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  1. ...of a tennis racket? A spatula? Maybe a really neat fleece blanket? Anything else? What sort of things do folks get all proud about owning?
  2. Watching the Shrink Next Door (so-so), and the main guy mentioned he might have died alone and the cat would eat his face (or something like that). My wife and I discussed and decided that a DOG would never do that to its owner, but a CAT probably would. What do you think? If a pet owner died - unknown to the outside world - would a cat or a dog be more inclined to feast upon the dead owner?
  3. It is the cold and dark season (thanks Kirby! ), a time when normal people aren't riding but really wish they were. I have these USB lights that I like a lot, so what do I do with them? Let them run dry and wait until next summer to charge them? Charge them once a month for the hell of it? I don't know these things, and don't want to do a proper search online when I can get so many whorific and/or wonderful answers here regarding maintenance of rechargeable lights. What should I do?
  4. ...or, at least her and her hubby. The rest of the t-shirt design falls on those other folks, but MS and HoMS will be good to go in these shirts:
  5. ...is more painful and worse in general than a broken finger, a strained finger, or a sprained finger. Folks who break, strain, or sprain things have no idea what a jammed finger feels like and should thank their lucky stars!
  6. ...and, if so, which varieties? I miss his MS reviews!
  7. ...to all of @Randomguy surely asinine questions? What was the final deal worked out?
  8. ...why some folks adopt an all black wardrobe. Black (and, if a little wild, shades of black) really is pretty much the perfect color choice for clothing and offers the broadest (and best) variety of fashionable options. From shoes, sock, pants, underwear, (bras for the ladies), shirts, belts, and even hats, black is pretty much the best or tied-for-best option. I'm starting to understand the genius of those all-black clothing types - even the goths!
  9. ...makes me wonder if there is anything @Randomguy isn't doing wrong!
  10. ...I might be mistaken. At the Sheep, Wool, & Dog Herding festival, I spotted a 65+ (likely 70+) woman walking around happily drinking a Mountain Dew. I can't say I ever noticed "old" folks drinking The Dew! However, after a brief amount of time thinking about it, I realized I was now an "old folk" and I still drink Mountain Dew!
  11. Talking to my wife over the years, we're both firmly in the cremation column, but I'm in the "then spread my ashes in the ocean, across a mountain, from a hot air balloon, etc.." category, while she's in a "store me on the shelf and have us spread together when we're both gone." I said, "I don't think that will go over well with any of my future girlfriends." How about you? Got plans?
  12. ...if a truly "life ending" meteor strike is imminent? Say we get a week's notice? Would that result in a week of violence and insanity followed by immediate immolation? Or, do you think it would be nice to have a few days to do whatever you wanted before the immolation? How about a year's notice? Or a decade in advance? Total destruction of the Earth guaranteed, so no special tricks other than maybe a short term bonus period on the ISS? What could be the upside of knowing in advance, especially more than a few hours or days?
  13. My dog likes to play a game where I toss treats to her and she runs at a breakneck speed to get them. The first couple she chases down, pounces on, and the eats normally. However, as the fun amps up, she becomes progressively more fast at the consumption portion of the game. She is often back in motion looking for the next treat before she has finished swallowing the prior treat. Of course, this results in a choking fit that is familiar, I am sure, to members of the @Randomguy family every Thanksgiving. She has to stop her running, dislodge the treat, and start over. Luckily, as the game goes on, she also loses a bit of her pep, so the peak choking is mid-game, and tapers as she stops running around like a maniac. How about your pups? Are they nutters too?
  14. ...'s "NSFY" with the "NSFW" tag???? I think we need separate tags for each!
  15. ...and be part of solution? What headwear would work for him? The one on the right seems a little too fussy for him, but the one on the left definitely screams @Kzoo! Baldpieces, a series of portraits of men adorned with striking headwear, focuses on masculine beauty and challenges an enduring taboo.
  16. Assuming you can only have one pair of either cowboy boots or Uggs, which is the better choice? Obviously, Uggs are generally uggly, but they definitely seem way more popular in the non-yucky parts of the world. On the other hand, for the few folks who actually SHOULD wear a cowboy boot, they are pretty darn good at their job. So, where do you think things really line up? Is simply letting popularity and people's wallets decide enough to push Uggs up and beyond the more limited in scope, but durable in nature cowboy boot?
  17. Which one lasts longer? Can the worldly city boy handle the mean streets of Richardson, TX? or Will the country boy with the heart of gold win over the jaded (yet dangerous) city dwellers of Manhattan? I think @jsharr - with his ability to glamp for days on end - would EASILY outlast @Randomguy who would quickly wilt like the snowflake he is without culture & refinement surrounding him.
  18. ...in the @jsharr's clan's ability to eat donuts? Seriously, how hard is it to eat a few dozen donuts in a timely manner? I'm no expert on this sort of thing, but a half dozen per person per day seems like a RIDICULOUSLY low bar.
  19. What do you need from me today? I figure I can either focus my immense brainpower on ten good threads, or channel my inner @Randomguy and churn out a hodge-podge of nonsense. In either case, this joint will be hopping!
  20. jsharr

    Happy Ending

    Here is why I love being a foster for DSDA. Martha and I have had some of the mange dogs in our home after they were on the road to recovery. Here is a story of one such pup. We just had to share Jax (fka #dsdamrsnuggles) in his TUX at his parents' wedding last weekend! This gorgeous boy was one of three pups found 3 years ago (after being dumped in the woods near a lake) by a young lady who advocated for their rescue and was to become a DSDA volunteer. The unsocialized pups were covered in sarcoptic mange (the super itchy kind) and ringworm. But because we had an experienced foster willing to take them in and give them a chance we were able to accept the pups into our organization. Hence, #dsdajoey, #dsdamrsnuggles & #dsdagrace! All were nursed back to health and adopted into amazing families. We love it when we hear back from our adopters. Seeing Jax in his tuxedo & part of his parents' wedding is pretty special - especially since his transformation was so extreme. If you want to help turn a homeless pup's life around visit www.dsda.org/foster for more information!
  21. I think this is a clearwing. Maybe not. Anyone want to hazard a guess? Anyone have an educated opinion? I was supposed to be moving rocks for two new garden beds. Instead, I spent like 20 minutes watching this guy.
  22. We were well into the petroleum era before there was widespread realization that we effed up the atmosphere. Although interestingly, I have recently read stories that the science was discovered like 100 years ago. So it was a tall order indeed for humans to forego the convenience of petroleum living. Can we possibly imagine the alternate reality that could have been had we been fully aware of where the incessant burning of fossil fuels would lead? I have always thought a low energy existence would have been cool. Like during COVID, no scurrying aboot and sitting in traffic jams. Sure, we need heating and some cooling, although we definitely overdo it in the cooling side. And I spose it is not really helpful to reflect on what could have been, but it would still be interesting to see if it could have been possible to navigate a more sustainable path for civilization. Hard to make a case for us being the most advanced civilization when the world existed for a long long time before we became petroleum addicts. Disclaimer: This diatribe was inspired by some early morning doom scrolling where there was an article aboot Miami Beach. That the Greenland ice sheet is snot only melting but is getting covered in soot that darkens it so it is way less heat reflective. Signed, Debbie Downer BTW, I was quite awed by flying over the Greenland ice sheet a few years ago so I feel emotionally attached to it now. And effit, I am going to flag this as an IP, self-indulgent as that may be.
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