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Found 133 results

  1. Razors Edge

    Turn It Up To 13!

    ...and make it cool looking, too! Tom
  2. JerrySTL

    I wonder if alcohol was involved?

    I guess the warning gates are there for a reason. http://www.wbay.com/content/news/Jaw-dropping-video-cyclist-falls-into-Menasha-bridge-opening-488316741.html In a follow-up story, seems alcohol was involved. http://www.wbay.com/content/news/Woman-cited-for-riding-bike-onto-Menasha-bridge-as-it-was-lifted-488434221.html
  3. Razors Edge

    One Nice Thing About This Time Of Year

    ...is all the new fresh pavement that has been laid down over the past three months or so. Smooth tarmac is the best tarmac. As I branch back out into longer rides, I am seeing more and more repaved secondary roads, and that definitely makes country rides better. Tom
  4. Razors Edge

    What Am I Looking At?????

    Never seen this type of bar set-up before, but it is on the Canyon gravel bike - the Grail: Tom
  5. I just thought I would mention that, like riding into and with the wind versus riding with no wind, riding up and down a hill will never equal riding a flat road. For example, a rider who puts out a constant 200 watts, will climb a 10%grade @ 5mph, but descend it at 45mph. That same person, on a flat road, will go 20mph. So, imagine a hill 10 miles up and 10 miles down (20 miles total). A cyclist would take 2 hours just to get to the top, and almost 15 minutes to descend for a total of 2:15 to go the 20 total miles. Meanwhile, on the flat road, it takes just one hour. Crazy, eh? Tom
  6. Razors Edge

    TdF Tech

    An interesting talk with a guy on EF-Cannondale-Drapac about their TT bike set-up (on NBCSN broadcast). For their TT bikes, they rode tubeless(!) tires. And, the guy also said each set of tires was good for 120km!!!! He said they swap out the tires EVERY ride/race. Damn! To be a sponsored rider... ------------------- Road captain Simon Clarke pointed to the team’s new equipment as a critical factor in Monday’s performance. #PinkArgyle rode the new Cannondale Super Slice equipped with Vision Metron wheels (Metron 81 in front, Metron Disc in back) and Vittoria Corsa Speed Tubeless Tires. ------------------- Tom
  7. Period. End of story. It is Quintana and Landa. Not Quintana, Landa, & Valverde. Honestly, if I was Movistar, I would look at who my heaviest climber/best descender was and go with him. If he is reasonable in a TT, all the better. Froome is winning not on the mountains but on the descents and in the TTs, so if you are a lightweight like Quintana, you are NOT going to match up well against Froome anymore. And cobbles aren't a light guy's friend either. I'd say Movistar is a DISTANT long shot against a healthy Froome and Sky. Only injury will stop Froome. Tom
  8. Razors Edge

    July 6th Miles and Such

    ...since no one bothered Must be a lot of folks on vacation! 30 @18.5 with a relatively moderate effort. Nice weather with a steady crosswind that never gave me a nice boost Tom
  9. Razors Edge

    For PZ and 12string

    ...and any other cyclist/hockey fans who might know who Andrew Ference is (I didn't): Phil Gaimon talks hockey and cycling with Andrew Ference. I assume @Prophet Zacharia and likely @12string have heard of that guy. Tom
  10. ChrisL

    Big Wheels

    I've been riding 27.5 or 650B wheels on my mtn bike for about 4 years and recently switched to 29 wheels on my new mtn bike. Some initial observations: 29" wheels are big! They are noticeably bigger and there is a lot of wheel sticking out front from the handlebars. The 29r bike just feels big even though both bikes are properly sized. 29" wheels roll fast! Holy Shciznit going down hill is fun and sometimes scary. It seems once they get up to speed they just want to go go go. 29" wheels just roll over shit. Holes, rocks, ruts, whatever they really don't lose momentum going over small to moderate sized obstacles. 29" wheels are not as nimble... Some of this may be the difference in bikes too but tight turns and picking lines between obstacles is definitely more challenging. Often times I just roll over shit rather than try to change my line. The 27.5 wheels are like point and shoot. Really nimble. This may be bike and not wheels but steep technical climbs are harder to keep weight on the front. Both bikes are set up for XC and if you stack them side by side bars and saddles line up simalalry. But it was much easier to keep weight on the smaller wheels in super steep climbs. Im not going to get into a what is better debate but I think I made the right choice for the type of riding I plan to do (endurance XC type rides). If I had money to burn a trail or enduro bike with smaller wheels would be a lot of fun too. It just depends on what type of riding you plan to do. There is also the whole hard tail vs full suspension thing and all I can say is I love being fully sprung.
  11. My wife wants to get away for the weekend so we are thinking of packing the bikes and staying near Pismo Beach. Anyone know any good routes that are 30-40 miles???
  12. Razors Edge

    FINALLY! Someone "Gets" Me :)

    ...and my roadie kin Tom
  13. Razors Edge

    Which Cog Do You Add?

    ...when upgrading from 11sp to 12sp??? I currently run a 11-28 with my 50/34 (11-12-13-14-15-17-19-21-23-25-28). Assuming everything was compatible, I guess I would go to a 32 as my 12th? Seems to give a great granny gear option. I spend most of my time in the 15, 17, & 19 tooth cogs, so maybe a 16 would make sense over the 32? I'm not sure when Shimano will "match" Campy, but I assume it is soon. Tom
  14. Razors Edge

    My Most Local LBS

    ...that is a short walk away is apparently moving into a larger space and adding BEER and COFFEE to the mix. A bit of a farther distance from me - maybe two to three miles down the trail - but it will likely be worth checking out. Tom
  15. Kzoo

    Anyone here follow RAAM?

    They left Oceanside yesterday.
  16. Zephyr

    Let's talk tubeless

    It just dawned on me this makes 3 cycling related threads this week for me. Yikes! Anyone here ride tubeless on the road? The new bike I am looking at is set up tubeless but I am unfamiliar with them. Apparently I can run tubes if I want/need to. I really do not know anything about them
  17. TrentonMakes

    What were my parents thinking?

    When I was around 15 I really started getting into cycling.... as I just told my wife it was around that time I went from a "kid riding a bike" to a "cyclist". We lived on a narrow two-lane County road with no posted speed limit (so 55 mph assumed), and no shoulders. I went off for rides, much of the time by myself, 10, 15, 20 miles maybe? There were a few routes I used to squeeze in between when I got home and dinner time (5pm when my dad got home). I rode in sneakers and cutoff shorts, but I had crocheted gloves and a red water bottle (my first Performance purchases) and I actually did wear an early Avenir helmet. I must have been a sight... Our daughter is now 15. We allow her and our son to tour the neighborhood but it's really, really hard to let them go farther than that. (However, I will take them for a ride tonight) It is hard to imagine being the parents of a 15-year old and letting them go off alone like that. Was it just a different time then? I did not grow up in the idyllic 1950s (if they really were idyllic). Actually, when I was a teenager I'd go off for long solo rides with no money, no ID, no pump or repair kit, and certainly no phone. What was I thinking? (I had to walk home about three miles once, a flat rear tire on a bike I'd just gotten the day before)
  18. Zephyr

    Do you have a nice rack?

    A bike rack I mean. Been looking for a new trailer hitch bike rack for our bikes. Need to carry 2 bikes, and looking at the wheel lock types as our frames are cf.. Looking at several, and not yet decided. What do you have, what are your likes/ dislikes about them.
  19. ChrisL


    Found a deal too good to pass up Giant Anthem 29 1. Aluminum framed but specd with SRAM Eagle GX, Level TL brakes, Fox Elite SC fork, fox float rear shock and carbon hoops. A bit spendy but this should be my last bike for a loooong while. I really like how they put high end kit on an Al frame to hit a sweet price point.
  20. Razors Edge

    Trek Stepping Up!

    ...to the "Tom's next bike" category*! This Checkpoint is ticking A LOT of boxes. Hydro brakes, rack mounts, fender mounts, thru-axles, clearance up to 45mm. I had liked the Crossrip, but it was missing those thru-axles, and then the Diverge put Specialized in the lead, but it is a little wishy-washy on the rack and fender support. Now this Checkpoint shows up, and it looks pretty well done. *this process may rival some folks slow walk to a new car purchase Tom
  21. Razors Edge

    Z-O-N-C-O-L-A-N !!!!!!

    The Monte Zoncolan stage is unfolding, and we'll see how this mythic and beautiful climb helps determine the Giro this year! A couple "smaller" climbs to go before the big one! Tom
  22. It is cruel to compare the two races that take place in May, but since they compete for my viewership, I feel like there is justification to discuss them together. Without a doubt, and I can't think of any part of the race, the ToC was a snoozer this year. Two of my favorites to win - Yates and Bernal - did just that with Yates doing surprisingly well despite coming back from injury, and Bernal getting the full Sky treatment and absolutely decimating the field. I never had any hopes that Tejay could win, but he showed up and really did well. I felt his team was the weakest link for him (and his non-explosive climbing skills). And Sagan looked mostly like he was there for fun and let the true sprinters do their thing with Gavira continuing to be a new force in sprints. I liked the various smaller teams popping up at different points like McNulty on Rally. He may be picked up by a Pro Tour team soon. But with all those positives, the race itself was just boring. Too many flat stages for a week long event, and the TT seems to also be a bad thing to include. I'd rather another mountain stage. Also, the commentary is torture. Flip over to the Giro, and it is top level racing day in, day out. With the "other" Yates really shining, Froome wavering, Dumoulin trying his best, and all sorts of other dynamics along with some incredible scenery, outrageous climbs (Zoncolan!!!!), and just true Grand Tour racing, I am pulled back to it every day for more "what's next?" anticipation. So much to enjoy. I am interested to see if the one man down teams really has had a negative impact on Sky, or if it ends up being just a blip on the radar. So, to me, the ToC needs to reconfigure their route to capitalize on more climbing and less TT and sprinter stages. The Giro needs to do nothing Tom
  23. Razors Edge

    5/25 miles & such

    With rain in the holiday weekend forecast I figured I would try to get some miles in today. Nice weather and a steady crosswind, but still got 43 miles at 17.9mph Tom
  24. Razors Edge

    The Queen

    ...stage of the Giro ought to be today's ascent of the Zoncolan! Sure, stage 19 has Finestre and Sestriere, but the Zoncolan is such a great one, it is unfair to not consider it the Queen. Tom