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Found 183 results

  1. Razors Edge

    Good Or Bad For The Sport?

    Women's events are significantly shorter and less challenging then the men's events. I am not sure if it is a chicken-egg sort of thing or a chauvinistic sort of thing, but it really shows up in these apples-to-apples events where the juniors are 71 vs 132 km in length and the Elites are 156 vs 258km in length and the elevation gains are nearly DOUBLE in both. Why is this??? Women are clearly able to ride the longer SINGLE DAY distances that the men would be riding, so why not identical courses for each category (women don't even have a U-23)? It is the same for the TTT and ITT events. I think it is BAD for the sport and for any sport that does similar "girls need shorter/easier/different courses" nonsense. I always hated shorter women's tennis matches, and appreciate something like soccer where the women's game is the same fundamentally, but strategically different nonetheless. Women Juniors Road Race Distance: 71.7km Elevation gain: 975m Men Juniors Road Race Distance: 132.4km Elevation gain: 1,916m Men Under 23 Road Race Distance: 179.9km Elevation gain: 2,910m Women Elite Road Race Distance: 156.2km Elevation gain: 2,413m Men Elite Road Race Distance: 258.5km Elevation gain: 4,670m Tom
  2. Razors Edge

    Greasing My Zipp's Bearings

    ...seems to require a punch for the bearing (1:35). What's a "standard punch", where do you get one, how much do they cost, and is there a simple one time substitute I could use? Tom
  3. Razors Edge

    I Think I'm Done With Speedplay

    ...and am entertaining suggestions on other pedal systems. Generally leaning toward SPD SL, but could see other ones which all seem relatively similar. Maybe the Keos? Speedplay has royally screwed their customers with the current cleats - "walkable aero" nonsense. The more I look, the more I see bits of the cleat cover things on the side of the road. The original cleats were simple and easy to use andd relatively inexpensive. Less true with this newer option. Tom
  4. Ltdskilz

    Sir Dennis to the Gravel phone

    Mr. Dennis, what are your thoughts on the Salsa Vaya for non-racing gravel bike? Any other recommendations around that price point?
  5. Razors Edge

    Wouldn't This Be An Issue?

    It seems like dust and dirt would rapidly gum up the works! These guys don't know much about real riding conditions! Tom
  6. I wish I knew what kind of grades these guys were getting hit by. I am jealous of their places they rode. Tom
  7. Razors Edge

    Another Gruppo?

    I'm pretty surprised companies think getting into the gruppo market is worth the investment. SRAM sort of grew into the market essentially owned by Shimano and Campy, but really how many players can there be? FSA is a big (in bike terms) manufacturer, but I would have to ask why they would think entering the gruppo market was worthwhile. I get they make so many other pieces, it might be a logical next step, but it has to be the most complicated and costly step as well. Tom
  8. Razors Edge

    Pretty Neat Trailer

    Both the "trailer" for the upcoming issue and the trailer for the bike. Definitely cool scenery, but the "where's the trail" part makes me chuckle. Tom
  9. I run a tubeless set up but have a freaking massive seat bag to fit a 29'r tube. If I were to pack a 700c tube would it get me home in an emergency?
  10. Sharpy

    Fast foot wrappers and bags

    Are there instructions on the bags and wrappers that say toss me out the window when done?All I seen today riding was fast food bags in the ditches and along the road........Sheeesh!
  11. Razors Edge

    I Seem To Pedal Way More Than This Guy

    ...so maybe @Dirtyhip can offer some pointers on what I'm doing wrong. Tom
  12. Razors Edge

    Ben EFFING King!

    This joint is busy discussing eSports and Strava segments. Shouldn't we be talking about Ben King? Tom
  13. Razors Edge

    Kate EFFING Courtney!

    Yay! But I imagine, like Ben Effing King, we won't applaud her either. ((except Petite and Sheep_herder) Tom
  14. Razors Edge

    An Idea For Dennis

    Maybe this idea would work for you? Just thought it might make sense. Tom
  15. I sort of feel like pro cycling and eating disorders are a match made in heaven. I've heard Mara Abbott discuss her eating disorder when she was a pro, and I remember reading Phil Gaimon talk about his eating habits & weight "watching" as a pro. Now, I read about Colorado wunderkind Sepp Kuss and there are lots of bits of "code" in there that I'm sure anorexic or bulimic could identify: ----------------------------- Kuss told VeloNews he knocked nearly 10 pounds off his frame this spring to hit his ideal weight coming into the Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah and the Vuelta. Power-to-weight ratios are the magical elixir in today’s peloton, and it took Kuss a few months to find his perfect racing weight when he moved to the WorldTour this year. “I lost quite a bit of weight. In the spring, I was heavier than I’ve been in my life,” Kuss told VeloNews. “Maybe it was my body changing. I was really heavy in the spring and my numbers weren’t that good either. That wasn’t the best combination. So when I went back home to Colorado it almost instantly went away.” Kuss spent several weeks at altitude this spring with his new European teammates to prepare for the upcoming season. While the intense sessions fortified his base, he found himself surprisingly gaining weight and bulked out to 145 pounds. That’s never good for a climber. Weight makes a huge difference when trying to drop rivals on climbs in today’s super-sleek peloton at the WorldTour level. By summer, Kuss hit his ideal race weight of 61 kilograms — about 134 pounds — just in time for his major season goals. “In the U.S., you can get away with being 4kg overweight and still do well. Here, you have to be really careful with it,” he said. “At Dauphiné, I was 65-66kg, and I was still riding pretty well. I knew I had a bit more to lose. At Utah and here I am about 61kg.” The difference is remarkable. By August, Kuss was flying and ripped through the Utah tour en route to winning three stages and taking the overall by more than two minutes ahead of Belgian veteran Ben Hermans (Israel Cycling Academy). At the Vuelta, the sleeker Kuss has been even more impressive. At the Alcafar climb in stage 4 and again up La Covatilla on Sunday, Kuss set a brutal pace for LottoNL-Jumbo captains Steven Kruijswijk and George Bennett. Kuss dashed to 10th in stage 7 at Pozo Alcón while leading out Kruijswijk and was the last domestique Sunday up La Covatilla to finish 20th on the Vuelta’s first major summit finale. How did he knock the pounds off? Kuss said getting a handle on his weight meant learning to become more professional as well as more disciplined with his diet. “Usually I can eat whatever I wanted — go out on the weekends and do things like that,” he said. “Now you cannot get away with that. You just have to be thoughtful about what you’re putting in your body.” ----------------------------- Tom
  16. Razors Edge

    What Am I Looking At?????

    Never seen this type of bar set-up before, but it is on the Canyon gravel bike - the Grail: Tom
  17. Razors Edge

    8/30 miles and such

    No one posted one yesterday, so I will. I noticed on my Metro ride home that the weather is atrocious for the next week. Lightning almost every day (usually that means evening/night), so my riding for fun may be curtailed. It was a longer day at work than desired, but I knew I had to at least get some exercise for the day. So, got home, got ready, and got a short but needed ride in. 18 @ 19 for me. Tom
  18. Razors Edge

    Simple With Nice Spec

    The new Cannondale Topstone: SmartForm C2 Alloy Construction Removable Front Derailleur Mount Integrated Rack/Fender Mounts Disc Specific Design BSA Threaded BB 27.2 Dropper Post Compatible 12mm Thru-axle front and rear Tom
  19. Razors Edge

    A Neat Suggestion For Page Turner

    So, if you are ever out here in the NoVA area, we should have you drop in to Purcellville's Velo Classique. Not much of a web presence, but they are hard core classic bike guys. Used to work on the Le Cirque du Cyclisme event that ran for years out here. Anyway, neat place if you ever come around. Tom
  20. Razors Edge

    No! I Meant YOUR Left!

    ...not mine. Gotta hate a missing marshal and a split second decision. Tom
  21. Rattlecan

    I'm honored yet sad. An N+2 story

    In the mid 2,000nds, I operated a bike shop for a few years. Why it only lasted a few years is another sad tale for another day. Anyway, not long after I opened, an older retired gentleman began dropping in with great regularity. Every time he showed up, he was riding a different bike. One day I asked him how many bikes he had. He thought for a moment and said, "I don't really know. Guess I'll have to go home and count them". Shortly thereafter, be started selling some of them off, as he no longer felt comfortable riding drop bar road bikes, and had me alter some of his remaining bikes with raised handlebars and internal gearhubs. I think I renovated about five bikes for him in this way. I ended up offering him a part time job in the store which worked out great for both of us, and we have remained friends ever since. He continued to ride his bikes until a few years ago, when at the age of 80, he underwent heart valve surgery. He rode a little after he recovered from the surgery, but his strength never really returned, and now he is experiencing respiratory issues. He is now 83, and has come to terms with the fact that his cycling days are done. He had sold or given away all his bikes except his two favorites, which were among the bikes that I rebuilt for him back in the day. Anyway, he called me up this week and told me he wants me to have the bikes. I was blown away. One of them is a Rocky Mountain Metro hybrid, the other is a Colnago Mountain bike. Yes, Colnago did make mountain bikes for a brief period, and the original components, which I replaced with a Shimano Alfine gear hub were the Campy mountain bike group, also offered for only a brief period about the same time. The frames are a bit on the small side for me, but I can work with that. I'm just honored that he would entrust his bikes to me, but sad that his cycling days are done.
  22. Longjohn


  23. Razors Edge

    I Bet Zackny Can Relate

    ...to this guy's brake melting descent (but this guy didn't lose his tire! Tom
  24. Razors Edge

    I Bet SW Can Relate

    ...to this climb: Tom