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  1. This was out front when I opened the blind in the office. Miss Lily was quite interested.
  2. You may not have a puppy on Friday, but here is an exciting puppy race from the Indiana Pacers.
  3. My own personal heater and Buzz the white noise snoring machine
  4. Nice to see these two haven't just bonded with us, but with each other as well.
  5. jsharr

    Lucky dogs

    This could have been much worse https://www.yahoo.com/news/plane-over-50-rescue-dogs-115018908.html
  6. We added to our family yesterday. Lily and Jessey now call the UB house home. The black one is Lily. She's 2.5 years old. Jessey is the tricolor one. She's about 4 months. She's a little nut job.
  7. Jessie is 5 months old now an quite the character. Lily has discovered the window in my office that faces the street. She now owns the sidewalk and barks at anyone who uses it without her permission.
  8. The zoomies are about to commence.
  9. ChrisL


    CJ decided to join his brother in his bed and watch TV. Those two are thick as thieves. It’s so cool to watch these two grow up together.
  10. The new beasties are settling in nicely. Miss Lily pretty much owns the house (and the RV) already and Jessie is picking up the potty training fast. Both are very smart. I've figured out that they are solar powered. Here they are recharging after morning zoomies. Lily claiming her territory.
  11. Ylva stopped by yesterday and it was the happiest I have seen Paulie and Lindy since Ryan passed. @Sofa_Loren was kind enough to let her stay for a few days. It has been fun to watch them play.
  12. ...this is a tough read. but From Uno to Fin.
  13. Smokey & CJ snuggling with mom before bed time. We had dinner with them last night and I had the pleasure of having CJ on my lap & Smokey curled by my side. Apparently they continued cuddling after we left.
  14. This is a place for me to gather memories.
  15. https://en.reddit.com/r/aww/comments/xutzxj/an_oscar_worthy_performance/
  16. I would freak out if this thing ran up to me in the dark!
  17. Because I like it. This is when he was the assistant branch manager.
  18. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/dad-spends-400-vet-bills-212755753.html @Kirby
  19. ChrisL

    Dog pile!

    Or is it kid pile? 😂
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