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Found 322 results

  1. ...seems pretty interesting from an e-road bike with some off-road capability. From Bicycling mag (there is a mag ) : If you’re a fan of e-bikes, your relationship with Cannondale’s Synapse NEO will be love at first sight. If you’ve already claimed your disapproval of these zippy machines, whatever you do, do not take this bike for a test ride—you’ll most likely change your mind. Bosch’s Active Line Plus motor delivers up to 250 watts of pedal assist, to a maximum speed of 20 mph. It does so in such a smooth, seamless way you can allow yourself to forget that you’re getting a little help. Of course, if you crank it up to turbo mode, it will be hard to ignore. But to cruise in eco mode is to get a sneak peak at what it feels like to be really, really fit. Cruising along the roads surrounding the Laguna Seca Raceway, I was riding like I was at peak fitness again. The motor kicked in nicely to provide a little extra boost, but has minimal drag so you can easily ride past the 20mph limit without feeling like you’ve hit a wall as soon as you cross that threshold. If you’ve ridden other e-bikes, you know that feeling, and it’s not a great experience. The Synapse NEO SE is the dirt-curious sibling in the Synapse NEO family. Outfitted with a SRAM Apex 1x drivetrain, 650b wheels, and cushy 47mm tires, it’s ready to go just about anywhere you could hope to ride a drop-bar bike. Dirt roads and trails are a no-brainer, and thanks to the pedal assist, the fat tires are hardly a concern when you hit the pavement. In fact, you’re treated to a pleasantly comfortable ride—which you’ll pay a small price for when it comes to precise steering, but as long as you aren’t trying to channel your inner Valentino Rossi, you’ll be in good shape. Price: $4,400 Weight: 42 lb. I have been considering the $1,700 Topstone as a gravel/commuter/kickaround bike, but man, this looks like it is all that in an ebike as well. I just wonder how well an ebike holds up to the vibration & beating off-road conditions might dole out. Clearly, they have eMTB bikes now, so the tech is there already, but at 42 lbs, I wonder how much that hurts the adventuring - especially when semi-loaded.
  2. Gotta say that Sagan is still struggling to close the deal this season and I can't tell if it is reasonable (ie planning for a later in the season peak), an illness, poor training, or, most worrisome, sign that the peak has been hit. Keep in mind, a bunch of top 10s is pretty much the dream spring for almost every pro cyclist, but for him, it does seem troubling. Definitely looking gassed in the last 10% of each race relative to "regular Peter". But the race itself was a good one. Definitely fun to watch as slowly the Sagan break developed, and then the chess among them, the semi-wimpy chase by the non-breakaway teams, and the eventual Gilbert masterstrokes - making the right jump to drop Sagan and then being able to sit on Politt's rear wheel in the Velodrome. Good stuff for sure. I would, though, like a muddy/rainy/yucky weather edition next year
  3. Great temps but very windy so I took off work early in the hopes of getting in 30+ miles. Damned flat rear tire at around mile 12. Hole in tube near spokes holes but rim strip looked good. Patched it and pumped it up the best that I could with a mini-pump. Shortly afterwards I ran into some cycling buddies of mine. They were heading towards my car. I stopped at my car and used a floor pump. Funny thing was that I only had about 40 psi in the tire but I thought that I'd pumped it up more than that. Took off with my buddies and less than a mile later the tire started going flat again. Headed back to the car and home. I put on a new tire and tube when I got home. The tire had seen better days. I made sure that the rim tape was on correctly. Looking at the old tube, the hole was on the seam where the tube halves are joined. Maybe it was just ripping for some reason? Anyway only 18.34 miles at 13.9 mph avg.
  4. WoJSTL wants to do the Katy Trail ride with me in 2020. Need something with fatter tires for the gravel and can handle my 6'1" and her 5'5" heights.
  5. no more riding through downtown to get on the trail. Once people know it’s open it might be a bit crowded in some sections. Your tax dollars at work.
  6. For the first time since I got my new bike last summer I took off the back tire, a first time for me dealing with tubeless tires. I had a small leak that the liquid latex wouldn't seal so I patched it from the inside. I have over a thousand miles on these tires which is good for me, as the roads here are a mess and I (used to) get a lot of flats. Took it off, cleaned the inside and patched it. Then took over two hours to get the beads to set for it to take air. There may have been some cussing involved. Any Pro Tips (other than get tubes again) out there that may make setting tires easier?
  7. It's like watching paint dry. I've had way more interesting stuff to watch. Another fun race.
  8. A missed chance by so many. Too much negative racing resulting in a win by a noob. And it seems a lot of riders aren’t showing the fitness we’ve come to expect of them.
  9. Jeebus!!! Those bastards are 1) counting Zwift mileage on LEADERBOARDS, and 2) they are also using the "speed" from that mileage as well. It's not just dopey, it is insanely asinine* Strava isn't the Wild West, it's the inmates running the asylum * the three synonyms show my true frustration
  10. While I was prepping the bike for riding this yeare I found my tail light inoperative and full of battery fuzz........full full beyond my desire to clean it out. The new blinkies, front and rear arrived today. They seem ok. They are Ascher rechargeable LED's https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01EUQ7ZQG/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 They're charging now. We'll see how well they work.
  11. That is the question! (and @JerrySTL may appreciate it) There are a some aerodynamic tools on the market now for folks to help fine tune their position on the bike. The traditional way uses a pitot tube setup, while the new method is a wind sensor of some sort. The Aeropod (uses the pitot): The Velosense:
  12. For both Apple and Android smart phones. https://flowmountainbike.com/post-all/new-gear-bikes/innovation-saddle-selection-app-unveiled/
  13. ...and give us a proper review of the BIKE BLING at the NAHBS? Jeebus, the event was in Sacramento and we heard NOTHING! Hopefully, next year Jsharr may be willing to drag his azz to Dallas and take one for the team!
  14. And it was the title that roped me in! Could have done with some better visuals, but overall good story. ‘I had a huge swelling’: why my life as a female cyclist led to vulva surgery The plastic surgeon, in that particularly endearing way of surgeons, was trying to reassure me that although he had never operated on an endurance cyclist before, he had seen “presentations” like mine. “I’ve seen chronic inflammation and long-term trauma to the vulva like this. You know …” he paused, “in patients who compulsively rub up against bedposts.” Silence. I decided against explaining that the relationship with my bike saddle did not, perhaps, deserve to be in among the psychiatric cases in his cognitive filing system. However, he had a point. While there is no love lost between me and the necessary evil that is my saddle, I have continued to train, despite huge amounts of destruction to my body, pain and trauma. ... When should I have sought help? At the first sign of swelling? That was when I was a potential talent trying out for the British Cycling team in 2014, staring at the large amount of skin and hair that had just sloughed off my vulva in a hotel bathroom. Fortuitously, I was on the toilet at the time. This is not as painful as it sounds: if you dry out too much down there due to chafing, this is generally what happens. I wish I could time travel and yell “chamois cream” at myself. British Cycling gave us great kit – nice shorts, shoes, gloves, but no anti-abrasion ointment, no medical chat about the dangers of chafing our cha-chas out of existence. The message was: show weakness and you’re out. I pulled up my knickers and flushed it all away. The consensus is that when you first start cycling on your good-as-new, unbruised foof, it is going to hurt. After a “breaking-in” period, the pain-to-numbness ratio becomes favourable: as long as you protect against infection, wear padded shorts with a generous layer of chamois cream, no underwear and make regular offerings to the ingrown hair goddess, things are manageable. This is wrong. While valuable parts of the male genitalia can be moved out of the way, female cyclists sit right on the money.
  15. ...of them holding the group ride a month earlier. Cold = shrinkage, and no one wants that when parading your twigs and berries! Naked bicyclists say they were so cold riding around Philadelphia last September that this year they’ll do it in August. Organizers of the annual Philly Naked Bike Ride say they’ve “ridden in chilly weather” the last two Septembers so this time they’ll saddle up Aug. 24 and “hope it’s a scorcher!” The nude ride was Sept. 8 last year and Sept. 9 the year before that, with temperatures reaching only about 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius). Participants in the ride can go as bare as they dare. Some of the cyclists wore their birthday suits accentuated with body paint or glitter while others wore underwear or masks. They pedaled past sights including Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  17. ...of @donkpow or any other commuter WASHINGTON, DC -- An editor at The Washington Post who was riding his bicycle in D.C. earlier this week was suddenly accosted by a car's passenger, who threw an open can of beer at him and then returned after he dropped his phone in the road to brandish what appeared to the cyclist to be a knife, according to a report. Video of the incident is embedded below. Andrew Heining was riding along East Basin Drive near the Jefferson Memorial when a car passed him, and the passenger opened the right-side rear door and tossed an open can of beer toward him, according to a DCist report. The passenger then apparently dropped his phone in the roadway, and Heining grabbed it. The car returned and the person who may have thrown the beer appears to the cyclist to pull a knife out of his pocket. The whole incident was captured on video. The video shows Park Police and Metropolitan Police patting down the suspect, who was arrested according to the report. There was no information immediately available on the identity of the suspect, or what prompted the confrontation. I was just considering adding the Cycliq video/lights to my bikes which is what it looks like he was using:
  18. ...but I still think I may be able to draw a better representation of a woman on a bicycle than this one:
  19. ...for a ride, but had no idea it had been all sorts of messed up this winter! Luckily, I use the north entrance and sometimes the middle entrances, but rarely the south one. Crews are finally digging out a 40-mile stretch of Virginia’s scenic Skyline Drive after a series of winter storms closed it for more than four months. Shenandoah National Park spokeswoman Sally Hurlbert said Wednesday that the southern portion of the road should be open by early April. The closure was one of the longest in decades after ice storms pounded the Blue Ridge Mountains. The five-week partial government shutdown only delayed the cleanup. Skyline Drive is the park’s only public road. It winds through the Appalachian Mountains in western Virginia for 105 miles. The road is closed from about where it crosses Route 33 near Elkton to where it ends in the south near Waynesboro. People can still access to the park’s southern portion through entranceways on the park’s boundaries.
  20. So, I'm doing a little flight research for a cycling trip, and checking out Emirates baggage rules for bikes. Pretty positive, if I am reading it correctly. However, just below the "Sporting Goods" section is the "Pets" section:
  21. I want. It won't bust the bank but it will create a crunch. What should I do?
  22. ...to warrant the change from this: to this:
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