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  1. That was you? yeah, to say you scared the bejeebers out of us in an understatement! Why do you ski naked like that anyway?
  2. Maybe you should have just driven around in the "big woods" instead of trying to use a gun.
  3. Trying? TRYING? I will have you know sir, that even though a gentleman does not kiss and tell, there was no 'try" I put the "butt" in Butterball today sir.
  4. How callous.... Are you from Texas originally?
  5. I just hope the guy getst the help he needs.
  6. Thomas Turkey

    Sad Day

    Lost my brother Gus this morning. He moved up to Michigan a few years back and we sort of lost touch, but I just got word he went out for his morning run and some cager slammed into him. Word is the guy driving was distracted by some website he had open on his phone. My nephew had gone with him on the run and they stopped so that Junior could head into the the bushes to take a dump, you know how jogging can do that do you, and heard the sound of an engine revving and then a loud bang and was able to get a picture before the guy sped off. Please keep a good thought for the entire Gobbler family in their time of loss.
  7. I sure hope so, I will be closely following anything he post so I can use it against him because he seems to honest and upright.
  8. Thomas Turkey

    Man down!

    So you were carrying a gun? Got it. Are you licensed to carry a gun? Did you shoot before or after you ran into my client the poor lady?
  9. Thomas Turkey

    Man down!

    Really sorry to hear this. Do you take prescription drugs? Where you on your cell phone or other wise distracted? How long has it been since you had your safety check on that bike? Are you on STRAVA?
  10. I am pretty sure he is in the box next to mine in jsharr's basement
  11. Who dat getting shut out? Brees worst start EVER. 3 and out back to back. No score by Saints in 1st quarter.
  12. Who dat paid their players to hurt people. Their coach should be banned for life as well as anyone who put money into that sick scheme or profited from it . Unforgiveable
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