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  1. We were well into the petroleum era before there was widespread realization that we effed up the atmosphere. Although interestingly, I have recently read stories that the science was discovered like 100 years ago. So it was a tall order indeed for humans to forego the convenience of petroleum living. Can we possibly imagine the alternate reality that could have been had we been fully aware of where the incessant burning of fossil fuels would lead? I have always thought a low energy existence would have been cool. Like during COVID, no scurrying aboot and sitting in traffic jams. Sure,
  2. Left the house at 7:40 to take Ryan to camp. 3 hours driving. Had a 12 o’clock meeting that ran almost 2 hours with adult troop leaders. Got an oil change and inspection on the Chrysler. Had an hour and a half meeting with the Senior Patrol Leader of the Scout Troop. Went to tire store to have a screw taken out of tire. Went to liquor store. I am home. The bar is open.
  3. What the hell is up with Pogacar's hair always sticking up through his helmet?
  4. ...at the end. I think some guy or other will win, but some others will languish unexpectedly and there may be a crash or two.
  5. I don't, can't really see the value in it. I am open to having my mind changed, but it will be difficult.
  6. I think tomorrow will be Thursday
  7. Fake Honey Nut Clusters are very high at 15%! And fake Cheerios are very low at 0%. Quite a variation.
  8. My legs hung out over the end of the heart cath table about a foot. They asked me how tall I was.
  9. ...and am being SUPER productive today! WOOT WOOT WOOT!!!!
  10. Last night, I finished a book on my Kindle - a book I got "free" from Amazon First Reads months ago and finally started a couple weeks ago. This morning, I got an e-mail from Amazon saying, "What to read after Spellbreaker". Seriously? It is letting Amazon know when I finish a book on my Kindle. I get that it stays connected via wifi because it always offers new book ideas and requests you to rate a finished book, but this is a first with this type of message. I guess I can stick it into airplane mode most of the time, but even so, it will surely check in any time I am on wifi ag
  11. So, I googled it, and apparently you can just slice these things and eat them - raw! Who knew? Anyway, I just washed them and sliced them, but now I'm exhausted!
  12. ...with the azzclown "tinkering" in his garage. So effing awful. Just stupid and it really ought to be banned!
  13. ...is what I call it, and figure this section can use a new topic Anyway, it's the standard seen-it-a-million-times sort of thing that most cyclist have dealt with. On one hand, there is the traditional "lost in thought" getting passed that awakens you again and you reassess your pace. For me, that happens when I zone out for a little bit, and if I do get caught and passed, I quickly do the calculation to see if I am happy at my current speed/effort or if I could ramp it up and enjoy it more. In any case, though, I don't ride up behind a guy and the punk pass him at a sprint. If the f
  14. Bicycle insurance? Just read somewhere else someone asking about it. People seriously get insurance for their bicycle? Seriously?
  15. ...that the Deadskins fired Gruden???? COME ON!!!! This is BIG NEWS!!!!
  16. The Post ADDED Nancy to the Sunday pages!!!!! It is a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE comic. Keep in mind, they dropped Get Fuzzy from the printed Sunday comics a few years back, and Dilbert is buried in the Business section
  17. ...and by "winning", I mean spending the least to fix their plumbing issue? I go with Maxx, because he likely will get the right person to fix it and not rely on some guy who may or may not show up. Maxx or Dottie
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