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  1. ...with the azzclown "tinkering" in his garage. So effing awful. Just stupid and it really ought to be banned!
  2. ...is what I call it, and figure this section can use a new topic Anyway, it's the standard seen-it-a-million-times sort of thing that most cyclist have dealt with. On one hand, there is the traditional "lost in thought" getting passed that awakens you again and you reassess your pace. For me, that happens when I zone out for a little bit, and if I do get caught and passed, I quickly do the calculation to see if I am happy at my current speed/effort or if I could ramp it up and enjoy it more. In any case, though, I don't ride up behind a guy and the punk pass him at a sprint. If the f
  3. Bicycle insurance? Just read somewhere else someone asking about it. People seriously get insurance for their bicycle? Seriously?
  4. ...that the Deadskins fired Gruden???? COME ON!!!! This is BIG NEWS!!!!
  5. The Post ADDED Nancy to the Sunday pages!!!!! It is a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE comic. Keep in mind, they dropped Get Fuzzy from the printed Sunday comics a few years back, and Dilbert is buried in the Business section
  6. ...and by "winning", I mean spending the least to fix their plumbing issue? I go with Maxx, because he likely will get the right person to fix it and not rely on some guy who may or may not show up. Maxx or Dottie
  7. J&PB? I realized I almost always - quite possibly 100% of the time - make a PB&J using my tried and true "apply the peanut butter to one slice, apply the jelly/jam/preserves to the other slice, and combine the slices" method. I can't ever remember spreading the jelly BEFORE the peanut butter. I don't think I am likely to ever change this proven process, but maybe it is worth a change once in a while?
  8. Razors Edge


    I went by our local Mom's Organic Market this weekend to buy some bulk nutritional yeast and a few other items. While there, I noticed that there was a new tenant in the old K-Mart space - a Sprouts grocery store. I always thought of them as a West Coast sort of store, but apparently, they are spreading all over. What's interesting is that they are located in the same shopping center as the MOMs, a Lotte, and a few bodegas (or the Middle Eastern equivalent), and across the street from a Safeway. So, now within a stroll or, as my wife prefers, bike ride, we have our go-to shop
  9. ...but I really think both have probably spent a good bit of time thinking about this sort of thing. Poop shame is real — and it disproportionately affects women, who suffer from higher rates of irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease. In other words, the patriarchy has seeped into women’s intestinal tracts. Let’s call it the pootriarchy. Girls aren’t born with poo shame — it’s something they’re taught. In “Psychology in the Bathroom,” the psychologist Nicholas Haslam writes that girls tend to be toilet trained earlier than boys, learning at a young age to neatly
  10. ...in the background on my iPhone!!! I merely checked to see how Apple Health displays HRV, and I noticed I had activity totals for MONTHS. I don't wear an Apple Watch, but I do tote my phone with me most of the day. Amazing. Not sure how accurate, but still - OMG!
  11. ...on something, and that Hagaki postcards would be a cool thing to add to my life. I can only imagine DOUBLE Hagaki postcards would be even more awesome! Regardless, my damn Xerox keeps printing stuff on dull 8.5"x11" paper which is the most boring of all paper sizes.
  12. ...or, simply, he knows a good thing when he sees it! Here, a complete ranking of the happiest states in the country: 1. Hawaii 16. Massachusetts 31. Rhode Island 46. Oklahoma 2. Utah 17. Washington 32. Indiana 47. Alaska 3. Minnesota 18. Colorado 33. Maine 48. Louisiana 4. North Dakota 19. Georgia 34. Michigan 49. Arkansas 5. California 20. North Carolina 35. Wyoming 50. West Virginia 6. Idaho 21. Arizona 36. South Carol
  13. ...and whatever the folks younger than them are called! Last night, we were playing "Wits & Wagers" (an fairly non-competitive pseud-trivia game). Anyway, the question was "What's the age of the oldest person to climb Mt Everest?". I said I had recently heard that info, and was surprised how young the person was. My 15 year old niece put down "45 yrs old" as her serious answer. My other 22 year old niece answered "48 years old"!!!!! WTF is wrong with young people?????? I must be nuts for thinking someone in their 70's is "sort of young" to be the oldest to do something.
  14. ...and Kings Canyon/Sequoia NPs, and then a leisurely few days in SoCal. Gotta say, California continues to kick the azz of the rest of the US. Colorado or Utah might have given it a run for #1 if only they had access to an ocean. Anyway, a great place to visit and camp for a bit of rejuvenation. A shot from atop Sentinel Dome off over the valley and towards Half Dome: A view on our way down of Nevada Falls (and maybe Liberty Cap) as we walked down. And you have to respect the Captain! If you look close at El Capitan, can you spot the three climbers? I'll
  15. I got a freebie from Amazon for my Kindle named "Quantum" by well known and bestselling author Patricia Cornwell. I've never read her Scarpetta detective novels, but folks seem to love them. Anyway, this first book in a new series ("Captain Chase" series) would seemingly tick all my boxes (besides being FREE), but damned if it didn't leave me angry at the WTF denouement and wondering if her other books are similar in style and odd ending. If you have Amazon Prime, you probably can also get it for free, and read it and let me know if I am nuts in thinking this was a half-baked novel.
  16. It seems it would be pretty neat to be able to tag stuff even further down into a conversation. Sure, an OP might be an "Intelligent Post", but perhaps someone wants to respond with a saucy remark, so a tag would be helpful. Maybe another person wants to sneak a in there, too! Opportunities abound Seems like a great way to take the tagging to another level.
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  18. ...how about @donkpow brings backs his awesome collection of dancing cat gifs? Those things were some of the best images going.
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