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  1. Howie Mandel

    Go Saints! Beat the evilest of the evil!

    Who dat gonna beat dem boiz
  2. Howie Mandel

    I am getting a cold, and I am beginning to cram boogers

    I am pretty sure he is in the box next to mine in jsharr's basement
  3. Howie Mandel

    Go Saints! Beat the evilest of the evil!

    Who dat getting shut out? Brees worst start EVER. 3 and out back to back. No score by Saints in 1st quarter.
  4. Howie Mandel

    Go Saints! Beat the evilest of the evil!

    Who dat paid their players to hurt people. Their coach should be banned for life as well as anyone who put money into that sick scheme or profited from it . Unforgiveable
  5. Howie Mandel

    Teen Tournament ends tonight

  6. Howie Mandel

    I wore shoes today

    Nice? A stupid owl riding a bike where he can't even reach the pedals? And he has a hedge hog on his head? Is that in case he gets hungry? And while he is not paying attention to where he is coasting he is going to get bit by that huge ass bumble wasp and go into shock and die! jsharr is trying to kill you and you say it is nice? And in that second screwed up picture, I guess the bottom bracket and crankset are held in place by pixie dust? Jeebus Crisp, that frame is a travesty. Can you say toe strike, or in your case, talon strike? And do not even get me started on the steering geometry, but again, jsharr has put you on a death machine and told you to "have a GOOD day"? Better he should be honest and say "rest in peace"
  7. Howie Mandel

    If You Were A Doctor

  8. Howie Mandel

    If You Were A Doctor

    I could see jsharr as Dr. Rosenpenis.
  9. Howie Mandel

    Just cuz I felt like it

    Do not forum and drive. It can wait.
  10. Howie Mandel

    Kirby's Wild Sister

    Kiss My Grits
  11. Howie Mandel

    Kirby's Wild Sister

    I think she was my waitress at a truck stop the tour bus stopped at.
  12. Howie Mandel

    I Exceeded My Limit!

    Only a rookie or a noob would have a limit on something like this.
  13. Howie Mandel

    I am truly trying not to panic

    The horse did not feel a thing.