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Found 288 results

  1. Razors Edge

    I Wonder If He Misses Prescott?

    ...when the Whiskey Off-Road is happening? Or do you think velo1 hated outsiders coming to his turf? Wasn't he in Prescott?
  2. Is there some nuance to consider with the new road tubeless vs tubeless compatible tires on the market? So the plain tubeless would not require any sealant once properly installed (they are "airtight") but traditional tubeless compatible would require sealant since they are fairly gas permeable until the sealant gets into all the tiny holes? Regular Conti GP 5000 tires vs Conti GP 5000 tubeless tires: Seems like Conti is going "full" tubeless and that is sort of born out by the heavier tire weights (vs just the tire weight for the ones requiring tubes), but Heine thinks that means stiff and slow: Of course, tubeless tires are nothing new. Car tires have been tubeless for decades, but translating that technology to much more flexible and lighter bicycle tires has not been easy. (We don’t want to ride on rubber that’s as stiff and heavy as car tires!) Modern bicycle tires fall into two groups: ‘Tubeless’ tires are covered with a rubber membrane – basically an inner tube is permanently vulcanized into the tire. These tires are airtight. You can just install them, and run them without inner tubes. However, the extra rubber makes them relatively stiff and slow. ‘Tubeless-compatible’ tires are not airtight, and they roll as fast as conventional tires. Their bead has been designed for tubeless installation, so you can run them tubeless – but they require sealant to make the casing air-tight and to seal the tire against the rim. The sealant also will seal small punctures that otherwise would cause a flat. Most Rene Herse tires are ‘tubeless-compatible.’ I gotta say, the Conti's recommended PSI at a low of 65 still seems pretty high for a 32! I run 80 or less into my 25 and 28 front tires routinely, so a 10-15 PSI reduction with tubeless seems surprisingly little.
  3. Razors Edge

    Ah, The Good Old Days!

    ...when men were hairy, wore short shorts, and weren't afraid to exercise topless NTTIAWWT
  4. Razors Edge

    Nice Rack :D

    ...or, at least, neat:
  5. Razors Edge

    It's time for FFF

    ...to make his return! I miss @FlippersForFeet and bet he and @Randomguy could roll around NYC and Central Park together. Heck, that might get the whole Cafe to make a road trip to the Big City.
  6. Razors Edge

    I Don't Know If I Would Trust This

    ...bike case. Not sure how the derailleur hanger doesn't get bent.
  7. TrentonMakes

    This ever happen to you?

    I got out for a ride on Saturday - when I left I noticed that the little place-marking dot on Strava wasn't exactly over the house. I figured it would catch up before too long. But it didn't. I got home and the map looked like someone tried to trace my route while riding in a monster truck at the arena. If I'm to believe the Strava data, I rode just under 43 miles, at an average speed of 46.4 mph. I think I would win the Tour at that pace! I rebooted the phone and that seemed to reset things - I think that was the problem. (and I deleted the ride so it won't skew my data) In actuality I rode about 12 miles - if I assume the ratio of distance to speed was correct then I averaged about 13 mph. I felt like molasses out there, but it was nice to be out anyway.
  8. Razors Edge

    Yeah, So About That Headwind

    It was so bad today, I actually used my small chainring on a section of road with 1% climb!!! Took me down to 11mph at some spots!!! Yowza. Surprisingly, lovely weather if properly dressed and riding WITH the wind Note the lap times - into the wind (14.3!!!!) and with the wind but exhausted (20.1). The headwind might have been 20mph, but the gusts were what were a bit scary in the exposed sections.
  9. Longjohn

    Metal grate bridges. (Long post)

    Watching G-man crossing the bridge made me think of some of the bridges I’ve crossed. I was looking for a good bike trail in Virginia before I drove to Williamsburg for a week long visit with my sister in law. Actually I was going for a week long bicycle adventure while my wife visited with her sisters. Google brought me to Virginia’s Capital Trail website. I was excited to see a paved trail from Virginia’s historic capital of Jamestown to their modern capital of Richmond. I got up early and started at sunrise. It was twenty miles down the Colonial Parkway to the beginning of the trail. It was going to be a long day, I think the website said the trail was 60 miles. 20 miles to the trail + 60 miles of trail and then turn around and repeat 160 miles. I got as far as the river and it appeared the trail ended. WHAT? They were constructing a big new bridge to cross the river but it was far from being finished. I assumed the trail was supposed to cross that new bridge. The old bridge was a draw bridge, one lane each direction, metal grate. There were no signs saying bicycles were not allowed on the bridge but it looked like a terrible place to ride. I went for it, I had to go fast because there was no way traffic could get around me on such a narrow bridge. I made it across but couldn’t find where the trail picked back up. I rode about five miles or so on the road looking for the trail before giving up and turning around and riding back across that draw bridge again. Probably the worst bridge I have ever crossed. It turns out Virginia got ahead of themselves with their trail website. The trail did not exist yet it was in the process of being built. All they had was about six miles of the 60 mile trail built. How hard would it be to mention on the website that it was under construction? What challenging bridges have you crossed on your bike?
  10. Razors Edge

    For Dennis and DH

    ...and probably bikeman and several others: https://www.wsj.com/video/one-mans-off-road-journey ...and an article related to it.
  11. Razors Edge

    Garmin Buying Tacx.

    ...which is interesting to see. I don't quite see the connection, but I guess they have a broader customer base, and see a growth in the indoor trainer segment as a good place to dive in. --------------------------------------------- Garmin Ltd. announced Tuesday that it has reached a deal to acquire Dutch indoor smart trainer company Tacx. The deal is expected to close during the second quarter of 2019. The terms of the deal will not be disclosed, Garmin stated. "Tacx brings an entirely new product category to Garmin's fitness portfolio that expands our reach into the indoor training market," said Cliff Pemble, Garmin president and CEO. "Together with Tacx, Garmin will offer a seamless, enjoyable and motivating indoor and outdoor experience for cyclists all year long." Tacx is based in Wassenaar, Netherlands, with a distribution center in Vogt, Germany. The company employs nearly 200. Those employees will become part of the global Garmin team. To further leverage the growing market for indoor bike trainers, Tacx is undergoing a capital investment project to expand its R&D and production capacity, Garmin stated. "We are excited to have the support of a technology leader like Garmin," said Koos Tacx, CEO of Tacx. "With Garmin's extensive R&D capabilities and global distribution network, we look forward to working together to further enhance our indoor training products and technologies, and bring them to cyclists around the world." Tacx's line of smart trainers includes the NEO 2 and NEO Bike, which measure speed, power and cadence. Tacx smart trainers connect wirelessly to training apps as well as Tacx's own software/training app offering training plans, data analysis, video of scenery around the globe, and live opponents.
  12. Razors Edge

    Does This Sound Like Anyone We Know?

    Of all the outdoor athletes I’ve known, none can compete with mountain bikers when it comes to enthusiasm for building trails—especially illegal ones. Pirate trails, rogue trails, bootleg trails, whatever you prefer to call them, they’re everywhere. They snake through the woods behind my home in a small New England city. I’ve found dense spaghetti monsters of trail networks in power-line rights-of-way in the exurbs of Boston. And wherever public-lands enforcement budgets are slim, there are renegade bikers carving out singletrack. “They do a lot of work,” agrees Jody Chinchen, a district trails manager with the U.S. Forest Service in New Hampshire. “They have a lot of energy.”
  13. Razors Edge

    Nailed It!

    While looking for recent Brit study on cyclists and cars, I ran across this video and got the right answer! BOOYA!
  14. ChrisL


    So I went to a different PB yesterday to see if I could score any final close out deals. Looked around and nothing really grabbed me. Then I checked out the bikes and found a deal too sweet to pass up. Fuji Cross 1.7, AL frame, 105 drivetrain, TRP Sphyre discs, praxis cranks for $500! Originally listed at $1,400. Spoke to the missus after work and got the green light so pulled the trigger on my lunch. I got the last one in my size! The guys at PB don’t even pretend to try & fit yoyu. they just said yep looks your size... I’ll need to dial in the fit myself but that will be easy. They needed some time to adjust everything so I left it there and will come back for it after work. I’ll post some pics later.
  15. JerrySTL


    I've been considering buying a Breezer Doppler Team bike. It's a touring/gravel bike with fatter tires than my touring bike plus disk brakes. Bike Nashbar's web site says "Extra 20% off Sitewide - Including Bikes. (Some exclusions apply) I tried ordering bike, but, alas, it's one of the excluded items in the very small print.
  16. Razors Edge

    Chris' First Upgrade To His New Bike

    ...should be this new SRAM Red eTAP AXS gruppo! Turn it up to TWELVE!!!! Same for @Dirtyhip's stable!
  17. Razors Edge

    Once This Is Completed...

    ...how many forumites will we pass along the route? Looks like quite a few live in that green swath! From me, Mick, PZ, DkP, LJ, on over to Dennis, sheep_herder, and Dottles! I think Parr8 is in Indiana? It skirts Minn, Mich, and Missouri, so that rules out a few, and it wisely avoids Texas and California
  18. bikeman564™

    what do you think of this deal

    A guy I know is selling a 2014 pair of ZIPP 303 firecrest wheels for $800. New they're $2200. They weren't used that much because he switched to discs (not sure what not that much means). What do you all think? I've been eyeing these up but thought about getting the 302s because they're cheaper than 303s at $1500 (LBS sells for $1250) But this seems like a deal.
  19. Razors Edge

    A Spec DH Will Love!

    On this sweet Cannondale MTB! Eagle! RockShox! Dropper post! Frame: 27+, SmartForm C1 Alloy, Si motor mount, carbon link, tapered headtube, 157x12mm thru-axle, alloy skid plate Fork: RockShox Pike RC, 140mm DebonAir, 15x110, tapered steerer, 46mm offset Rear Shock: RockShox Deluxe RT, 130mm, DebonAir Rims: WTB KOM TOUGH i29, tubeless ready Hubs :Formula DC-51131 15x110 front, DHG-157 12x157 rear Tires: Maxxis Minion DHF 27.5 x 2.6", 3C Compound, EXO puncture protection, tubeless ready Crank: Cannondale EC3 160mm, w/ Ai offset ring, 15t Chain: SRAM NX Eagle, 12-speed Rear Cogs: SRAM PG-1230, NX Eagle, 11-50, 12-speed Rear Derailleur: SRAM GX Eagle Shifters: SRAM NX Eagle, 12-speed Brakes: SRAM Guide RE hydro disc, 200/180mm Centerline rotors Brake Levers: SRAM Guide RE hydro disc Seatpost: Cannondale DownLow Dropper Post, internal routing, 31.6, 100mm (S), 125mm (M), 150mm (L-XL)
  20. ChrisL

    CX Worlds This Weekend

    FYI the cyclocross world championships are this weekend. The Olympic channel will show the women’s & men’s elite live with a replay. Tomorrows women’s elite race should be exciting. 2 time winner Sanne Cant is not riding well, KFC is riding well and there are a host of other women who could take it. On the men’s side It should be a two man race between the two Vans.
  21. Razors Edge

    Darn E-bikes :(

    Finishing up my short ride today, a guy on an e-bike caught me as I crossed a road and passed me. I never give up a free ride behind an e-bike, so you can see the highlighted yellow spot where I gave it some gas and rode intoo his slipstream. Please note the next mile or so where we basically roll along well over 20mph. Rules are coming, and it will be interesting to see what they set as the upper speed limit.