamhost's system and will try resigning up today. Otherwise will flip to some other web provider, like HostGator. It is actually good to do this as I simply reupload the current websites to the new servers when the URL transfers leaving behind all the excessive crap files that remaind on the server after prior updates. Makes it much cleaner. Plus it may resolve an SSL issue that never took when supposedly applied after Google made the industrywide mandate. Also, hopefully will resole a "server certificate error" when Outlook logs onto emails related to the websites.
  18. Saving as well, but more Amazon and Ebay which rarely used. Some of the savings is being spent with household improvement projects that would not have otherwise been done.
  19. I put mine in last week in about 5 minutes. For raccoons or possums that devoured a pineapple waiting to ripen a couple years ago. Fencing worked last year so doing it again. Actual fence in background is neighbor’s so I get the clean side rather than the framing. This week she started replacing. Back property line has a hedge and the other neighbor planted fern as lower ground cover. It took over and spread everywhere. Grrrrrr! Need to clean out but fern seed pods are like digging up potatoes.
  20. Have you noticed but apparently spammers were laid off? Seems like getting fewer calls than normal. Must have shut down call centers where the auto dialers are. But does seem like that could be configured to work remotely.
  21. I don't know it others have noticed this with light colored tile. The swifter wets the floor but doesn't really clean. After several months there will be embedded/caked dirt discoloring patches of tile in high traffic or where stand for food prep in kitchen. Even an old fashion wet mop doesn't remove. About once a year or so have to get down on my knees and, not with a brush, but use Brillo pads on the tile and grout to bring back to 'as new'.
  22. Any why do they do that? Really simple. It is not out of the goodness of their hearts, rather the 3 "R"s of personnel - Recruit, Retain, Retire. Having a solid benefits package supports the recruit and retain portions.
  23. I do a REAL mopping - lay a wet layer and back over with a wrung out mop - about one a month. Wife objects if do to often, but that is the only way I mop. Between she uses those swifter pieces of crap. That is the way I learned with first job at a grocery store. Mops and a 55 gallon drum of water plus the squeegee pail. None of those riding mopping machines they use today.
  24. That is just it. HR could tell you...and probably should tell everyone what their employer is paying for that benefit. Then there is another issue. Double Dipping with a dual tax deduction. 1) with the employer, employee benefits are a tax deduction reducing taxable income. With the employee, it is tax free phantom income. In other areas, like savings bonds that pay at maturity, the government already taxes the accrued income, referred to as phantom income, even though you only receive the interest at bond maturity. What if the government eliminated the double dipping by either eliminating the employer's deduction or taxed the employee on phantom income received. With the employers, there would be no incentive to cover medical insurance shifting the cost to the employee. The reverse, employer retains the deduction but the employee, using a hypothetical $1000/mo, suddenly has a $12,000 phantom income added to their taxable income. I can just hear the screaming now!
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