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  1. Went to link and there is a part two to the rant and he’s added more colorful wording beyond. Well you know what
  2. He has a history of being banned like on bike forums. It's the racist and homophobic rants that got me
  3. I totally agree - I run many zoom and webex calls - so I am in 5 minutes early always
  4. I get it - people always seem to login at the last minute and if they have any issues - then they are late - just a 5 minute grace period.
  5. I use to like pre-season but they wait until the 3rd pre-season game before they even play any starters. I get it that it is to evaluate people trying to make the team but not seeing some of the key players is always disappointing.
  6. I am still figuring out the navigation of the site and find the places I would like to participate
  7. Thank you for the welcome.. Guys and Gals
  8. Hello everyone - Didn't realize I had to respond to this message. Live in Arizona - Raced in the 70's and 80's and now watch my kids race BMX. So more a cycling Dad than soccer Dad.
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