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  1. Lisa Michelle

    Jungle Book looks way better than I thought...

    Where have you been?
  2. Lisa Michelle


    And I am serious, you will not. They just bulldozed the old Park Place post office/Goodwill store and I cannot take anymore change. Both Desert and BlueBoh are in use now.
  3. Lisa Michelle


    I look nice in BlueBoh.
  4. Lisa Michelle


    You will not remove my BlueBoh until I have signed off on an acceptable replacement. There will be no further discussion permitted on this subject.
  5. Lisa Michelle


  6. Lisa Michelle

    The "say something nice about a fellow forum member" thread

    I can't break RR's edict but I would like to point out you new people didn't garner much mention even as the clock was striking 5 and the praise was flowing like cheap wine at the SC/NC border. Except @Wilbur, he's better than the rest of you but you already know this.
  7. @onbike1939 Showed such promise in the beginning before turning into this.
  8. Lisa Michelle


    Shove it Ralph and you're supposed to be working.