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  1. California: Mortgage debt Alaska: Credit card debt Texas: Auto debt Georgia: Student loan debt Colorado: Per capita debt New Jersey: Personal loans (unsecured) debt and combined total of the five categories). Crazy when you see what some of the numbers look like for "average" Americans.
  2. I gotta say, the story leading up to the auction was interesting enough with the whole "is a Porsche, isn't a Porsche" debate. However, the hilarious "Dutch accent fucked up the sale" is TOO FUNNY. A one-of-its-kind 1939 Porsche-badged sports car that was expected to sell for at least $20 million over the weekend flopped on the auction block after a series of miscommunications. RM Sotheby's in Monterey, Calif., shut down the sale for the Type 64 sports car Saturday when it did not reach the minimum price required by the seller. The lot closed after a misinterpretation over the amounts of the bids. Bids of $13 million, $14 million and $17 million were erroneously listed as $30 million, $40 million and $70 million. Honestly, how many times have you asked someone to repeat a number since you couldn't discern the "-ty" vs the "-teen" nuance? Especially with an accent, "fifteen" can easily sound like "fifty". It ain't a Porsche, but it is a Porsche.
  3. ...PC magazine. Where does a 3-5 year old even put their mobile phone??? 30/1,000 parents are NUTS (mobile and laptop). I get the tablet - an easy babysitter - and the speaker (but is that really the kids?). THe phone and laptops, though???
  4. This cycling performance product is on sale and might be nice for him to try. Get over the pain and back in the game with Floyd's of Leadville CBD Full Spectrum Softgel capsules made from the best anti-inflammatory strains that takes the edge off the pain and gives you an edge over the competition. CBD is a non-psychoactive, organic compound found in cannabis plants with amazing benefits that can be enjoyed without the side effects and highs that come from the psychoactive substances extracted from cannabis plants. Potential benefits include: Pain relief, decreases chronic inflammation and relieve joint and neuropathic pain, helps regulate blood sugar, helps reduce clogged blood vessels in the heart and brain, reduces irregular heart rhythms, helps with digestion and irritable and inflammatory bowel syndromes, improves sleep, help bone growth (animal studies have shown broken bones healed faster in the group taking CBD than in the control group), helps in treating auto-immune disorders, has anti-tumor properties that can be effective in killing cancer cell, helps with PTSD, OCD and panic disorders. No preservatives or additives; just natural CBD hemp oil, with two strengths available - 25mg or 50mg of CBD per capsule. 2 year shelf life. Bottle of 30 Capsules.
  5. Yes please. Do you think they will serve me in dusty MTB gear?
  6. So, we all are collecting stuff. As mentioned in the "Collecting" thread, there is a pretty wide variety of stuff folks choose to collect, and it got me thinking - especially Wilbur's donation comment - that there is a sort of "and then what?" aspect to it. So, what happens next to all the stuff we collect? Is there a transition plan? A thought out donation plan? A "it's my kids' problem" plan? An "I don't care" plan? I've got no kids, so I've been passing significant childhood stuff to my nieces & nephews with the comment to them & their parents (my siblings) to do with it what they choose and I won't be offended. That covered the kids stuff I had sitting around - Matchbox cars, steam engine, toy cannons, etc.. My grown up stuff will have to be sorted differently, but will likely be a "we're tossing/donating/selling this if no one calls dibs and gets it first" sort of thing.
  7. ...against this sort of thing! I have pre-sliced cheese for my lunch sandwiches, and each is separated by a piece of paper. Anyway, the cheese slices are offset about a 1/4" BUT the paper only extends about half of that offset. SO...this results in the very end of the top slice of cheese staying adhered to the next piece in line. Instead of the paper facilitating the WHOLE slice of cheese being removed - fully intact - it only works as far as it extends AND it provides a breaking point for the last bit of cheese. ? THIS NEEDS TO STOP!
  8. ...would you choose? Jay Leno ran a show last night with the GM Firebird concept cars - I and III were shown - and he got to drive the III. Pretty darn cool! The II looks the most normal, but the I looks the fastest. Man, what a future those guys envisioned!
  9. ...simply by ignoring that dolt @jsharr's awful advice. I am no longer bitter!
  10. Sure, it ain't vegan, but it is KOSHER! Man, I wonder if SW would take a chance on it?
  11. ...is local beer. Been trying a few new options this past week: Of the two, the Solace Brewing Partly Cloudy IPA was the tastier. Definitely a fruity taste, I guess due to the Citra hops? Could be the El Dorado ones, but those don't sound too fruity. Not sure where Solace's bricks & mortar location is, though.
  12. It seems the build site decided to add another big crane to the development sometime last week: I wonder if it is because they are falling behind schedule or was planned this way?
  13. I bet it was that azzclown @jsharr! The coffee this morning was definitely a little bitter ? making me bitter I ever read jsharrs' post yesterday
  14. ...and is this a bad thing? My gut tells me that it can't be good!
  15. I love them. I have been to quite a few, and rarely pass up an opportunity to combine a celebratory event AND a vacation. My cousin is getting married next month, and I was bummed she didn't listen to my suggestion that she tie the knot in Spain. She and her fiance love Spain, so I was hoping that might sway them.
  16. ...regardless of type (dill, bread & butter, etc)? Seems like, as a veggie, they get points, but the way they are prepared might negate a bit of that?
  17. ...on their own or their kid's weddings? We may have spent that if you include the honeymoon, but definitely not remotely close to that for the wedding. I find $10k nuts, but have known the plenty who have spent multiple times that with $50k no longer being "outlandish". Beyond a WTF, I still can only say, "It's your money..."
  18. ...what kind of dirt would they have on you? I don't think twice about speaking freely in front of my pup, nor do I close the bathroom door when it is just me and her in the house. God knows what she has tucked away in that noggin of hers.
  19. I can't say I ever follow LA's tweets and I still consider him dickish, but I am loving the hornet's nest he stirred up this weekend Only sad part is that SW didn't bother to head to Nantucket for the meet up ride.
  20. ...or even just the simple "Lady Beetle"? We always call them ladybugs. They really are a fun little insect.
  21. Driving your car (or, riding a bike): How long do you sit at a completely desolate intersection before proceeding through regardless of the red signal? I'm coming to a full stop, looking both ways, and proceeding.
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