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  1. I think tomorrow will be Thursday
  2. Fake Honey Nut Clusters are very high at 15%! And fake Cheerios are very low at 0%. Quite a variation.
  3. My legs hung out over the end of the heart cath table about a foot. They asked me how tall I was.
  4. ...and am being SUPER productive today! WOOT WOOT WOOT!!!!
  5. Last night, I finished a book on my Kindle - a book I got "free" from Amazon First Reads months ago and finally started a couple weeks ago. This morning, I got an e-mail from Amazon saying, "What to read after Spellbreaker". Seriously? It is letting Amazon know when I finish a book on my Kindle. I get that it stays connected via wifi because it always offers new book ideas and requests you to rate a finished book, but this is a first with this type of message. I guess I can stick it into airplane mode most of the time, but even so, it will surely check in any time I am on wifi again. @dennis probably runs into this sort of thin a lot!
  6. So, I googled it, and apparently you can just slice these things and eat them - raw! Who knew? Anyway, I just washed them and sliced them, but now I'm exhausted!
  7. ...with the azzclown "tinkering" in his garage. So effing awful. Just stupid and it really ought to be banned!
  8. ...is what I call it, and figure this section can use a new topic Anyway, it's the standard seen-it-a-million-times sort of thing that most cyclist have dealt with. On one hand, there is the traditional "lost in thought" getting passed that awakens you again and you reassess your pace. For me, that happens when I zone out for a little bit, and if I do get caught and passed, I quickly do the calculation to see if I am happy at my current speed/effort or if I could ramp it up and enjoy it more. In any case, though, I don't ride up behind a guy and the punk pass him at a sprint. If the fellow is riding a good pace, I'll settle in a distance behind him to get the "carrot" effect but also no slipstream/draft. That makes the ride still a workout of my choosing but uses another rider as a good incentive to keep the pace up. If the fellow is riding at a good but not great pace, I'll mosey up behind them, wait for a stretch of clear road, pass & say howdy, and then continue the pass. This leaves an opportunity for them to sit on my wheel if they like, ride beside me, or just drop off. The ones that bother me are the pass someone, have them draft (or stalk) me waiting for the chance to sprint past a while later. Odd behavior and pretty asocial. Anyway, with my rear camera in play, it is fun to actually see how things percolate once a pass is made. This mash-up shows me rolling up on a guy, passing him, him disappearing into the distance behind me, and then, as I slow behind a different guy to cross a DANGEROUS intersection, passed guy uses our slowing and our break in the traffic to make his move I just let him go, reel him in as the traffic on the trail clears, and then do my favorite azzclown move of sitting on his wheel for the last mile or two relaxing the whole way. Good clean fun. Anyway, my editing sucks and the light was tough for the front cam, but you'll get the point.
  9. Bicycle insurance? Just read somewhere else someone asking about it. People seriously get insurance for their bicycle? Seriously?
  10. ...that the Deadskins fired Gruden???? COME ON!!!! This is BIG NEWS!!!!
  11. The Post ADDED Nancy to the Sunday pages!!!!! It is a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE comic. Keep in mind, they dropped Get Fuzzy from the printed Sunday comics a few years back, and Dilbert is buried in the Business section
  12. ...and by "winning", I mean spending the least to fix their plumbing issue? I go with Maxx, because he likely will get the right person to fix it and not rely on some guy who may or may not show up. Maxx or Dottie
  13. J&PB? I realized I almost always - quite possibly 100% of the time - make a PB&J using my tried and true "apply the peanut butter to one slice, apply the jelly/jam/preserves to the other slice, and combine the slices" method. I can't ever remember spreading the jelly BEFORE the peanut butter. I don't think I am likely to ever change this proven process, but maybe it is worth a change once in a while?
  14. Razors Edge


    I went by our local Mom's Organic Market this weekend to buy some bulk nutritional yeast and a few other items. While there, I noticed that there was a new tenant in the old K-Mart space - a Sprouts grocery store. I always thought of them as a West Coast sort of store, but apparently, they are spreading all over. What's interesting is that they are located in the same shopping center as the MOMs, a Lotte, and a few bodegas (or the Middle Eastern equivalent), and across the street from a Safeway. So, now within a stroll or, as my wife prefers, bike ride, we have our go-to shops of Trader Joes & Harris Teeter. Then there's Giant, Whole Foods, two Safeways, a pending Wegmans, a Balduccis, and places like Target or CVS trying to grab my grocery dollars. All this while we have bumped up our meal delivery service usage instead of spending time at any grocery store. I don't quite get the grocery store business.
  15. ...but I really think both have probably spent a good bit of time thinking about this sort of thing. Poop shame is real — and it disproportionately affects women, who suffer from higher rates of irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease. In other words, the patriarchy has seeped into women’s intestinal tracts. Let’s call it the pootriarchy. Girls aren’t born with poo shame — it’s something they’re taught. In “Psychology in the Bathroom,” the psychologist Nicholas Haslam writes that girls tend to be toilet trained earlier than boys, learning at a young age to neatly keep their bodily functions contained (our words, not his). When those girls get a bit older, they learn to pass gas silently — while boys do it loudly, and think it’s hilarious. (Yes, there is a kind of Kinsey scale to gas-passing and it goes like this: According to a study called “Fecal Matters” that was published in a journal called “Social Problems,” adult heterosexual men are far more likely to engage in scatological humor than heterosexual women and are more likely to report intentionally passing gas. Gay men are less likely to intentionally pass gas than heterosexual women, and lesbian women are somewhere in between.) “If a boy farts, everyone laughs, including the boy,” said Sarah Albee, the author of “Poop Happened!: A History of the World from the Bottom Up.” “If a girl farts, she is mortified.” Which is not to say that anxious poopers or audible flatulators of all genders don’t exist: Indeed, a male friend of ours, a U.S. Marine, recently explained that he often changes out of his military uniform and into another while on base in order to enter an entirely different facility to use the restroom. (He was one of three individuals who responded to a survey we sent out to 100 people, mostly women, about fecal habits at work. Even with the cloak of anonymity, apparently nobody wanted to talk about it.) But while boys and men are more likely to develop “paruresis,” the D.S.M.-recognized medical term for pee-shyness — theorized by some to stem, in part, from the pressure of standing next to each other at open urinals — it is women who are more likely to have “parcopresis,” the corresponding bowel movement anxiety, which is not in the D.S.M., according to a variety of fecal scholars. “The bathroom is saturated with gender in fascinating ways,” said Mr. Haslam, a professor of psychology at the University of Melbourne, who noted that women’s aversion, particularly at work, is not entirely unfounded: One unpublished study he mentions in his book found that a woman who excused herself to go to the bathroom was evaluated more negatively than one who excused herself to tend to “paperwork” — while there was no difference in the way participants viewed the men. “At one level it’s an association of women with purity,” said Mr. Haslam, referring to the double standard. “At another it’s a double standard applied to hygiene and civility, where the weight falls disproportionately on women to be clean, odorless and groomed.” Or, as one of the woman interviewed in that “Fecal Matters” study put it: “Women are supposed to be non-poopers.”
  16. ...in the background on my iPhone!!! I merely checked to see how Apple Health displays HRV, and I noticed I had activity totals for MONTHS. I don't wear an Apple Watch, but I do tote my phone with me most of the day. Amazing. Not sure how accurate, but still - OMG!
  17. ...on something, and that Hagaki postcards would be a cool thing to add to my life. I can only imagine DOUBLE Hagaki postcards would be even more awesome! Regardless, my damn Xerox keeps printing stuff on dull 8.5"x11" paper which is the most boring of all paper sizes.
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