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  1. May sound nuts, but get the kid a high powered 22 pellet rifle (get yourself one too). Pellets are cheap and you can shoot all day for the cost of a brick.
  2. oatmeal w/ flaxseed....*burp*
  3. sorry, didn't mean to leave a mark.
  4. Grocery shopping, trainer time, begin working on next weeks homework, and tonight the daughter and I are going to cook something we've never tried before for the fun of it,,,,,haven't picked it out yet,
  5. I'm happy there's no cat muscling in on Baron's bed.
  6. That's why the interest rate rise will be a long, slow rise. The Fed is pretty much painted into a corner....think about what that interest rate rise means to their balance sheet now. They aren't gonna take that kind of haircut.
  7. with no consideration for what it's doing to the elderly and those reliant upon investments for a living.
  8. Looks pretty straight forward.....
  9. oh man.....must try this.
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