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  1. You should see the ones in the judges chamber, they are made of crushed civil rights!
  2. I would expect that to change very soon, Mr. Allen G.
  3. what about jsharr? would you hire him?
  4. I seek a new job whenever the pile of bodies I leave in my wake is tall enough for me to climb to the next level. #winning
  5. County Clerk


    Nice, you eat off a paper plate and use steak sauce? Middle management material if ever I saw it.
  6. Now you know how I feel when November rolls around!
  7. That was you? yeah, to say you scared the bejeebers out of us in an understatement! Why do you ski naked like that anyway?
  8. Maybe you should have just driven around in the "big woods" instead of trying to use a gun.
  9. Trying? TRYING? I will have you know sir, that even though a gentleman does not kiss and tell, there was no 'try" I put the "butt" in Butterball today sir.
  10. How callous.... Are you from Texas originally?
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