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Found 563 results

  1. Hoping @donkpow can appreciate! Free VSDC allows picture in picture! Not quite good at synching the two, but this was quick and dirty first try.
  2. ...which might make @jsharr or @Parr8hed reconsider a little boost to keep up with the young ones Seriously, though, a lovely video. What a great "story", and the dad is a hoot.
  3. ...that I am way behind MTB tech and skills I rode this weekend with my buddy at a park with some green, blue, and black trails. He's a regular MTBer over the past 5-10 yrs, while I am a very occasional MTBer. Anyway, I am luckily in far better biking shape, so his massive lead in skills is partially offset by my general fitness. That, though, for the most part goes right out the window when the terrain gets sketchy. His bike is a really nice full suspension Specialized he got a couple years ago. I ride my Trek - a rigid steel "classic" MTB. There is NO comparison between the two bikes, but there is also a 0% chance I am making a jump from my Trek to a "modern" MTB. Anyway, big takeaways from this weekend are: Rim brakes vs disc brakes are an insane difference. My rim brakes are a mere suggestion to stop, but disc brakes are an actual braking system Rigid < hardtail < full suspension. Holy schnizzle is it tough to confidently ride over the stuff that the folks with suspension just motor over. Worlds apart. I ache - a lot - after a MTB ride. I need to adjust my Garmin for MTB rides. Damn auto-pause feature does not make sense when crawling along a climb as I often don't "trigger" a restart - especially in heavy tree cover. That beeping to pause and unpause is demoralizing
  4. ...on road, gravel, and MTB rides. Always. I don't when canoodling around through a campground or such, but any real effort on the bike will have me wearing a bike helmet. On the flip side is my friend who I went riding with this weekend. He sometimes wears a helmet, sometimes not. He has reasons and excuses, and I have pretty much given up pestering him to wear one - especially since he rides without me quite often. Anyway, we get to the trail for a 9am kick-off, and as we are headed to the trailhead, he says, "I didn't bring my helmet and I'm sure I will get yelled at." or Anyway, about to pop onto the trail, we pass another local group that is about to head out too - the type-A sort - and immediately, one guy spots us and says to my buddy, "No helmet? Really?" to which my buddy responds with a simple "Not today", but then you hear from that group them chattering all about helmets as we slowly pull away. Too effing funny. I wonder if this is something motorcycle folks encounter?
  5. I have had a helluva time getting the Slate to fit me just right. I’ve had neck issues from day one. At first, I thought I was too low. Given the dearth of stem choices (1 1/2” steerer) although I wanted to go a bit shorter, I went with the Cannondale one with more rise. Didn’t help. I thought I needed still more rise, so I started looking at the Specialized Hover bar that has a slight rise. Then I found the Surly Truckstop bar with even more rise. Didn’t help. I’m about ready to give up on the bike, when I noticed the other night that it felt like my shoulders were up around my ears, pinching the base of my neck. I also noticed that it was nowhere near as bad in the drops. “That’s strange....maybe I actually need a wider bar....” A couple of days ago, I noticed that it was much more comfortable if I slid my hands back to the back of the hoods, but I realized that it wasn’t because I was more upright, but because my hands rotated out a bit, bringing my elbows in. On the hoods, my wrists were rotated inward and it rolled my elbows out. On the drops, my wrists were also more “neutral”. Yesterday, I rotated my levers outward a little - maybe 3/8”. Seemed to work a treat on my ride today.
  6. ...to find appropriate attractive and/or compatible females to pair with, I have been doing a little thinking on the topic. RG - you need to use your time on the bike to focus not on other gals on bikes, but to cover more ground and focus on the gals out jogging. I noticed on my own rides, the ladies on bikes count is about 1/10th the ladies out jogging count. It seems hoping to find a good match for love will most likely fall within the ranks of the ladies on a run and not the ladies on a ride cohort.
  7. To get you and your son pumped for bike racing again! I've enjoyed Flo last season and, finally, this season, and often stream it in the background at work or watch the replays on my Apple TV at night. The season in on, and hopefully stays going through the big tours and the Worlds.
  8. Looks like a "closable" gap, but not even close!
  9. https://asia.nikkei.com/Spotlight/Comment/How-bicycle-parts-maker-Shimano-eclipsed-Nissan-in-market-cap TOKYO -- The coronavirus crisis is dramatically adjusting the relative strength of companies, a trend not lost on the stock market, where the share price of Shimano, the big bicycle parts maker, hit another all-time high this month. Shimano's market capitalization at the end of January, well before the outbreak became a full-blown pandemic, was 1.6 trillion yen ($15.3 billion). That was good for No. 86 in Japan. But by the end of July, the component maker's market cap reached 2.1 trillion yen, putting it at No. 61 in the same ranking. As it climbed 25 places, Shimano overtook West Japan Railway (JR West), in April, and automobile giant Nissan Motor, in June.
  10. While riding home today I had a Honda Pilot come up behind me as I approached a blind curve. Then a short segment until the stop sign where I was turning left. After making the left turn the Honda Pilot pulled up next to me. The most beautiful lady I have ever seen, in the Pilot yelled at me. Then took off. I caught up with the Pilot at a RR crossing where she had to stop. I pulled up next to her and told her she was the most beautiful lady I had ever seen. She yelled at me again. Then took off. After I got home I found this beautiful lady in our living room So I kissed her.
  11. ...with your cycling shoes after a ride? After a ride - especially in warmer months - my cycling shoes are soaked by the end of a ride. Generally, simply pulling out the soles and pulling the tongue open to get some airflow is enough too work to get them to dry out and be relatively stink free by the next ride (a day or two). However, in the summer, I am usually riding more but also sweating more. Even a day or two using the regular process results in still damp shoes and sometimes rust on the cleats. I then go to plan B which is the front steps which get a LOT of sun, and that can help with the drying and the disinfecting BUT the threat of afternoon thunderstorms or if I take a late evening ride mean this is not always feasible. I do have some "shoe sticks" that are supposed to speed the drying and destinking processes, but really don't do much that I can tell. I have, in the past used newspaper to try to absorb some moisture, but that is pretty tedious. While I do sweat way more than average folks (I think), others have to have similar issues even with normal sweat rates. What do other folks do?
  12. JerrySTL


    Jerseys and cycling shorts for the twins. They are almost 7 YO and up to 14 miles.
  13. ...from a neat website and with other cool vids.
  14. ...but the rest of the doodads are ready to go. In addition to the wheelset (inexpensive Shimano GRX WH-RS370), I have a set of 700x32 Contis tubeless tires at the ready. I just have to decide if I want to go with the 700x28 all season Contis and tubes for this "commuter" wheelset, and go the tubeless set-up route with the bike's current 700x38 multi-surface Spec Pathfinder Pro, 2Bliss Ready tires & wheels, or if I go tubeless with the new wheels & the 32s and wait a little with the 38s to see how I like the whole process. Regardless, having the new wheelset will be nice as a way for me to futz around with a new process/concept, and test out how capable I am setting up and maintaining tubeless.
  15. ...rolling with a heckuva ride streak! Through storm and sunshine, this fifth-grader has ridden his bike to school for 1,000 days straight Two feet of snow couldn’t stop Bodhi. Neither could an unprecedented pandemic. The South Dakota 11-year-old has ridden his bike to school every day since Kindergarten, even on days when his school was closed during the COVID-19 public health crisis. His dedication has resulted in over 1,000 trips by bike. Not once, Linde says, has he ever taken the easier, faster, and arguably more comfortable car trip to school by car. He doesn’t plan on taking his first anytime soon, either. Notching 1,000 rides—let alone 1,000 straight school days of rides—is an impressive feat all on its own. It’s even more impressive when you factor in the winter storms and altogether unpredictable weather in his home state of South Dakota.
  16. ... that @dennis might have appreciated
  17. Had a few decent rides in the last couple weeks, and a 40 miler on Wednesday. Wednesday was gross and hot out. Sweat in my eyes, and having to drink so much water that it can make me feel gross. It made me think about the target zone I like to ride in so went back through. For me...., my most comfortable on the bike is in the 65-70 degree temperature range. Nice enough to ride comfortably in kit with short sleeves but not hot. The stupid hot ride the other day was 76 degrees. I have done a century in 100 degrees that dehydrated me. What do you like to ride in? Am I just crazy and you are all going to tell me that 75 is not hot?
  18. Battery life and elevation calculations. The story. and a little extra:
  19. ...and I hope they get it into the Edge bike computers ASAP. Seriously, a bike computer seems like the perfect application for solar boost charging. I'm guessing bike computers are only a small slice of their overall sales, but it hardly seems like it would require much effort to do this on any of the Edge options. I would upgrade immediately if it came out. Review on BikeRumor.
  20. Out riding some gravel backroads on Saturday, and I hits a nice downhill stretch I had never ridden in this direction (North to South). It was a pretty straight section with loose gravel that is relatively well maintained and traveled, but only by locals. As I got going pretty fast, I realized there was a S-curve coming up fast, and I had a good bit of speed (too much speed), so I hit the brakes. Well, too much braking to the rear (still getting used to the power of hydraulic discs!) and the rear came around to my right (somewhere between my 4 and 5 o'clock) but luckily the front wheel stayed straight and I was able to "save" myself as well as scrub the extra speed. Nice burst of adrenaline as I saw in that instant the road gravel rash I was about to experience On the plus side, coming down a later paved but messy descent that hits a grade in 15-20 range, the brakes kicked butt! So much safer and controlled and reactive than my road bike's rim brakes.
  21. I was putting on one of my TwinSix bike jerseys the other day, and I smiled (like I always do) when I noticed anew the small details that they have hidden where only the owner will notice. Top pic is the back center pocket, but if you have the jersey inside out (bottom pic), you see the note they have written on the inside of the pocket
  22. This iguana ran across the bike path and somehow got wedged between the wheel and the brake sending the rider over the bars and to the hospital.
  23. Woke up at 4:40 AM this morning so that I could meet my youngest daughter for a ride at 6 AM. Humid and warm but no wind. We did just a little under 51 miles. https://www.strava.com/activities/3732061980
  24. Shimano's STI is 30 this year, and while technically, my Di2 might not fall under the STI umbrella, it really was a great improvement over the old system. In the video below, you can see how this guy notices me as I approach him from the rear, how I wait for a clear opening, and then ride past him on the short uphill section. He, riding an older set-up, first goes with the "apply extra force" approach to stay on my wheel, but then you see the moment he abandons that and looks down at his shifters and makes the grab for an easier gear. By that time, it was over. On a modern drivetrain, it would have/could have been a stand, apply power, AND downshift coordinated effort as I came by and he would have had the chance to stay on my wheel.
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