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Found 225 results

  1. bikeman564™

    Story of my Saturday...long version

    left on the road bike for a coffee ride w/ a friend, this made me happy 0.9 miles from home I run over what sounds like a piece of metal and flats my rear tire. Actually it sliced the gatorskin open, this made me sad I text my friend, walked home to get my CX bike, this made me happy again 0.47 miles from home the chain breaks, this made me angry The KMC chain broke at the master link. Probably my fault for not assembling it correctly. But I lost faith in the master link thingie. I drove to the LBS, bought 2 new gatorkins and a Shimano chain, this made me feel happy again came home, installed the gatorskin on one rim, and they are a major PITA to install so this made me angry again . I gets one one and blow it up to find out I pinched the tube using levers to get the tire one (I know, not good idea). I also snapped two levers, this made me feel very angry So back to the LBS where they installed them for me, this made me happy Now I need to install my chain. Oh, and I received my Oakley's today, this made me feel very happy They're super dope, and I the progressive lenses are great. Oh, and the LBS doggy is so cool. This made me happy because I got to pet it
  2. Rattlecan

    I'm honored yet sad. An N+2 story

    In the mid 2,000nds, I operated a bike shop for a few years. Why it only lasted a few years is another sad tale for another day. Anyway, not long after I opened, an older retired gentleman began dropping in with great regularity. Every time he showed up, he was riding a different bike. One day I asked him how many bikes he had. He thought for a moment and said, "I don't really know. Guess I'll have to go home and count them". Shortly thereafter, be started selling some of them off, as he no longer felt comfortable riding drop bar road bikes, and had me alter some of his remaining bikes with raised handlebars and internal gearhubs. I think I renovated about five bikes for him in this way. I ended up offering him a part time job in the store which worked out great for both of us, and we have remained friends ever since. He continued to ride his bikes until a few years ago, when at the age of 80, he underwent heart valve surgery. He rode a little after he recovered from the surgery, but his strength never really returned, and now he is experiencing respiratory issues. He is now 83, and has come to terms with the fact that his cycling days are done. He had sold or given away all his bikes except his two favorites, which were among the bikes that I rebuilt for him back in the day. Anyway, he called me up this week and told me he wants me to have the bikes. I was blown away. One of them is a Rocky Mountain Metro hybrid, the other is a Colnago Mountain bike. Yes, Colnago did make mountain bikes for a brief period, and the original components, which I replaced with a Shimano Alfine gear hub were the Campy mountain bike group, also offered for only a brief period about the same time. The frames are a bit on the small side for me, but I can work with that. I'm just honored that he would entrust his bikes to me, but sad that his cycling days are done.
  3. petitepedal

    RIP Paul Sherwen

  4. ChrisL

    Rode the tank today

    Took the Diamondback out for a 25 miler today. The ride of that steel frame is sweet and the Shimano 8 spd Dura Ace is still money. Not trading in my Bianchi but I had fun on it.
  5. Prophet Zacharia

    Canton avenue, 37% grade

    On a rented Citi bike.
  6. Razors Edge

    Greasing My Zipp's Bearings

    ...seems to require a punch for the bearing (1:35). What's a "standard punch", where do you get one, how much do they cost, and is there a simple one time substitute I could use? Tom
  7. Two nice walks with the pup, and then a bike ride - 30 @ 16. If I knew it was gonna be a miserable ride, I would have read in bed instead I should have realized it was time to turn around as soon as I started obsessing about what I wanted to eat - NOW - but instead, I stuck to my initial plan for the ride. Add in it never got sunny, and what a difference from yesterday's ride. A tough last hour of the ride, and an annoying crosswind the whole time.
  8. Advanced Sports Enterprises (ASE), the parent company of retail chain Performance Bicycle, as well as bike brands Fuji, Kestrel, and Breezer Bikes, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the company confirmed Friday. ASE was formed in August 2016 when Advanced Sports International merged with Performance Bicycle. The company also owns Bike Nashbar, SE, and Tuesday Cycles https://www.velonews.com/2018/11/news/performance-bicycle-owner-ase-files-for-bankruptcy_481472?fbclid=IwAR1aYX7Eq4rVlRdTB1je8kSPS-oaA_2RlU-UKBkuyLbev3DAJRESiPrlO9k
  9. ChrisL

    Cervelo Crash Replacement?

    My cousin was lamenting at the wedding that he hit a piece of sharp flat metal that kicked up, whacked the downtube above the bottom bracket and took a deep gouge out of the carbon. He said the carbon was exposed, strands were all frayed the frame was creaking on the way home. He was pissed that he had to replace the frame and I told him that Carbon can be repaired but to also check if Cervelo had a crash/damage replacement program. The shop he bought it from went belly up last year so isn't sure where to start. Anyone ever deal with Cervelo?
  10. Razors Edge

    Would Tubeless Have Helped?

    The other day, when I got my flat from a piece of glass, I got to wondering if a tubeless tire would have sealed the puncture and only required a top off to get rolling again. Or does it not work that way?
  11. Razors Edge

    Cross - Tubular vs Tubeless

    Listening to the Bike Store CX podcast which focuses on cross racing, they keep discussing building up tubulars for the race season. When tubeless or even clinchers are mentioned, they generally breeze over it. I've never entertained the idea of buying a set of tubulars for any reason, and am actually a bit shocked that non-pros would still be racing on tubulars. Sure, at the older end of the racing age bracket, many of those folks probably know a lot about and are very comfortable with tubulars, but I would think even they would like the simpler tubeless options we now have. Seemingly, tire pressures would be the main or only reason to work from tubular (lowest), tubeless (pretty low), and clincher (not too low). I bet @No One has some in his fleet of bikes and has a reasonable explanation.
  12. Wakes up in Bulgaria.https://www.the-postillon.com/2017/12/man-falls-asleep-on-recumbent-bicycle.html?fbclid=IwAR1f3lYJifoOm1uE0B_EoFvvdsCw4l0xf04bDjuRFDHGiwQqWU2zOU-SRo0&m=1
  13. JerrySTL

    Self-Driving Cars and Bicycles

    Maybe they won't kill us! https://jalopnik.com/the-future-of-safe-self-driving-cars-is-thermal-imaging-1830317629 vusf4h98clonsatgbyay.mp4
  14. Razors Edge

    Gravel vs MTB!

    ...and it is a TKO by the gravel bike! An Open UP ridden by Kabush put the kibosh on the MTB riders. That bike has gotta be a color DH would love!
  15. Razors Edge

    For ShootingStar, PZ, and Others

    ...interested in bike touring in Japan. I know @shootingstar and @Prophet Zacharia recently visited out there. Nice photos too in her blog entries so far.
  16. Razors Edge

    A Real Headscratcher

    I keep asking myself "WTF would GM bother with this sort of nonsense when they have so many car-related issues to deal with?" And they are stupid bike designs as well.
  17. ...and like what I saw in the 105-level bike. It was funny because it is actually shipping with Ultegra brifters now as there is a shortage of the 105 hydraulics. Anyway, my only real dilemma is the size - Medium or Large. Medium means a little more seatpost, and a longer stem and no other significant changes. I usually get the 56cm which fit my 5'11" height well enough, and it is pretty apparent I can easily fit either size within reason. In the past, when between sizes, I have gone smaller rather than larger, but not sure if, in a gravel/adventure bike, that would still be sensible. Considering the potential to add frame bags or a seatbag, I could see where maybe the larger frame would be slightly better. I may pull the trigger if I am in the mood this weekend, but we'll see. At $1,750, it's not really a "risky" decision. Of course, then I have a PEDAL DECISION to make Not sure where that will lead. Tom
  18. Hooray for him! Although I'm holding out for this bad boy:
  19. Razors Edge

    Looks Like It Is Neck and Neck

    ...this year for bike mileage vs car mileage for me. If I didn't do a couple longer drives to NJ and and one to DelMarVa, I think I would definitely have more miles on my bikes than on my car this year. That would be a first for me! Likely will finish somewhere in the 4,000+ mile range for both. Most car miles are those few longer drives (~1,000 to 1,500), and the rest mostly errands on the weekend, camping near the mountains, or visiting family. Most of the cycling is ~75-80% road and 20-25% commuting.
  20. Razors Edge

    Charging The Battery

    ...on my NiteRider head lamp for this week's evening commute. I think this may be the year the battery just can't do it anymore I'm not sure how old it is, but a replacement battery is over $100, so not sure what the next step is with this set-up Might stick with my cheaper Lumina back-up if the Pro battery goes kaput. Or, I might consider seeing if I can rig up a homemade battery system using the old battery's wiring bits and a newer "USB portable power block". Or, it may last another season.
  21. Razors Edge

    Is Bikeman Gonna Relocate?

    ...because free beer, coffee, and movies - in ITALY - seem like a good reason to rethink things The Italian city of Bologna is incentivising green travel by rewarding bikers with beer, ice creams, and cinema tickets. The Bella Mossa - ‘Good Job’ - scheme was set up by Marco Amodori in 2017 to increase the number of journeys taken by bike, bus, or on foot. Working via an app called BetterPoints, this lets users log their sustainable trips. Once they’ve racked up enough they can redeem their points at over 100 businesses across the city. The app’s website explains the process, saying: 'With every move made on foot, by bike, by bus or by train, with car sharing and carpooling you can earn Mobility Points, these allow access to discounts and vouchers made available by our partners. 'To participate, just three steps are required: Download the BetterPoints app and record your sustainable travel, earn Mobility Points with activities, convert your Mobility Points to discounts and good expenses.' A good way of tracking your own movements, there’s also the option to compete with friends, or in leagues populated by employers or schools. The aim being to see who can log the most journeys. Tom
  22. ...can it? Couldn't these brake cables be cut a bit shorter? @No One doesn't set his bikes up like that, does he? Tom
  23. ChrisL

    Out of Curiosity...

    Who hear besides @No One and me has actually owned a bike with downtube shifters, floppy brake cables, toe clips and a steel frame? Im thinking @sheep_herder and maybe a few others...