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  1. How the Tour de France disguises the phallic artwork on its route ASO takes measures to hide the unwanted imagery fans paint on the thousands of kilometres of roads on the Grande Boucle turning genitals into owls and butterflies CANADIAN CYCLING MAGAZINE JULY 24, 2019 31 It’s a long-standing tradition for fans to paint the names of their favourite riders on the road. The Tour de France is the biggest platform for this sort of fandom. We’ve seen the names of Julian Alaphilippe, Thibaut Pinot, Peter Sagan and many more emblazoned across alpine roads over the nearly 3,500 km the Tour de France covers. There are also more, let’s say, creative artists who want their artwork to be seen by the biggest television audiences in pro bike racing. Race organizer ASO employs a crew of workers who drive the route ahead of the peloton every day with a bucket of paint. Their task is to creatively alter some of the images painted on the road that ASO would rather TV audiences don’t see. Chief among these images that need some altering are male genitals. The workers who disguise the genitals are the real artists. Cleaning the road surface of these images would be too time-consuming and expensive so instead, the workers add paint turning genitals into owls, butterflies and other creative imagery. The efforts are done so spectators and TV viewers don’t notice the original images. In a video produced by Dutch news agency NOS, the news agency follows two workers as they do their job on the Tourmalet, one of the most famous climbs to feature in this year’s Tour de France. To watch the full video, visit nos.nl/tour.
  2. ...at the end. I think some guy or other will win, but some others will languish unexpectedly and there may be a crash or two.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. I don't, can't really see the value in it. I am open to having my mind changed, but it will be difficult.
  5. It is scientific fact, you know.
  6. bikeman564™


    sign lady gets caught https://www.cnn.com/2021/06/30/sport/tour-de-france-crash-arrest-spt-intl/index.html
  7. Any time they cut to him on the moto, he is yelling at the driver to speed up or slow down or some sort of nonsense. I'd hit a few potholes without warning him.
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  9. The winner crossed the finish line ahead of all the other riders. If you hadn't opened this thread with the huge spoiler alert, you would have never known. But now, Stage Two is spoiled for you.
  10. Sorry. My mistake. We are not allowed to discuss cycling on this cycling site. Just curious. Did the TdF Spoiler tag confuse you?
  11. ...I will post photos of my project bicycles as I complete them. If they make me happy, perhaps some of it will rub off ? Here is a Ron Cooper I just put back into service. (Most of these will be old, and made from steel.......you have been warned.)
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. ...that no one but me (and maybe @Prophet Zacharia ) would ever encounter and notice: It used to show the "password" on this screen. FTR, it is "Spoiler" and still shows up once you get past this pop-up, but that seems a little late!
  14. ...for VeloNews to stay on top of the top teams in the lead up to the TdF, is it???? We all saw a Jumbo Visma took a beating due to crashes in the past week, with Kruijswijk taking the worst of it and Roglic dropping out of the Dauphine while leading. So, honestly, as Velonews shoots me an e-mail about their great TdF website, I am reasonably shocked that there was no "clean up" of the teams page for J-V. They got the Ineos squad correct, so why not the J-V roster??? Seems sloppy - almost like Phil & Paul were the two in charge of the site. What to know Jumbo-Visma appears to be the only squad strong enough to make a serious run at Team Ineos at this year’s Tour de France. The Dutch squad enters the Tour with three protected captains: Primož Roglič, Tom Dumoulin, and Steven Kruijswijk. Roglič is the squad’s likely leader, and the Slovenian is riding a wave of confidence after winning the Vuelta a España and dominating the shorter one-week races. He can soar in the mountains and blaze a fast TT, and seems to be getting stronger with each year. Dumoulin’s addition to the squad brings more grand tour strength and experience, yet the Dutchman is a wildcard after missing much of 2019 due to injury. How the squad plays its two cards could determine the final outcome in Paris. FTR, it's not like the news isn't "broken" about Kruijswijk on their site already:
  15. Not just the "Sky" (now Ineos), but Froome and Thomas at the Tour competing together. Boy, I wonder if the Brits will be perturbed (probably like seeing Radio Shack led by Contador!):
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  17. Come on! Is Stage 20 and 21 still top secret intel????
  18. It would go nice with his yellow car. https://www.bikeradar.com/features/pro-bike/peter-sagan-tour-de-france-bike/
  19. ...and I tucked a bunch of <SPOILER> stuff in there for the softies who don't know who won the TdF Green Jersey this year The S-Works Venge Disc Sagan 7x Limited-Edition frameset will cost $7000, with a portion of all proceeds going to the OUTRIDE Foundation, an organization dedicated to proving that cycling benefits your brain. Through research, cycling programs, and grant-giving activities, OUTRIDE provides evidenced-based cycling interventions to improve social, emotional, and cognitive health. I'm fine with this selling out since I don't really like the paint job. Neat that it is different on either side, but not so great I would buy it.
  20. ...at the Tour coverage yesterday? If he was recording Stage 21 on NBCSports and expected to get the whole stage? I know I was shocked at the old switcheroo to regular NBC. Sort of nutso to jump the main coverage around like that - even if it is to get a bigger audience on the regular NBC channel. Likewise, I assume he got the same e-mails I did which only left the Polka Dot jersey out of the "spoiled" category: BTW, when is the TdF results considered "okay to discuss openly"? I don't remember there being much of an embargo on the Super Bowl or the Stanley Cup winners, so why is the TdF special????
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