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  1. Nothing wrong with the headline if one is able to interpret it with an open mind. Scream like a banshee to me would be creating a high pitch whine. Yes, I've heard electric cars make high pitch Screaming sounds. Heck, I've heard small remote control cars with electric motors make high pitch noises like a Screaming banshee.
  2. Sadly it seems car shows are always in blazing heat. I like taking pics of cars so I'm always expecting it to be hot. Sadly though, I'm sure it's a space thing where shows are held, it's hard to get a pic of one specific car. They always seem to be crammed in together so that it's impossible to get the full view and beauty of one car.
  3. Thanks to @Square Wheels setting up a few members for criticism and insult, I can see your post is much shorter.
  4. Not really. I see about 50 percent that look pretty grumpy. Thing I don't understand is that many say the bike trail is boring. I enjoy it, trail, roads, riding up into the local mountains. I guess I just enjoy riding my bike more because it doesn't matter where I ride. I just enjoy riding my bike. And I always nod or wave to passing cyclists whether on the trail, road or dirt. If I encounter 100 riders, you can bet I've waved 100 times. I'm just happy to be on my bike.
  5. Hope they work for you. I bought some Merrill hiking boots at Sport Chalet about 5 years ago. $125 and they fell apart within 6 months. I had only worn them to dinner and walking the mall. I can imagine what would have happened had I actually used them for hiking on a trail. I wore hiking boots for years for work that lasted much much longer. More inexpensive models from $40 to $60. I thought the Merrill looked cool so I bought them but they really sucked. 😄
  6. Fonzie referred to Mr. Cunningham as Mr. C. I don't think it had anything to do with Mr. Cunningham being a homo. 🙄
  7. I love the smell of a nice candle. Got like 3 of these floating around. 😄
  8. Every one around me thinks I have a cast iron stomach because I rarely have stomach issues. No upset stomach, heartburn, etc. I think it's because I don't eat the sheot they eat. If I go eat with my BIL, he'll end up with heartburn. Then say I'm lucky I don't have problems. Yeah, he ate a chili burger with chili fries. 😄
  9. Really long. I'm a super slow eater. A double scoop at B&R might take me 45 minutes to eat. The ice cream melts before I can eat it.
  10. I do turn in paper work so I get to stroll through the AC when I can.
  11. Dude has a different style. Skatepark as well. Different type of song but I like it.
  12. I just love this song and I don't know why. 😃
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