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  1. Tizeye's post in Longjohn, we need a check report was marked as the answer   
    Asking for a friend?
  2. Tizeye's post in Have you ever had someone of the opposite sex give you a rectal exam? was marked as the answer   
    Wrong side. I had a female GP take a culture swab inserting it into my penis. Still squirm just typing this but came back negative. The problem was, with my also being in the military medical, my wife had seen this hot female doctor at parties all over the guy. My wife says, “She did what? She held what?”
  3. Tizeye's post in Always a parent was marked as the answer   
    That drove me crazy when I was a stockbroker. While withdrawal at job change direct to another plan or IRA is a non issue, what would drive me up a wall was a withdrawal before age 55 1/2 because they "need" the money, usually to purchase a depreciating asset. It is not that they are diminishing their future retirement assets. Rather, it is THE MOST EXPENSIVE MONEY you can get. Even a high interest rate credit card is cheaper. For example. if below 55 1/2 and for easy math withdraw $10,000. In the middle 24% tax bracket, assuming it doesn't push you higher, $2400 is owed for taxes. Additionally, there is a 10% tax penalty based on the original withdrawal amount, or $1000. You effectively gave 34% to the government and netted $6600 of the original $10000, which probably doesn't meet your perceived need and have to take more, like closer to $15.000 to net $10,000.
  4. Tizeye's post in Vacation Plans? was marked as the answer   
    While the Yalaha Bakery is a must stop midway on a 40 mile bike loop out of Mount Dora. Great German bakery with breads, pastries, and a deli all baked/prepared on site. However, next to it is the farm with pick your own blueberry field - and only two businesses in the township with a population of 1345. Just saw on the local PBS program "Central Florida Roadtrips" as they covered Lake County and featured the farm. Since this photo was taken, they have expanded the product line, re-arranging the store to now accommodate an active still with Florida's first and only moonshine license. Don't know if they give free tasting sample - like a winery in the same county - but definitely worth a daytrip. 

  5. Tizeye's post in Work week hours? was marked as the answer   
    Work? That a dirty 4 letter word. We don't use that type of language around here!
    Ahhhh...my virgin ears. 
  6. Tizeye's post in TV Commercials have reached a new low was marked as the answer   
  7. Tizeye's post in First Glass, Now Plastic! Is Aluminum Next? was marked as the answer   
    No. It was first glass, then aluminum. Drinking beer in plastic cups is only when slumming it.
  8. Tizeye's post in So is limbs”falling asleep” blood flow or nerves? was marked as the answer   
    Blood flow
    To create the situation, you cut off blood flow - not nerves. The nerve interruption is a secondary response.
  9. Tizeye's post in In line to vote was marked as the answer   
    Plus the machine I fed the paper ballots in confirmed it read everything, so now officially in the count.  Looking at time stamps on the photos, from initial line to "I voted" sticker, took 1 hr 17 minutes.
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